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League of Legends Build Guide Author StrikerT

Ninja Style

StrikerT Last updated on April 6, 2011
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Evelynn is an assassin, not a tank, caster, or fighter.

She is an assassin who hides in the shadow and kills the target before they know it.

I will focus on three qualities that defines a true ninja assassin:

Stealth ability, CC ability, Nuking ability.

You want them to constantly fear of your absence, unable to resist your attacks, and die before they can react.

I wrote the first draft of this guide in 2009, rewrote it in 2010.

Now in 2011 I post it here, enjoy.

The original can be found on LOL Forum-> Guides & Strategy -> [Directory] Complete List of Guide-> Evelynn

It is true, this is another standard AP build for her, but my uniqueness lies in items order.

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I use a whole page of AP/lvl runes as they give 83.16 AP at lv 18.

Again the main idea is to maximize damage.

you can use other combination of runes such as armor pen mark, hp seal, etc.

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I start with [Regrowth Pendant] for early game regen, with stealth I can get hp back unharmed.

Once you have 750g and lv 5, port back for [Boots of Speed] and [Sapphire Crystal]. With speed and mana, its time for your 1st gank.

After successfully killed 1 or 2 enemy champ, head back to complete [Sheen], and [Boots of Mobility] if possible.

you want to finish your early-mid phrase core items: [Boots of Mobility] for roaming and [Sheen] for nuking.

Once you gain 1110g, grab [Giant's Belt] for mid game survival.

Complete [Rylai's Crystal Scepter] asap as you get more kills, do [Blasting Wand] then [Amplifying Tome].

Finish [Lich Bane] as the game progress from mid to late.

With enough ganking kills, getting this during mid phrase can be devastating to other team.

Build for a [Rabadon's Deathcap] to seal the enemie's fate and maximize your AP nuking power.

Late game survial requires [Banshee's Veil] and Eve definitely could use a stun block.

Final slot is optional:

[Void Staff] or [Zhonya's Hourglass] for more Nuking power

[Guardian Angel] or [Force of Nature] for more survival

[Deathfire Grasp] if they stacking HP

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Summoner Spells

I use Flash and Ignite

Flash is a must because Eve's melee, she needs it to get out of tight spots.

Also, to Flash in their base -> stealth kill is always LOL for you and WTF for them.

Ignite is to max damage and little more AP, also finish off the champ that ran back to tower with 5 hp.

You can do Exhaust here to slow them down, or something else with your personal favorite.

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General Gameplay

Early Game:

head to bottom, scout with stealth. Maybe harrass or gank their jungle at blue.

Try to last hit, spend most of your time hide in grass.

Your goal here is to make it to 750g and leech exp while in grass or in stealth if getting harrassed.

Mid Game (aka buffet time):

All you can eat All day Menu:
Twist Fate -- no ult to see you, kill before gold card
Ashe -- dodge ult, easy kill
Heim -- strike away from turrets, dodge grenade, easy kill
Kog -- dodge ult, easy kill
Lux -- dodge snare, easy kill
Malz -- no ult, easy kill
MFortune -- easy kill
Sona -- away from turret, easy kill
Twitch -- strike after he is out of stealth, easy kill
Teemo -- dodge shrooms, easy kill
Soraka -- easy kill
Fiddle -- easy kill or die once feared
Ryze -- easy kill unless trapped
Karth -- dodge wall, easy kill

other casters/dps not listed can either nuke you to death(veigar, annie)
or have second chance at life(zilean, annivia, kayle)
or have escape skills (morg, katrina, kass, ezreal, akali, corki, nida, shaco, tris)
or just too fast to catch up (janna, yi, sivir)

of course, if you are capable of instant nuke down anyone above, feel free to do so.

Late Game:

By now you should have respectable amount of kills and assists.

Your opponent should **** in their pants so much that they tower/ base hug, or throwing money away on oracles + wards.

Honestly once you get [Rylai's Crystal Scepter] and [Lich Bane], maybe starting on [Rabadon's Deathcap], its over for them. You can kill anyone besides tank in 2-3 shots within 4 sec, oracle or not.

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Detailed Gameplay (Ninja Style)

We are going to skip early game and cut directly to the most important segment of the game. Mid Game.

Eve make or break during mid game, you team depends on how well you perform during this time.

In mid game, the most important thing is: Scouting.

With the advantage of stealth, you can go anywhere you want. Act as a beacon of gank for your team. Roam in their jungle, cut through mid lane, steal their buff.

But exactly how?

Stealing Buff:

use your Q to stun both jungler and the golem/lizard, use E to kill and get buff, R to get out, flash if necessary.

Cut mid lane?????

Location, Location, Location:

This is where you can go while stealthed, between 1st and 2nd stairs.

Very useful spot to see both towers and kill the 10 hp champ who is running back, no?

This is how to go from jungle to jungle

Now that you know how to travel the map, its time to do it the Ninja Style.

Rule of thumb:

1. Always keep track of your stealth timer, nothing is worse than a premature appearance.
2. Never go into open ground without your stealth. cd is 8 sec while you walk for 50, so just wait in grass until you are invisible again. Yes, even walking in river between lanes, god knows who you will run into.
3. Pick your targets and know how fast you can take him down, or plan escape before gank.

Ninja Style Solo:

Hit when they least expect it:

When they porting back in grass

When they about to gank your teammate (i.e use ult, flash/exhaust, move forward)

When they taking blue/red or dragon

When they are walking along river and about to leave the small patch of grass(stun him just as he walks out of it, he can come back into grass or run away, taking hits either way.)

