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Nidalee Build Guide by Wolfmaxime

Nidalee: The Cougar kills

Nidalee: The Cougar kills

Updated on January 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wolfmaxime Build Guide By Wolfmaxime 5,414 Views 0 Comments
5,414 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Wolfmaxime Nidalee Build Guide By Wolfmaxime Updated on January 6, 2012
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Hello i created this build for the Nidalee players out there theirs not much for me too say this is my first build and i will have to implamint lots of things if its to much for you than skip the unique skills it not much i hope you enjoy this build i made it my self with somme help of one of my noob friends so dont be afraid to try it out suggest it to others or dont you can keep it to your self if you want to be the only OP nidalee user in most of your maches.
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For the runes i sugest that if your not completely lvl 30 yet i sugest that you consentrat on buying the greater Mark of insight first it will help you to be a better pusher for i the early game if you are lvl 30 i suggest you get the quitessence firts so that it will be easy around the end game and you wont have to worry about trying to get too much IP for the other Runes
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for the masteries i suggest you finish offence first so that your early game wont be so tough on you most of these masteries i was unsure of after a month of testing um out i found the perfect combonation to make Nidalee the number one pusher support on the team i enjoyed testing the masteries so that i could find somme for other builds that i could posibely make later.
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I chose these items for the ability power and mana while you have these items you dont have much armor for the defense so try to play safe in team fights cause you might be a little squishy in early game if you have a good early game then you should be able to destroy turrets on your lane with the minions or another champion.
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Skill Sequence

the skill choises are the way a support bossarou nidalee should have em i played once with no masteries no runes and the skills and summoner spells and it work very well the posible altenative would be that you would hit better then you use too.
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Summoner Spells

These spells are ablegated the claraty use it when you have no mana at all flash use it to run away from enemys not to chase to chase use pounce it has bearly not cooldown flash has aproximitively 1 min cooldown.
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Ranked Play

Ok i havent yet played ranked with nidalee incase one of you wants to test it out then you can if it go's terrible for one personne than i will still consider ranked nidalee with the guide if it went terrible for multiple summeners then do not try ranked for those who did not do well in ranked than leave a comment for me i will leave a chapter in this very chapter that says warning do not try this build in ranked.
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Pros / Cons

If your a noob with nidalee i higly recommend this build make sure that you dont make any big changes if your a noob. if your very familliar with nidalee then you should know wath your doing these items are recommended to nidalee if you change um alot the results wont be the samme that i have with nidalee so try not to mess up my build.
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Creeping / Jungling

If you ever jungle with nidalee you would have to get Smite and ignite also bring a couple of healing potions i require that you switch the items a little so that you can be better jungle also your jungle buffs should be BLEU, Wolfs, Wizzards and Red if you fallow that you should be able to be better on mid games
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Team Work

Team work in 5v5 you should mostly always be in your cougar form if someone in your team or get low go back to your human form and heal whoever is low. in 3v3 in team fights wait in bushes and plante bushwacka near you and hit ult and wait in bushe when enemy low pounce for the lowest health and use swipe and he should be dead.
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Unique Skills

Nidalee i find that her unique skill would be her ult while in ult your abilitys dont coast mana but your normal form abilitys do so dont worry to much about the mana coast in ult cause there are noun.
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for the farming i have to tell you to wait till you hit lvl 6 so that you can cougar form and use swipe it is a good farming way and it will be easy to clean your lanes. if your farming dosent go well just at early game dont be disapointed you can ask a ali in your team to help you clean your lanes if farming minions is not well for you then try farming the jungle but before doing that i suggest that you read the Creeping/jungling chapter it will help you alot,
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ok so the runes are better at lvl 30 the items are higly recommended and if you dont like my build dont spamme terrible comments the like button is on top of my build if you dislike i dont care i love it when theres a like this build is my first choise if i ever need it.

This build was created by Wolfmaxime.

I have visited other builds for my chapions and one that i recommend for the Teemo lovers which i am is

its a build that Made all my friends say this kid is a Beast tank with Teemo.

also chaire my Build around if you enjoy it then like it if you hate it dont dislike it just comment ive had enough truble with other build that had hatters that ended up to love the build so much he said thanks for helping me i said thank the build creater.
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