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Nidalee Build Guide by Blink1993

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blink1993

Nidalee, Out smart, Out live, Out last

Blink1993 Last updated on June 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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please disregaurd my spelling its 3 am right now and im not good at spelling anyways.

Anyways nidalee is an extremely flexible and resiliant champion.
she requires alot of skill and muscle memory to play fluidly and honestly just takes getting used to. Her skill curve is steep yet rewarding and she can be very good if played correctly.

Key things to remember for nidalee would be that if you play cautiously and take advantage of openings you can get kills without giving up deaths.

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Q javalin
The skill shot is long range but very slow, it can only hit one target and it makes a crunchy satisfying noise when you land it. its good to use to check a bush. The skills is a .7 AP ratio but its damage increases based on range. from normal damage up to two and a half times the damage at max range. this skill is a good poke/snipe and can do ALOT of damage late game, 1k spears happen often just try to aim them at the carries.

W bushwack
This is the skill that you will think is the most pointless when you 1st start to play nid then once you play her long enough you realize it is argueabley one of her best skills for survival, kills, and map control/awareness

The skills path says to get this at level 3 but if you are at full health at level 2 then get bushwack instead.

bushwack is a trap that last 4 mins and i belive is the same size as a teemo mushroom. however bushwack cannot be targeted. it shows up on the minimap however as a green dot.

Bushwack is by far the most complex skill you have and you SHOULD use it as much as you can to prevent ganks and to stumble on random kills

The trap reveals champs for 12 seconds ( this includes stealths) it also reduces their MR and armor for the entire 12 seconds (20%/25%/30%/35%/40%) since this is a percent it isnt as significant early game, while late game it is arguabley the most potent debuff in the game.
it nearly cuts their armor in half, when you take into acount flat magic pen and if you have a void staf you are almost dealing true damage (40% magic pen from trap + 40% magic pen from void staf + 34 flat magic pen, also you have 10% magic pen from masteries which i belive doest stack additivley you have around 85% magic pen and 34 flat magic pen

Nidalee only has 55 magic resist herself (in this build)
55-85% magic pen= 9-34=-25
however i belive the game applies magic pen the other way around (flat then %)
so that would be....
yes thats nearly true damage, the trap also deals some damage over 2 seconds

anyways nidalee should generally be in top or bot lane (she can mid but its easier for her to die in mid)

use traps to minimize way that you can be ganked, dont use traps wastefully tho, they will consume alot of your mana that you need to harass with the spear. some guides say traps do not replace wards but i say they do. traps reveal stealth and deal damage and they show you where the target moves after the trap is activeated on them.

1st take care of bushes that you know they always gank from. then use them to cover bushes in lane.
Trap then spear.
this is gunna use up ALOT of mana but its also gunna weaken your opponent strategiclly and physiccly (their health)

and the last thing i have to say about traps is noting on a glitch
when you place a trap in a bush the bush lights up for a moment as if you have seen into the bush and can tell who is in the bush. This is not always true. a very common false security people fall into is that its always showing them whats in the bush but it does not.

somtimes it looks as if no1 is in their when really tehy are and u face chek a bush and give up 1st blood when u could of just waited for them to walk over the trap

using traps u can stop ganks before they occur

Pro nids dont get ganked ;)

E heal

ok i know i typed an essay on traps so ill make heal short cuz its very straight forward.

it heals the target ally (obviously you can target yourself as well which u should) and it also gives them attack speed for i think 7 seconds. its a good spell. one thing to note is that if you are going to play nidalee you should set a key to self cast for heal so that you dont ever miss a heal on youself when u need it. i set A to self cast spell 3 (might be smart cast self cast if that exists idk)

R cougerrrrrr

ok her ult changes you to couger form where u gain some armor, magic resist, and movespeed
all of your skills then change..... ( i will finish this guide tomoro sorry)

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The runes speak for themselves, you dont have to do them like that but spell pen and some defense is ideal to play a strong yet defensive nidalee. Another good alternative for the marks and Quints would be flat AP runes, this gives you around 50 ap and early game this makes your spears do close to half of someones health at a good distance. However going flat ap is a bit lack luster late game when 50 extra AP is not as good as spell pen.

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i dont have time to finish this now i will tomoro sorry, comment?