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Nidalee Build Guide by Grgrsn

AD Offtank Nidalee ~ The Top AD Bruiser ~ [ELISE PATCH]

AD Offtank Nidalee ~ The Top AD Bruiser ~ [ELISE PATCH]

Updated on October 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grgrsn Build Guide By Grgrsn 9,223 Views 4 Comments
9,223 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Grgrsn Nidalee Build Guide By Grgrsn Updated on October 27, 2012
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// My name is Søren Gregersen//Vellock(in-game) and I am from Denmark, and therefore English isn't my native language. But considering that, i hope you understand this guide anyways.

I have been using Mobafire for quite a while now. That's why i want to create my very first guide inhere. To help those who have helped me. Give back to the community and its members.

My guide was inspired, by this guide because it is a very detailed guide, but it can be done in another way (many different ways actually) and i want to present one of these ways to you.

Before you whine and say that this is just another newbie guide filled with un-useful stuff, then please stop yourself, and take a look inside.
Let's get started!
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"LoAl, newbieee, whyy take dem runess?!". This is simply explained!

Greater Mark of Strength................: This + Brute force + Butcher, gives you just enough damage to do easy last-hits on minions, but it also helps you out when jungling and ALSO for poking your opponent.

Greater Seal of Resilience...............: I hope these babies talk for themselves. But i'll explain anyway - whatever there is too explain. These are armor runes. Wear them and resist attacks from whatever hard strikes you may receive.

Greater Glyph of Warding................: You can pick either Magic resist runes pr. level or flat magic resist runes. Consider your opponent while doing so. I wouldn't recommend going for flat, as pr. level runes will first reach its potential as you can afford mres on items.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness.: Movement speed runes. Oh my lovely babies. These things can turn a nidalee chase-down into a complete nightmare. When you enter cougar form + runs in and out of bushes, you are safe from damage. However, you want to be careful, otherwise you will bump into somewhat bad situations.

If you feel the need of some more damage. You can change the quints into whatever you might need. However, i would not recommend doing this as it may get you killed. (The other way around, it could also grant you a kill) But this is up to you and YOU only.
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"Why do you want to do 21/09?"

I do 21/0/9 because you as Nidalee won't need the sustain that you get on items late game.

The reason why i prefer this kind of Mastery Tree, is because it has ****loads of damage, and you still have the opportunity to run as fast as the wind with the runes displayed in the runes section.

Offense: I pick Brute Force and Butcher to do better last-hits on creeps both neutral and minions.
As for the cooldown reduction and attack speed, it comes with benefits in cougar form. You could leave the attack speed. But i would recommend doing Sorcery as it helps you both flee and chase down enemies.

The armor penetration is again, to do better last-hits and you won't need to get the runes for it. Your pokes will somewhat slowly kill and outplay the enemy you are up against.
I took Vampirism as it help me regain health and it's a good thing to do! - regaining health...
I highly encourage you to take Executioner as it helps you take down enemies with ease! Takedown becomes a new ability with Executioner!

Leave the defense tree on its own since you, as i mentioned earlier, can get away with ease.

Utility: This is a veryveryveryveeyyereveryvery important part of the tree!
Instead of Summoner's Insight, try going for Improved recall as it brings a streak of benefits with it. i'll explain that later! And yes, i will actually explain it later. So carry on.

And of course you will pick Expanded Mind because... You.. Are Nidalee....
But now comes the tricky part.. Or, it's not really tricky. HOWEVER! This is where you get to decide something.

If you are the one who likes poking, read this:

As you are a solo-laner top you get into ****load of trouble when you push your lane. Pushing the lane though, is allowed if you have the following: Brain, Swiftness and Greater Quintessence of Swiftness.
This is why: You put down traps in the bushes below you, and you will see when an enemy approaches. (This is also why you need to pay a lot of attention to the minimap(!)) Where these traps are, you do know because you have a brain. But a nice place to put down wards, is tri-bush and in the bushes along river and in the river itself.

When and if the enemy comes to close, you run into one of the top bushes and escape in cougar form with WWwWWwWwwWWWwwWWWrEwQrWWwwW. Not hard, is it? Then you go back to your lane and carry on winning.

If you like throwing spears at people, then read another guide,
or read below.

I won't encourage you to spam your spear as it drains a lot of mana. And just because you pick Meditation this mana won't come back to you, But do so if you want to. Your pick.

Take Runic Affinity because as Nidalee, you want to take the opponents every buff. As many as possible.

WHY IMPROVED RECALL HAS BENEFITS.. I know, you didn't think i would write this.. But here we go. ;)

When you are chased by enemies and you are about to get locked down(could be the enemy coming from various directions) then you take a swift turn to the sides and hide quickly, and recall. This is a very neat way to escape, a somewhat DEAD situation. And of course it helps you recall faster in any other given situation.
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"r u tank Nida?!? wtf duude?"

"No sir, but i can assure you that i am a bruiser"
You want to go very defensive as you hit the 30 minute mark, since this is when the enemy ad carry has got some serious guns to deal with.... Phreak <3..

This build is a very early-game-i'll-bust-your-***-and-late-game-you-can't-kill-me-build. Which is a very good build. The problem is, if you get focused a lot in teamfights before you have these defensive items, you are in a bad situation. This is why you want to stay back, at least until you've got Trinity Force and Guardian Angel. But when you got these, you are pretty much able to chase any of them, with no chance of dying. This is of course only possible with a tiny bit of brain. It works for me, so let's not hope you're ******ed. :-D

I have these sets of rules, while playing Nidalee:

Ninja Tabi / Mercury Threads? - Well, are you playing against a lot of CC or do they have some CC, but 99% AD(Theoretically). You go figure.

