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Nidalee Build Guide by xlovingU

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xlovingU

Nidalee Isn't Just a Support (Read all Chapters)

xlovingU Last updated on January 8, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Edit Log

November 22, 2011 - changed masteries.
January 8, 2012- Redid whole build! Found a better way to build nidalee.

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    Amazing ranged and op spear.
    Able to heal any teammate with a short cooldown.
    2 different ways to play. (Cougar and Human)
    Fun to play if you can aim spear correctly.


    Extremely squishy.
    Targeted first.
    Kind of slow without pounce

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Hey! So, If you read in the edit log section, it said that i redid my whole build and it has the reason why! So this build is really different and I hope you like it! Feel free to criticize! It helps me improve my build!

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So I thought that gatting ap runes and mana runes would help me paly her and do more damage on a spear!
Mark: This mark is to penetrate thorugh any mr when you use your spear!
Seal: This seal is to help you get some mana regen when you don't have mana!
Glyph: This glyph if for some extra ap each level.
Quintessence: This Quint is to give ap. LOTS <3

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All of these masteries either help with your game play or your summoner spells.
Summoner's Wrath: Improves Ignite. Increases Ap and Ad by 5 while on cooldown.
Mental Force: +1/2/3/4/ Ability Power.
Sorcery: Reduces cooldowns by +1/2/3/4%
Arcane Knowledge: +10 Magic Penetration.
Havoc: Increases damage dealt by +0.5/1/1.5%
Blast: Increases ability power by level.
Archmage: Increases ability power +1.25/2.5/3.75/5%
Executioner: Increases damage dealt by 6% to champions below 40% health.
Summoner's Insight: Reduces cooldown of Flash
Expanded Mind: Increases mana per level.
Meditation: Increased Mana Regen.
Swiftness: Extra Speed.

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First, I start off with a and two . The sapphire crystal helps with your catalyst while giving you some extra mana. I paly alittle aggresive with nid's spear but, if it is hard for you to hit and harrass with it, get a heal at level two and play a little supportive and farm. Now, Get your and start leveling. You should be about level 5-6 when you get this, but who knows? it could be less or more. For more speed, get a Sorcerer's Shoes. Finish off your . Time for Guinsoo! Get a and a . Finish off your and start off with a sheen and get a . Get a then get a AND FINALLY GET A !!! Congratulations! you are done with your build!

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Skill Sequence

This is the skill sequence i use. (Recommended) Since I don't normally go as a support with nid, i like to max out my spear/takedown. Heal/aoe (Area of effect) is important for team and your self so i max that second. The bushwack/pounce needs just one. If i max that, all it does is reduce the cdr! I like to get fed with nid. If you have never seen a fed nid, then your probably thinking, oh, it sucks. BUT NOOOOOPE. It's actually really op. Especially her spear.

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Summoner Spells

I changed my clarity to a flash because i realized that if i get a sapphire crystal, i don't lose as much mana as before. Also, Flash can help me chase/runaway. ignite can greatly help team fights and it can greatly help your killing.

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So, I hope that you had a great time with this build. Once again, Feel free to criticize so that i can improve my build. Check out my other builds too and have fun! I learned that nidalee can be a great support ORRRRR An amazing op character to play. She's exremely fun if you can get you spears to aim right and She has two different forms on her. I think she's the only champ who has that. Anyways, Have fun!

Have fun.
Good luck.
Hope you liked this.
Thank you for reading.
Thankyou for trying out this build! :DDDD