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Team Guide by Caddy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Caddy

No Losing.

Caddy Last updated on June 6, 2010
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At first I had my doubts about how this team comp would work. But let me explain in depth the ideas we used and how this team comp works. Of course Ashe and Annie are the Physical and Magical Carry. Fiddle sticks can be traded for Annie, but Ashe is very ideal for either Annie and Fiddle, the arrow plus a Tibbers or Crowstorm is nearly a death for at least 2 players. I have played nearly 10 games with this composition and have only lost once.
Furthermore in-order to ensure our carries are out carries, our lane composition(s) look like this, and run like this. We start the game with snagging a creep camp with; Jax, Soraka, Janna. Annie and Ashe take the outer lanes, meaning we are running 1-3-1 in the lanes, where Jax, Soraka, and Janna are baby-sitting Jax. The goal is to grab the tower in under 10 minutes, after this is accomplished it is best to swap lanes and take the 3 support to a different lane and give the solo mid, and continue doing so until all three tower are down. But around the time the orginal three mid characters are @ 9 you should be doing Baron Nashor.
Now keep in mind Jax is the tank, and the brunt of the team, he is the first to go in, and if goes correctly should receive all the support; if the healers or carries are receiving heat; this is where the true power of the team shines, while the DPS tear face, the Support are keeping themselves alive; Janna is the key; have Soraka and Janna as close as possible at all times (meaning max distance from either of them when Janna ulti's and the most time to recover); and should never leave Jaxs' side.
For the mid lane; Jax and Janna should start with a starter item; it is ideal. Soraka should start with Mana Manipulator. Push the lane as hard as possible and everytime jax is near the tower janna should bubble and just all auto attack the tower; Of course this means Janna should be maxing bubble the highest first, ensuring the most DMG and saftey for Jax. If possible use jax to harras the hero to show the solo lane there is no chance. If the other team wises up a bit and sends another hero mid, there is still no way for them to stop you, unless it is nearly the same composition; with Jax, Janna, and Soraka you are going to out DPS nearly anybody; out heal them, and absorb all their DMG, and this means then they are slowing their own EXP to the solo lanes, and this makes it easy for the solo lanes to get kills and farm, it is only too their disadvantage. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on this page, and I will respond ASAP.
If you would like to know what the items look like; or anything about how the characters are being played or any specific details feel free to post.


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