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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Nidalee Build Guide by Ralph

Nidalee - [Lulu Patch] [Quidditch World Champ]

Nidalee - [Lulu Patch] [Quidditch World Champ]

Updated on March 25, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ralph Build Guide By Ralph 27,189 Views 6 Comments
27,189 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ralph Nidalee Build Guide By Ralph Updated on March 25, 2012
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[Introduction] - Bewitching Nidalee, Learn to fly a broom.

Hello Summoners, and welcome to my very first guide to; Nidalee, The Bestial Hunter. During this guide, I will go more in-depth of the Ability Power Way of playing with Nidalee. I created this guide to a highly ideal guide to play Nidalee. The guide to Nidalee focuses on becoming a unbeatable Solo Top/Solo Mid Lane. I have been playing Nidalee for the past two months, as I play Nidalee; I have uncovered many flaws with the other builds for Nidalee. I hope this build help resource you while playing The Bestial Hunter.

Please Tune in to the FlipsLeague Youtube Channel.
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[Pros / Cons]


- If not the most, one of the most Sustainable Laner
- Exceedingly Mobile Champion
- High burst damage throughout the whole game. (In This Build)
- Outstanding Escapability
- Great ability to zone
- Out-lane many Mid Champions


- Squishy
- Vulnerable to Crowd Controls (Stuns, Silences, Pops, etc.)
- Somewhat mana inefficient (Pre-Level 6)
- Requires competence/skill to play Nidalee.
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[To play Nidalee, The Bestial Hunter; It is required to:]

- Make logical/smart decisions.
- Knowledge on most/all of the other Champions' movements.
- When to join/leave a team fight.
- Alternating game styles during a teamfight. (Ap Caster <-> Healer/Support)
- Map/Team awareness. Overall, aware of all surrondings, teamates, towers, and enemies.
- Strategically know how to use/place traps.
- A winning attitude.
- Be a supportive, yet fair teammate.
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[Summoner Spells]

Why Ignite?

Ignite in my opinion, is the most viable summoner spell to have with Nidalee. Ignite significantly helps to finish off oppenents and also 1 V 1 many champions. Ignite is more preferred than exhaust on Nidalee due to the fact that the objective of using Nidalee is to jump into the battle, deal damage, then jump out as soon as possible; Ignite helps with this by securing a kill as you jump out of the fight.

Why Flash?

Flash coordinates well with Nidalee's game play. Flash helps with the pop in, deal damage, and pop out combo, and her pounces as-well. It simply can be used as a overall usage. Escaping and initiating on any opponent, flash will do the job. Flash is more preferred than ghost due to the fact that you jump over terrain; where, if you are map aware, you will be getting the quote from the opposing team.

"No-one can chase Nidalee"
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[Items] - InDepth

[Mercury's Treads]

Did you really get me?

Mercury's Treads, the soul addition to the unchaseable Nidalee. Not much to say here, it provides speed and a great amount of 35 Tenacity.


Lichbane over Rabadons! Why?

During this guide I take Lichbane over Rabadons Dead Cap because Lichbane significantly does more damage (When proc.). Although, Lichbane does not do the potential damage as Rabadons with your Javalin Toss; You have higher chances of hitting your Cougar Form abilities than hitting an oppenent with a Javalin.

[Rabadon's Deathcap]

Enough Said.

Rabadon's Deathcap is the core item for almost all AP Caster/Nukers. The items gives an outstanding 140 ability power, and a 30% increase in your total ability power. Synchronized with Lichbane, the announcer will say "GG Folks"

[Guinsoo's Rageblade]

I cant push towers, that's a lie.

Aaahhh, the Guinsoo's Rageblade; This item helps for pushing, and fighting. The Rageblade synchronizes well with your Cougar Form abilities, as the cooldown for the abilities will keep procing the Rageblade stacks.

[Rylai's Crystal Scepter]

Bread and Butter, NAW, Bread and Scepter

Rylai's makes Nidalee practically uncatchable, and make it so no-one can run away from Nidalee. Rylai's helps for chasing and escaping; Why? because you can proc. Rylai's with 75% of your abilities (not your ultimate, nor your heal). For example: As you run away with Nidalee you can throw your Javalin's and Traps as people behind you run into them, they will become slowed.

[Banshee's Vale]

Im Tired of chasin' this Nidalee :( QQ

Banshee's Veil, Nidalee's last item. It provides a solid survivability with its spell shield every 45 seconds and the 375 Health + 50 Magic resistance, also including 375 mana. A overall useful final item for Nidalee.
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[Laning Phase] - [Level 1-6]

The laning phase, probably the most important phase to be unstoppable with Nidalee. The objective of this phase with Nidalee is to Last Hit Minions!

[Please follow these helpful tips to laning]
-Take Mid/Solo Top whenever you get the chance
-Never use your Javalin Toss, Only use it when you are absolutely sure you will hit the oppenent
-Keep your distance from the opponent, you dont wanna fight in this phase
-Never leave the lane, I am serious; Nidalee's heal will literally keep you in lane forever.
-Harass as much as possible with AUTO ATTCKS, not Javalin Toss.

Once you hit level 6, change your whole gamestyle from farming and last hitting to the most aggressive COUGAR. Use the combo [Cougar form-> Pounce-> Swipe -> Bite -> Backoff] Keep poking them until you get the chance to burst them to dead and use your ignite.
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[Ganking/Tower Pushing Phase] - [Level 7-13]

During this phase you should have Mercury Treads and Sheen from farming. Starting now you should change your playstyle to aggression and have any chance to do the [Cougar form-> Pounce-> Swipe -> Bite -> Backoff]

[Please Follow these helpful tips to Ganking/Tower Pushing]
-Gank lanes when you push your tower to the opposing side
-Be aware of the other lanes being MIA/MIS, when you start raping they will start ganking you
-Care for towers over kills! [Tower> Teammates >Kills]
-Respond to S.O.S's from other teammates

Make sure you use your trap to an advantage. Put it near red, blue, dragon, and baron buffs.
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[Lategame/TeamFighting Phase] - [Level 14-18]

During this phase you should have built to the Guinsoo's Rageblade. Follow your tanks, they will save your life many times and also initiate for you.

[Please Follow these helpful tips to Teamfighting]
-Never initiate
-Be aware of everyone in the fight and what they can do for you, or to you.
-Proc. All/Most Lichbanes passive.
-Champion Healing goes in order:
[Yourself/Fed Ranged Auto Attack/Fed Melee Auto Attack/Low HP Non-Feeder/Tank////////////Feeder]
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No updates since starting from Fizz Update.
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[Summary/Conclusion] - Learned to ride the broom

Thank-you for reading my guide to Nidalee, I will be making updates and providing more information on "Riding a Broom".

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