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League of Legends Build Guide Author AzureSpirit

Nidalee, the Aspect of Awesome

AzureSpirit Last updated on April 10, 2011
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Hello there, I haven't been playing LoL for very long, (I'm not even level 30 yet, D: ) But I've been using this site to learn a lot about the different Champs and I thought I'd make my contribution. Nidalee is also one of my favorite champs so far, as she can adapt to almost any situation and come out on top.

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Skill Sequence

All right, I play Nidalee as a Support Carry Champion, as her spears do tons of damage if aimed right and she can heal for up to 700+ with this build.

Javelin Toss/Takedown
This is my first skill because it is an amazing harass skill and nets me a kill usually as the opponent runs away. I put a point into this just about every other level, as early game champs don't have much Magic resistance and take a ton of damage from a full range spear. When you're in cougar form this skill would be your last in the combo as it does more damage the less HP the opponent has.

I take a level in this at level 5 so that I have pounce in cougar, but I don't use it very often unless I know I can spare the mana or I'm worried about a gank. This is also very nice for Champs who cloak, especially Akali! She pops her Shroud, just lay this thing in there and say hi! In cougar form this is an awesome mobility skill and get you in range for that last spear throw.

Primal Surge/Swipe
best. heal. ever. IMO of course. This thing heals for a base of 180 at max, plus 125% of you Ability power. Plus! if gives you bonus Attack Speed, 60% AS at max level. In cougar form this is a great farming tool along with pounce.

Aspect of the Cougar
I know most people know what this does, it gives you your cougar awesomesauce form, but it also gives you 20 movement speed and 10% dodge, make sure you are in cougar form when you are running away, as that 10% dodge and pounce saves me loads of times.

I also use a good combo for getting early kills and snagging that last hit.
start human->Primal Surge->AutoAttack once or twice->Cougar->Pounce->Primal Swipe->Takedown->Human->Javelin.
This allows you to be able to get in a lot of damage in a short amount of time and tag a running enemy with a long-range spear, more than likely forcing them to recall or die.

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Summoner Spells

All Right, here I am going to outline the Awesome, the Decent, and the Bad Spells that you can take.

Clarity - YOU ARE MANA HUNGRY. I usually give Blue buff to one of the carries on the team since that person usually needs the Mana regen and the CDR from it, but if you plan on getting blue buff often, by all means take something else.

Flash - Get into a good position for whatever you need to do, get in range for that last spear, save a dying teammate, or just gtfo when things get bad.

Ghost - I find this more useful than flash because it not only helps me chase/run, but early game it helps me get back to lane when i need to buy items.

Cleanse - EVERYONE HATES THE CAT. I mean it. You WILL be focused. hopefully the other team is stupid enough to waste their CC on you, and just cleanse out and heal yourself.

Exhaust - Stop that AD carry! Stop that runner! whatever you need this for.

Heal - You already have a heal, but if you find yourself dying chnging forms to heal, take this.

Ignite - This is fun, but unneccesary. it's fun to ignite someone while you pounce by and run away. especially when they're stupid and keep chasing.

Teleport - Self-explanatory, get to lane, get to the fight, etc.

Revive - seriously? Go play Karthus if you die this much. (no offense to Karthus players, his passive is OP.)

Smite - Leave it to the Junglers.

Rally - No help to you, Heimer would like this, but not you.

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I know I'm going to get heat for this, but yes, I take 9-9-12 masteries.

I take 9 points in Offense for the CDR, AP, and Mpen since early Mpen = Javelin dominance.

I take 9 points in defense because of the dodge benefit I get from it. Your total amount of dodge with this build should be around 30% with seals, masteries, cougar, and boots, which helps A LOT in mitigating damage since you are very squishy.

Finally, I take 12 points in Utility for the buffs to ghost and clarity, the extra exp, and the mana regen which is absolutely awesome.

All together, this set up for masteries should net you some very nice support availability, since the enemies only hit you 80% of the time, (70% in cougar)

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Now comes the part which you can edit to your preference. My runes set up give me a lot of early damage, and late game the extra AP and dodge comes in very handy.

- now, I take Mpen for my marks to get the most Mpen possible to take down the enemies' health quite a bit, or snipe a taunting bastard recalling in front of his turret.

Seals- Dodge seals are awesome, cost a lot, but awesome. these will give you around 7% more dodge, so that's a lucky dodge every maybe 20 attacks not coupled with boots or cougar.

Glyphs- AP/lvl. All I have to say, as that's about 1.15 AP per level with 9 of them, adding up to 21 AP at level 18. That's another 27 hp for your heal, which could mean the difference between killing someone, and getting nuked down.

Quintessences- Flat AP, This allows me to take my boots first instead of a Doran's ring or Amp Tome or some other AP/Mana item

secondary runes you could take should help you support your team, including but not limited to; AS Marks for killing that turret, Mana Regen Seals, Mana Glyphs, Dodge Quints, and others I'm not mentioning.

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OMG! IT'S NIDALEE WITHOUT A GUINSOO! TROLL NOWWWWW! That's what I'm expecting from this community, but just give it a try.

I start with my boots of speed, 2 HP pots, and a mana pot. I usually head mid lane, but I can give that to our carry if he really needs it. Now, I try to stay in lane as long as I can, taking potshots with Javelin Throw whenever I see an opening, when I do go back, I work toward my Malady/buy it and head back, by now I'm level 6, so a kill should be decently easy if the other mid doesn't have a stun up (which will own you whenever you try to kill them) Grab Sheen whenever you have the gold for it and then finish your ninja tabi. By now a couple of towers are down or it's getting close to end game if the other team got owned. Grab Haunting Guise/Void Staff in either order for the AP and Mpen they give, keeping your damage high mid-game. You final two items should be your Rabadon's and Lich Bane, depending on the progress of the game. If it's almost over, grab your Lich Bane and end it, if it could go on longer, grab your deathcap first.

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Allright then, hopefully you can see how I play Nidalee, but if you don't, here's some pointers for what TO DO/NOT TO DO that can make/break your game.

Get Lich Bane LAST. I saw a Nidalee grab this for her third item! and all she had was a Ring and boots! No AP = useless!
Get AP Elixers! 20-40 AP and 10% CDR? I'm game. for only 250 also. grab one when you dont have enough gold for an item.
Try to be a Hero It doesn't work. Heal people from a distance! Don't go cougar and leeroy!

I shall meet you on the Fields of Justice.