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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sejuani Build Guide by Fnif

No.. it is not Leona on Volibear..

No.. it is not Leona on Volibear..

Updated on January 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fnif Build Guide By Fnif 7,660 Views 17 Comments
7,660 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fnif Sejuani Build Guide By Fnif Updated on January 18, 2012
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This champion is brand new, i made this build with the intention to give inspiration for a build.

This champions fuction in the battefield: You remember when the carry screems at you and tells you to protect her, but you are a champion without charm/taunt or anything that can take their attention. Here is the champion, you can slow the enemy so much, that they wont reach your carry.
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The way I build Sejuani is with Rod of Ages, I dont get why so many build her with Frozen Mallet, WHY! Do you want to build a champion with so much slow, with a slow item, and AD? Items like Atmas and Frozen Mallet is questionable since all of her spells stacks with AP. Rod of Ages is in my opinion the item that gives you the best stats. Huge amount of HP, huge amount of mana, she doesnt need mana that much, but this will ensure u not to go Oom. The 80AP is just great, 80 doesnt make a great diffrence, but you will get a feeling of actually being able to kill a squishy. As Sejuani you can easily kill a carry.

The carry cant hit you - yoU can hit the carry = yoU win.. So simple is it.

HP is just perfect for Sejuani your northen winds stacks with a decent amount. This spells will deal something like 200damage to minions per tick.

This build is aimed to give you alot of health, alot of armor, Sejuani is squishy early, and she is overall squishy in the jungle, still lategame jungle is easy.. (like it is for all champs). THis build gives you some MR and INSANE amount of movement speed wich is really needed.
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Arctic Assault is a charge with a slow. You can charge over nearly any wall, even medium sized walls. Great for chasing, and great for escaping. Your Qspell stacks with 40% of your ability power, if you follow my build, this will be a 210 + 35 damage - MR. THis is something like a bit over 200 AOE, and aoe slow, compare it to good charges like Maokais, then this AOE charge is really stronk!!!

Northen Winds is your main spell, this does alot damage if u have your enemy Frosted. I can calculate the damage since there is a big diffrent in HP and AP through the game :) But one thing is sure, when you got this spell ready. Focus on doing some nice AOE damage to your enemy.

Permafrost is just a low damageging slow. THis spell does really low damage, but it is AOE, so still fine, but you need to apply Frost to your enemy, and when you use it in a Teamfight, you will often be disappointed how few enemies it hitted..

Glacial Prison THis ulti is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AWESOM!! Just a perfect and fun ult. Tough to hit with when the enemy can jump or go immortal somehow. BUT REMEMBER! U must hit this ult! Really! it is so important that a miss can turn the tides of war! Hit it by focusing and aiming for groups, makes it easier. DOnt blindthrow it since it got a huge cooldown :P
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This is commen jungle/tank masteries, with one change. With Ap champions like Sejuani there still do autoattacks, i can recommend to take Brute Force over Mental Force . STrength over brain.. simple. I do go with the movementspeed in the 9/21/0 talents, and reduced damage taking, for being more tanky you know :)
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I just want to be a strong tank, and the MR pen is really good for Sejuani since she only got AP spells. And Marks cant be used in a "Tanky" way, so i aim them for offense.

Optional you can take AP per lvl Glyphs..

If you want to follow the mainstream then take AD marks.. for easy jungle.. go pro.. go AP XD

HP per lvl is just awesom, lategame those 273 HP is noteable on the healthbar :)
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Ill just say it, I like to do a early gank, im lvl2 and everyone else is lvl1. You gotta watch out who your oppenents is, and what spell they picked first. A Tryndamere with his spin is no fun to gank.

When you gank a lane, open up with your charge to close the gab(BUT remember, this is a guideline for all your lol champions) Try run in if you can, run and then close the gab after a flash.

After getting close, hit with an autoattack and then use Permafrost, dont wait with it, ofc if the target is slowed by the lane, then wait a sec, but this slow lasts for pretty long, and you want to get as much damage as fast as possable, instead of using it after they flash, then they are closer to turret, rather get insta damage, then taking a fatal early hit from turret.

When ganking in lvl 6 and later, dont open with ult! Get behind their "escape line" (The escape line is the shortest route they 9 out of 10 will run!) Then your are more likely to hit with your ult.
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So jobs to do in a teamfight: Charge in with Q, always hit as many as possable, use your W to do some heavy AOE damage, then your dps is over. Now you gotta focus your own carry, remember to hit a target with an autoattack, then you can use Permafrost. DO that, autoattack - Permafrost. This will protect your carry from melees there want to rush towards your carry.

Your ulti can be used in 3 ways. This is a huge AOE CC ability. If the enemy stands nearby each others, then throw it, do some AOE damage, and the ulti doesnt only stun 1 target, it will stun nearby targets aswell, stun their entire team is a good way of using the ult.

This ult is also good at focusing and marking the target u want to kill. Throw it on a AD or AP carry, stun her, and kill her, simple, clean, smooth and easy..

Use the ult in escape, ONLY if it is REALLY!Nessesary use the ult for your own escape, it is a better use if u use it for protecting your team.

I have seen alot wasting ults like fizz' ult and ashe ult, because they looks cool, and they think it will do something if they hit something. Dont just throw it.. Think with ur brain bro, just be patient, the oppertunity is not at start of a pokeout, but when the combat is getting heavy!
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Quick gameplay guide.

Farming is easy with her.
Start Wolves - Blue, take Q for a quick gank, nvm.. just take Q.. it is awesom and does AOE damage to creeps..
Go Wolves again if u went for a quick gank, then wraith (lvl 3) go gank, or take golems and go B. She is really wounded after gank and jungling. So go B and get a GP5 item.

Have some fun, she aint that OP, just that awesom.

I dont like to be disliked.. but since i write this sentence you will all troll and dislike.. But guys.. I didnt use much work on it, feedback is apreciated, and a like/Fav would just make it!! :)

I am sorry for grammer and some pointless and idiotic words and sentences, but that is me.. English isnt my main language.. So everyone, go play LoL, this game is the best. :)

Thx to for some really nice tools and quality of working devices that really makes it fun to spend some hours in front of a guidecreating thing thing :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fnif
Fnif Sejuani Guide
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No.. it is not Leona on Volibear..

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