Dorans, go or no-go? - Depends on your lane. If you farm good and have an easy opponent go ahead and buy wriggles first. I buy the Dorans to get the extra damage+life, the lifesteal on them doesn't help much, but with the masteries we choice, we are getting closer. I mostly buy them just to get early sustain, but it can't be built on, which is bad. Especially if you lane against Irelia, you want to buy Doran's Blades since her true damage can only be countered by having more health.

Wriggle's Lantern? I find this item very neat. Especially if dealing with an AD, you have Ninja tabi and Wriggles Lantern. This way you are pretty much immortal and you can also tower dive. Take this item in any given situation. It's a baby.

When you are doing Triforce, i highly encourage you to buy phage and wait to you can afford the rest of it. This way you can still buy chain west for the later Guardian Angel.

Then follow out the build and watch by while your team is winning! (Because of you)

If you can't farm and you are getting hold back. I would say, go for Philosopher's stone, this way you can also spam Q more and more.
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Skill Sequence

This chapter don't need a long explanation.

Q - Javelin Toss / Takedown: Max this once before level 6 so you have takedown. Anyway you won't need/use this much.

W - Bushwhack / Pounce: Take this at level one and max it last.

E - Primal Surge / Swipe: Take this at level two and max it first.

R - Aspect of the Cougar: Sherlock?? 6,11,16
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Summoner Spells

I can't figure how people don't find exhaust viable with Nidalee. They'd rather go with ignite or teleport. This though i will explain to you!

By taking exhaust with you, you almost disable your opponent in a short period of time. You can also slow, which is what you want. Since Nidalee don't have any cc(except for the phage), you want to bring exhaust into the battlezone. This is because you can use it for escapes and for chasing. This is a very viable Spell! This though is all up too you. I'd recommend it though.

Take this if you are having troubles with finishing off your target, or you play against champions such as Warwick, Volibear or anyone with a high health regen somehow. So ignite is very situational.

DO NOT TAKE THIS SPELL. "Whyyyy?!?! i want to go to lane!!"
Because, after level 6 you can go cougar form and you are in lane before teleport even starts.. She has so high mobility that there is no need for this.
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How to play (Poking,Farming etc.)

When you are laning top, your primary objective is to poke the enemy so he'd want to leave lane earlier, giving you more farm. This or he will just waste his potions.


You are against Volibear top. You poke him with auto attack until his passive goes off.


When do i want to go back?
Well, you want to stay in lane as long as possible since you gain a lot of gold that way. I would recommend waiting till you're about level 8-9 going back. At this time, you will have about 3k gold.

How do i farm?
Last hitting with the runes i suggested is very easy! When you reach level 6, you just switch into cougar form and use W+E+Q. Doing this over and over.

How do i want to poke?
This question variates from who you play against and what playstyle you are using.
I suggest that you just poke with auto-attack and take some creep damage. You will always be able to heal that health back up. But as you reach level 6 you want to enter cougar form. Then pounce to your target and use Swipe + Takedown.
Why? Because Takedown deals more damage to wounded targets.

If you are having troubles with farming, go back early and buy gp/5 such as philosopher's stone and Heart of Gold depending on the opponent. (As for Irelia i highly suggest getting some health)
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Pros / Cons


Very good at poking
Very mobile
High lane Sustain against some champions
High damage output
Easy to play (rWwwWwwwwWwWwwwrewqrwwWwww)


Easily countered with lot's CC
Is only very tanky late-game (Squish early)
Hard to play good
Drains a lot of Mana
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Ranked Play

As comes for ranked, this Nidalee build is VERY viable. Her high damage output with her mobility is godlike!

Try it out, and watch the fire fall upon your enemy!

Long story short. This build can be used in both Ranked play and Normal, since this build is in General very defensive and offensive.
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Why did i open up with Bushwack?

Because i want to help my team.
Go into the enemy's jungle and place a trap in the bush, which the enemy jungler crosses on his way to red. This gives a certain calm feeling both for you, but also your team. Though only in a short period of time!

Place a trap that pulls blue/red(depending on what he takes) for the jungler and place some traps here and there. (In the enemy's jungle)

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Team Work

"Teamwork? What's teamwork when you're Nidalee????!"

Well, everything.

If you play a hell of a top game, you are most likely to get ganked once in a 4, I tried this many times. And i escaped to my tower with pounce in cougar farm and my team was already there. These teams is as we know, hard to find nowadays.

If you have a good team, you have a good game. <-- This has been proven.
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Please. Behave while you play League of Legends. I am terrified of how many people go into a game, to troll, feed etc. This is extremely annoying. So try to avoid to do so.

Using a good language makes a very good teamplay!


So please don't. Be a good player and a good person. Don't rage over a game, or if you do, try not to let the teammates be the cost of this.

I am experiencing a high number of kids (literally kids who should be hanging in trees) who can't even speak the language, but they still play a decent game. You have to be the older and respect this or tell them to chat in a mortal and friendly way.
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Lastly i'd like to thank you so much for looking into my very first guide. I really hope you liked it fully! I wrote this guide in 4 hours so. I would appreciate it ALOT if i could have some votes for this hard work. :-)

I know it needed some pictures and some variations, but onfourtently i don't know how to do this. If anyone could teach/tell me, i would appreciate it.

AND if there's any mistakes in this. Feed free to tell me.

Love to all! <3
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