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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dief

Nidalee Physical Pwn

Dief Last updated on December 12, 2010
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Welcome to my Nidalee build.

Runebuild: Nidalee is an escape artist, yet she is still pretty squishy, the HP runes, pricy as they are, enhance survivability quite a bit. The AP runes are there to increase the viability of Primal Surge(E) and Javelin Toss(Q), a bit of AP (90+ at level 18) can add a lot to Javelin Toss'(Q) damage when properly used (long range).

Itembuild: Start off with Doran's Ring, or Sapphire Crystal when you're laning with someone using (improved) clarity. Try to stay in your lane long enough to get Sheen and Boots of Speed on your first return. Sheen is great for Nidalee since she pretty much spams skills in cougar form and it adds to AP. Next go for Madred's Bloodrazor, in combination with AS you will shred both tanky and squishy heroes. As soon as you get Phage it will be very hard for enemies to escape your grasp. After Trinity Force you will pick Sword of the Divine. Warmog's Armor in long games and you'll be virtually unkillable. Top it off with Atma's Impaler (Sell Doran's Ring) and all the Elixirs.


Laning: Middle lane is preferable. When facing mid- or shortrange enemies, try to harass with physical attack and Javelin Toss(Q), but don't neglect your last hits on minions. Use Bushwhack(W) in the brush to avoid getting ganked. As soon as you hit level 6 you will switch back and forth between cougar and human form to farm and harass, a quick Pounce(W*) Takedown(Q*) combo can cause a lot of damage on a hero, usually they get scared and back off a bit, switch to human form and use your physical attack topped off with a Javelin Toss(Q). Done correctly you will have complete control over your lane, allowing you to farm and shop. Whenever you have the time, make sure to get the lizard buff, the slowing-effect will allow you to cause massive amount of damage, especially when the enemy is trying to flee, you want this buff as many times as possible, at least until you have Trinity Force.
When you're having a hard time damaging your opponent without taking too much damage yourself, play defensively and farm.

Combat: Most of the time, you will be in human form, spamming physical attacks and Javelin Toss(Q) from a distance, use Primal Surge(E) to heal and increase your Attack Speed, even when you're at full HP. Switch to cougar form when multiple enemies are at low HP, you can finish them off with your AoE skills.
As mentioned before, having a slow is important, for both killing and escaping. To make a quick getaway, land a physical attack and switch to cougar form, when multiple enemies are chasing you, use flash followed by Pounce(W*). Moving through the brush will activate your Passive Ability, granting you increased movement speed.
In 1 vs 1 combat you will usually use cougar form more often, switch to human form to heal up, increase your attack speed, Bushwhack(W) your opponent and land a Javelin Toss(Q) before returning to cougar form, as a bonus this will proc your Sheen a couple of times.

PvE: Nidalee is a great farmer. In between fights and ganks, take your time to farm minionwaves and roam the jungles, both buffs are important. Here cougar form is dominant, the AoE attacks allow you to farm efficiently before making a swift getaway. Don't be hesitant farming the enemy team's jungle.

Turret pushing: The combination of Nidalee's ability to farm and escape makes Nidalee a decent pusher. Use Primal Surge(E) to increase your attack speed and make your Sheen proc, you can even use Bushwhack(W) for a Sheen proc, towers will go down in no time.

I hope you'll enjoy this build as much as I have.

Don't be afraid to drop a comment.

*Skill used in Aspect of the Cougar