Ninja Style Team Fight (enemy clustered):

People say Eve is squishy, yes she is.

Which is why I add [Rylai's Crystal Scepter]and [Banshee's Veil]for survival along with flash.

Two options:

Situation 1: If your team has another carry who can dish out heavy dps, you may sacrifice yourself to nuke down enemy carry and take all the nuke/stuns.

go stealth, pop ult, charge and flash in, stun + nuke.

Result: They freak out, throw everything at you, you die. Your team own them, 1 for 5 gg.

Situation 2: If your team lack damage, wait until they make a move.

Action: go stealth, go behind the cluster, fight begin, ult + charge in and kill the squishy in the back row, flash out.

Result: They separate, some turn around to chase you, others engaged in fighting your team. They failed at chase you because you flashed out, they failed fighting your team since you took out 1 guy and they are in panic since you escaped and restealth.

I normally go with option 2, since it creates more chaos.

Ninja Style Team Fight Essence:

Always double back once you are in stealth.

This works wonders in team fight, solo gank, jungle gank. Use the grass and your flash, the cd on stealth is shorter now and you move fast, it is so easy trick their mind.

When people are fighting, they don't expect what they don't see, especially if they just chased you away into the jungle.

If after 5 seconds you pop up and stun nuke them down while they chase your 50 hp teammate, that always guarantee "thx man" + "OMFG, I HATE YOU *****" = LOL

Remember your Q stuns two targets, so even possibly a double kill if they chase under turrets.

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Facing Oracles and Wards

People say just get Oracle when facing Eve.

True, it limits Eve's early game but it also gives them a false sense of safety.

"I have oracle so Eve can't gank me!"

I've faced against as many as 19 oracles in one game(no trolls who buys 5 in a role), and as many as all 5 of them had oracle at same time.

The trick is to know the range of Oracle, thx to Jmar here.

Familar yourself with that circle and you can easily dodge the oracle holder.

How to kill Oracle:

Speed + Flash

A little math here:
Base 315 + [Boots of Mobility] 130 + [Lich Bane]7% = 476.15 normally + [Malice and Spite] 30%

*applying the soft cap, (476.15-415)(80%) + 415 = 463.92 normal

30%(463.92) = 139.176 bonus with ult

463.92+139.176 = 603

apply soft cap, 475 + (603-490)(50%)= (56.5) = 531.5 with ult.

***Calculations are based on data given and tested in game, (normal 464, 532 with ult)

that means in 1.5 seconds you can go from outside of circle to the center.

**my usual trick is dash in, after 0.5 seconds then flash to them.

result: they see me, they freak out, aiming spells and poof im in their face, moment of confusion.


Wards are harder to avoid, best way is to remember the location and the time it was placed. It has same range as oracle, so rememer one is to remember both. After 3 min go back again or do the same thing above without flash since sometimes they are closer to the edge where flash is not needed.

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Why do I focus on Damage?

Everyone in LOL has a role to play. Normally big and chubby soak up the damage, people with staff throw bolts and people with insanely big swords chop things up.

Eve's role is to kill, not to fight, just kill.

I play her AP with some survival [Rylai's Crystal Scepter] and [Banshee's Veil] because it enables her to do what she designed for,

Shes the initiator with the stun, and the finisher with the stealth.

Imagine Eve as a sniper with 1 shot; silently, patiently waiting for the opportune moment to strike the most valuable target. Then going back to reload(restealth) for another.

Which is why tank Eve and AD Eve does not make me fear; the first just don't die as fast and has no damage, the latter is a gimped Master Yi without the skills to buff the hits(only ult increase atk spd by 100% for 6 sec, while Q and E are useless).

What is an Eve who can't do burst? If you want her to fight face to face for 10 sec, whats the point of stealth and stun? Many other champions are better at raw brutal exchange of swords, axes and spears.

Evelynn is the only one who can kill with little to no resistance. Take advantage of that and make her the most feared and hated champion in the game.

It makes squishies throw away their mouse and rage once you appear next to them, knowing that they are helpless and doomed.
he was ashe...

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Why there is no Mejai in my build?

Three reasons:

Personal Reason: I don't like snowball items, especially Mejai on Eve. It makes you more fear of dying, and actually penalize you for that.

Logical Reason: It takes time and charges to beef up a snowball items. As the first item I want some thing like [Sheen] that can help me kill people, to gain an early advantage and intimidation to progress into mid game.

Mejai gives 20 AP for you to start off, which is weak and near useless.
You are not gotta kill anything with that, get a knife plz.

Potential Reason: Eve is melee and squishy, among top favorite for other team to target. Even if you stack 10+ charges, the death penalty dampens your dps by a huge chuck; again you become scared of dying to prevent further loss of charges.

Frequently I played against other Eve who gotten Mejai first then work on Lich Bane.

Early Game: I nuke down his teammates with sheen while hes slowly building charges.

Mid Game: I have Rylai for survival, while he got decent charges but can't kill me.

Late Game: I got Lich Bane, he is too squishy to exchange hits, keeps dying and Mejai become wasted.

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A Good AP Eve is welcomed in almost any team setup.

Communication and team effort is needed, since you need your team members to help the kill after you stun the target.

I've endured since Beta the trash talks of Eve, then the recent popularity she received, and now the nerf.

Honestly, for the longest time every other champion had major nerf/buff except Eve.

The newest nerf was to limit her AD jungle capability, so AP Eve is the same since the creation of LOL.

I hope the community will finally recognize her not just as a pub stomp but a capable champion in mid to high level as well.

I was on a roll yesterday and would like to share the result of my build and its potency