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Nidalee Build Guide by DvK

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DvK

Nidalee the way to play here

DvK Last updated on August 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Okey so when I usually play nidalee, I want to go solo top lane or middel in some cases. The way that I think is the best is to play here as the ap carry and nothing els. You want to get ur ap as high aspossible, so ur heal and spear will be ridicilous good. Nidalee is one off the best champs to use for backdooring all the time so that and farmin is the key to play nidalee really well. in early/mid game you should target people that are easy to kill that have low armor, so they are the champs you should target in teamfights.
You should not start the fight, that's not ur job, if you do that you pretty much dead, if you get stunned or anything. so in early/mid game just get into the fight in cougar form about the third player, so the other team have wasted most of there stuns. then just faceroll everything, or you can stand back and heal your team mates and throw your spear. but try to aim for the champs with low armor and magic resistence, like vayne, ashe, annie or tf. If you land your spear on any of those champs they will have about under there half hp atleast.
blue buff is really good to get on nidalee, so if you can get blue buff right before teamfights it would be great. if your soloing top you should get 1-2 wards when you come back the first time. when you hit lvl 6 you can easily gank alhot cause of your cougar form and jumping so abuse it, alhot in the early game.
you can play nidalee as whatever you want also, you can play here as a support pretty well to. but I think ap carry is the best freaking way you can play here!

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Summoner Spells

I prefer to go for Flash and ignite, but I know that ghost and flash is really good so it's all up what you prefere to play with.
why I choose ignite instead of ghost is for I think it's more safer to get the kill, if they are running away.

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To make this build happend you ofcoure need alhot of farming or kills/assists.
How to farm okey so in the early stage we say you are solo top lane. then you are almost only needing to lasthit all the minnions and do some damage on you opponent then heal and do it over and over again. When you hit lvl 6 you get ur cougar form then you can start farming alhot faster with the heal spell in cougar form that's one of the reason you spec it as you prio #1.
So I usually farm whenever I se any time to do it. so if I se a alhot of creeps going anywhere Im jumping there in my cougar form, then jumping in on them to do some dmg with ur W spell
then I press E to do the aoe dmg, then in the last I push q and do alhot of dmg on only one creep, then u go off your cougar form and heal ur self and do it over again or something like that.
so ur supposed to do like this:
W-E-Q-R-E(urself)-R-W-E-Q-R yeah you se what I mean.

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So you start of with a doran's ring. then is all about how much you farm and how many kills/assists you get.
but if you watch at the item build you get an idea what you should get. if you get alhot of farm try to get your rabadon's deathcab really fast cause it's an awesome item for nidalee.
the boot's choose is more about what the other team have, but usualyy good players get's some champs with cc or anything els so I think you need the magic resistence etc.
don't forget about wards and elixir. always get some wards when ur back in base!

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Pros / Cons

good in early/mid game
can backdoor and get away with it
can hunt down people in cougar form
good farming
traps as "wards"
jumping over walls.

no cc
not the most usefull champ in teamfights.
hard to hit with the spear
needs alhot of farming skills

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so for the people who don't know what backdooring is and how you do it, that is what Im going to tell you.
so backdooring is like you get ur team mattes to play deffensiv, and take as much attention as they can do. then you are supposed to go top or bot and try to get your creep pack as large as possible as fast as u can. Then are you going for the tower and inibitor if you can. When you are going for the towers always use ur heal on ur self, so you get extra attackspeed for about 7 secounds. So go for the towers with your creeps tanking the towers dmg. backdooring is a way to get back into the game also, but if you se any champs missing in mid or anywhere, you need to get in to your cougar form and jump away from there asap, or els ur dead meat.
so nidalee is one of the best backdoor champs in this game just cause you can run away so fast and do alhot of dmg with ur autoattack.
But you need ur team to know that you will try to backdoor, so they don't go in 4v5!

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special abilitys

when ur in the bushes you get extra movment speed in 2 seconds after you get out of the bush.
something that is extremly usefull is that when ur in cougar you can "jump threw" walls, so you can use it for escape or to catch someone by using cougar form and jump throw some places.
here is a video of some jumps u can use:

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special abilitys

when ur in the bushes you get extra movment speed in 2 seconds after you get out of the bush.
something that is extremly usefull is that when ur in cougar you can "jump threw" walls, so you can use it for escape or to catch someone by using cougar form and jump throw some places.
here is a video of some jumps u can use:

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so I can probably write alhot more things that you can and can not do about everything but I think this is enfough.
but if you get even a bit feeded in the early game play aggresiv as hell, you can heal urself. vs some champs you need to play aggresiv versus them cause if you don't you will lose ur lane mby. Try to backdoor as much as u can, and throw your spear and 1 hit ashe that feels so AWESOME!:D
So go out there and follow this guide, and you will see some results.
sorry for my bad english...