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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Althasandrian

Nidalee, the support nuke.

Althasandrian Last updated on September 22, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my second guide!


Nidalee is a hero that many like to play based mainly on the cougar form, I tho find the real power of her in her human form abilities (not that I'm saying the cougar is bad). Your main job with this build is to stay far behind your team in a teamfight, just close enough to be able to heal them, while spamming the insane hitting javelins. While not clashing, you are a very potent roamer with your cougar form, being able to travel around the map quickly.

- Strong nuke ()
- Strong heal(also boosts AS)
- Fast traveling (able to chase/escape with cougar form pounce)
- Reveal trap(can reveal wards)
- Good farming after lvl 6 in cougar form

- Requires a lot of micro skills
- Very squishy
- Can easily be manastarved

I focus on javelin first, you will not be using it before you have it at lvl 2, because it will drain your mana extremely fast early on, and you better save the spam for when it can actualy hurt someone. You will be suprised how you can get a nice kill from a 1/3 hp hero trying to escape with it at lvl 9.
comes second for the heal so you can support your team-mates when they fight, it will also be at this point of the game a great help pushing towers when buffing an AD carry with it.
is leveled once for the pounce in cougar, it is not a real nuke, tho the magic resistance reduction works quiet nicely with javelin toss, its main purpose is to reveal gangs and stealthed heroes, so it does not need any more ranks placed on it. Also can be used to pop a ward if you see it placed.
is not your focus while playing this build, tho it will be used a lot for traveling, creepping and mana regening with locket. Sometimes you can net a kill with cougar if you are fighting 1v1, it will take a bit of getting used to stance dancing every time the cd is off.


I findas a must while playing this build, I love spamming my skills and it has netted me a kill several times. Nidalee runs out of mana early on realy fast if she keeps using her abilities, and late on it will help you in prolonged teamfights. If nothing else, with the mastery I can give my team a nice manaboost, being able to turn the tide of the fight specialy in early lvls.

You may choose anything fitting your playstyle for the second summoneer spell, I like havingfor chase/escape.

Other good choises I might use are


Starting items:2xOR


The game continues?:
You can also try fitting these into the build:

And then a bit of rambling about the items:

While playing spam happy Nidalee you are always going low on mana, tear is a good early game answer for this, also gaining additional mana for the later coming Archangels. The boots will get you around faster, always a solid choise, but you can always consider changing them for ones more fitting for the game (IE. they have heavy cc).

Interventing locket will be your first "big" item, giving you solid mana regen and some hp and mana. Also the buff works wonders with your cougar form. Went too happy-happy-joy-joy spamming your spells? Caught a big nuke from the enemy team? No problem! Swap to cougar and spam more for insane mana and hp regen.

Zhonyas is kinda obvious, huge AP boost and a place to hide if you get too close to enemies. Archangels gives you even more mana and AP.

Now, the game is still going on? Or you might want to try something else?:

Mejais is always a solid item for AP character. Use it if you like it, tho it depends on you doing pretty well, you dont want to waste 1245 gold on 20 AP item do you?

Lich bane is a solid item for Nidalee, but this should only be if the game is dragging on and you need that extra punch to get the buildings and tanks down.

Rylai���´s will come handy if you are getting targeted a lot, the extra hp and AP will always be a solid choise, and the slow can never hurt you, specialy that you do not have any forms of control from your skills.


You will want either of these items for the 25% cooldown reduction. With 15% from Masteries/runes you will be having that nice 40% cooldown reduction for spammilicous Nidalee game, your mates will love it and your enemies will hate it! I would go Frozen Heart anytime the enemy team is heavy on AD, specialy if you are getting targeted. Otherwise, Nashors gives more AP, Manareg and quiet a nice AS boost.


Pretty simple here, Quintessences give you that nice boost for early laning heals (+19) and javelins(+10).Glyphs are for maxing Cooldown reduction if the game goes on for long, Seals are for the manaregen as you will be needing a lot of mana at anypoint of the game, Marks are for more hurting Javelins, tho these you can change for more AP.


Quiet simple here aswell, 9 points in offence for the AP and Cooldown reduction and 21 points in Utility for more Mana regen, Exp, Cooldown Reduction, Movement speed and boosted Summoneer spells.


Early game

Your main job is to haras the enemy team and keep your lanemate up. If you are forced to play defensive or you are with another character that doesn't need that much farm, you can focus on last hitting and harras randomly.

Mid game

Midgame starts at lvl 9 for you, with Javelin maxed out you can do some realy nasty damage by hanging around in bushes next to lane, throwing a long range javelin. If you have a bit of lvl advantage this can mean up to 50% of some champs max hp. You should only farm briefly when ever ganging a lane, remember to keep roaming, if you have Tear and Mana Manipulator you do not realy have to go to base except for shopping.

Late game

You should have atleast Innervating locket ready and atleast another part for zhonyas depending on how well your roaming went. If you couldn't finish Zhonyas before the heavy clashes start you might want to farm it up as it will save your *** if you get too close to the enemy champs or they have a backstabber like shaco. In teamfights your job is to stay far away from your enemy, running back and forth to range to heal your mates, and throwing long range Javelins. If you did well in the roaming part and have finished Archangels and possibly have even another AP boost, your Javelin can hit for 1000 dmg. If an enemy champion gets too close to you, use your cougar form and pounce to get to your allies, or if they are being overwhelmed, to run like hell. Remember that while you run, you can swap out of cougar form right after pounce, spam all your spells and swap back to cougar, loosing only half a second to your next pounce.