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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scipio_africanus

Nidalee: supporting AP

Scipio_africanus Last updated on April 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro- How I play Nidalee

I like playing the AP version of Nidalee and I find late game her spear and heal are great for teams and just show off her strengths much better than some of the hextech builds ive seen on here that show a more aggressive play that really doesnt fit nidalee considering her health and how gimped she is with too many defensive items and how weak she is in a close encounter fight just with the basic AoE of an enemy team. I like the more prodding approach of Nidalee and find that simple spear throwing, quick pushing, healing, and map travel are the best points of Nidalee.

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My runes are kind of just how I play most mages and I consider Nidalee a mage support so CD reduction is always great IMHO. I Don't really mind switching out the quints for AP as I like doing that just because i don't usually die early on as Nid and the heal ap ratio is good enough to counteract the lack of health that I have at level 2 which is usually when people start to become more aggressive, and since I get W first there is no way I'm doing the grass fight unless the enemy comes close enough and has no cc to speak of. Seals of clarity are great as they are what noobs start to realize can replace the clarity that they used to always get as a summoner's spell when playing a mage. It does about the same job in the same amount of time and doesnt cost you the summoner's spell. :D always a plus imo. Also compared to the flat mana regen seal it beats it after Level 4 in mana regen making the flat version seem silly. Which it is.

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Skill Sequence

There are different skill sequences for different situations but usually it won't matter as much as it would for other champions because her damage output in sequences is only really having to do with her R which in close range is compromising her as a long ranged support. By that I mean late game versus a good team she will be put down quickly if she jumps in while the bursts haven't gone off. Her R is really meant for ganking and chasing only. The max amount of champs I will use my ult in sequences with is usually 4 or 3 depending on the champions and how they react to you. Some will completely ignore you and you can punish them for that but others will find you as a free kill and cut you to pieces during the sequence. Well enough rambling,


R, W, Q, E, if you want the full damage and i would recommend this esp if hes running. the E has a bit longer range than melee range so is a good last hitter and the w is how you should initiate with your ultimate each time. Also, I know this is a bit obvious but I always find it fun to be a bit devious when getting chased or setting up a gank for someone. I like to hit them with my sequence of attacks then run if they do enough damage long term to kill me, then i hid in grass at a corner and just do the same thing again but usually if they are squishy enough it will have dropped 3/4 of their health and they will go running for the hills, that's when you are best and you can really chase them down like the huntress you are :D.

Outside of ult sequences really are non existent as she only has a skill shot for damage and the W doesn't instantly damage whoever its under, it takes like a second before it fully lays down and activates after placement.

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Summary and summoner spell usage

Her summoner spells are kind of obvious and redundant compared to other builds that use her as a support. her first ability, Bushwack or W, is to keep map control on her side and ensure that you are aware of ganks later on in the game. Next, Primal surge is a necessary heal especially if your laning with an aggressive ally or an annoying harasser. Your Javelin Toss doesn't do enough damage the first level and really is a costly ability throughout the game for its damage and it being a skillshot so I would recommend getting it as the last skill and not use it really until you get 3 ranks into it as it really isn't that useful compared to bushwack and primal surge and will just leave you with no mana in your laning stage and destroy your supporting role.


mid game Nidalee can get blue if your team is generous and allows you to, then she starts doing some care free damage and heals. Her javelin will come in handy after blue buff at around 6-9 for the first blue buff mostly depending on your team's jungler and his willingness to steal the enemy's jungle. Her bushwack should just be spammed in grasses around your lane and middle grasses on either side. I place them at the dragon and in the little grasses near the dragon and the baron. Her r should be just a pushing ability now rather than a damage dealer other than chasing situations and her normal self should be used in all other circumstances.

Late game:

This is about the same as mid game but you should be grabbing the blue buff for your team unless an AP carry really needs it. If you feel you really need the AP then get an archangels. I find this helps quite a bit and represents the style of play I use alot but I'm sure alot of people will find that a banshees will be safer even though you will almost always stay at a safe distance away from the enemy and only need the banshees in a bad situation where your ganked or being soloed by a person with alot of damage or cc which should rarely happen with nidalee in the late game. The Archangel's wont be the answer to your mana problems as nidalee is kind of the ultimate mana ***** with her javelin toss and primal surge being so useful and costing such a large amount of mana.

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Pros / Cons


Great healer and lane pusher
Can do a large amount of damage in one skillshot
Very fast, especially in the jungle.
Her escape mechanisms are some of the best in the game.
good grass checker with the bushwack
Great chaser and early game to mid game damage dealer. with her ultimate.

Cons:Quite the squishy character and getting defensive items makes her close to useless as a support compared to the other healers as she has no cc or damage with defensive items.
AoE and teams with alot of stuns, taunts, slows, snares(CC) will really nullify any usage of ur ultimate late game or mid game.