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Nidalee Build Guide by Unade

[Nidalee] - Tireless Spammer

[Nidalee] - Tireless Spammer

Updated on July 12, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Unade Build Guide By Unade 1,849 Views 0 Comments
1,849 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Unade Nidalee Build Guide By Unade Updated on July 12, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hey there, this is my first build in mobafire. Nidalee is my main character and i've been using this build for months, and its the one that most suits my play style.
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The main objective in my build is to... how do I say it nicely, "·$(/$! enemies before teamfights, snipe dps's out, heal massive hp to team mates... In other words, to change the outcome of team fights before even starting them.
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Summoner Spells

I choose Clarity for many reasons. In the first place, with clarity, I'm able to spend as many mana as I want, cause we know you can burn as much mana as you wish with nid. This provides you with:
-Unlimited harassing
-Free traps placing
-And one of the main reasons: while laning, More mana = more hp to Nidalee (and his lane partner if you aren't solo).

How many times I needed to go back NOT because i was short of health / mana, but because I realize I got 3k gold in my pocket.

Clarity also allows your teammate to spam abilities as much as he wants (with the clarity mastery), which is always extremely satisfying for him and most of the times saves time by not having to recall. Your lane will therefore be extremely solid.

Moving to flash: No need to explain much flash but I do want to highlight its positioning purpose, mostly for low hp enemies that hide behind creeps hugging their turrets.
Flash behind/beside minions + Spear will probably let your enemy speachless.
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-I start with doran's ring for an hp bonus, and its AP for solid spears early game.

-Later I go for magic pen boots, which make your spears way more intense. I don't like mercury treads because my objective in teamfights is not to be focused, but beat the **** out of unlucky champions, and finally burst low hp ones with cougar, if necessary end the persecution with an o-o-overkill with a spear (makes the kill more epic).

-I then build guinsoo's for its stacks on attack speed upon attacking, as you can spam abilities with cougar unlimitedly with jumps, which will keep the max stacks always present with a great att. speed buff. It improves both ap and ad, which make a solid hybrid build for Nid.

-Later Lich Bane, which empowers the next attack made after using an ability ==> Spears o.O (almost 1/4 hits because of its small cooldown).

-Rabadon's: If you choose to rip 3/4 hp from weak champions and heal 1/2 hp to team mates, then this item should help.

Trinity force: For an overall empowerment, including +Health, +AD, +AP, crits, etc.

Frozen heart: +Survivability, good for chasing in cougar, perfect for team fights.
(May vary depending on the enemy team: Eg: against an almost full ap team this won't work as well as with a balanced team)
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Most of my masteries are mage's, including 15% magic pen, and clarity mastery.

Not much to say.
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- Magic pen. marks boost your spears and most cougar abilities.

- Magic pen. Quintessences: Same thing.

- Seals of clarity: Sometimes clarity isn't enough, and dodge runes won't be as useful.

- Glyphs of potency: Make your spears and heals greater early game.
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Skill Sequence

As regards Skill sequence, I max my spear and heals first as much as I can, always choosing cougar whenever possible. However, the W skill earlier is best if you wish to control an enemy jungler, for preventing ganks, if your enemies in lane can stealth, if they simply remain in bushes and for some reason you can't dominate your lane, or simply to check bushes.

Make sure to get the skillpoint in W at level 5, because its essential in cougar for chasing enemies down, clearing creep waves faster, or w/e, but you wanna get this as soon as you can cougar :).
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Chapter 8


I hope this guide helps you enjoy your time with Nid as much as I do :)

I'm open to critics and questioning, I will be updating the guide constantly.

Thank you for reading, Unade
League of Legends Build Guide Author Unade
Unade Nidalee Guide
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[Nidalee] - Tireless Spammer

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