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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MadFistBumps

No One Escapes (AD Team Utility)

MadFistBumps Last updated on September 25, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Miss Fortune - No One Escapes

- This is my first guide
- This guide is meant for laning with a support champion

What to expect with this guide

  • Ensure no kills escape your team
  • Total Tank Annihilation
  • Amazing Tower Pushing
  • Be able to escape almost any fights gone wrong
  • Your team will love you and your enemies will cry


Get your runes. I pick up attack speed seals for maximum usage of Impure Shots, Mana Regen because no glyphs are really better for you and you are a mana sucking machine, and armor pen quins and marks because you will be doing a lot lot lot of physical damage.

For summoner spells, I pick up Ghost and Flash. Ghost will ensure I can run away if I have been hit and flash allows me to jump towards runners and pull off Frozen Mallet Double Up of DOOM assuming they are not slowed for some reason. Flash is also and amazing escape mechanism. Ghost also allows me to have a nice boost so I can manage the entire map as needed. Feel free to ditch flash for Exhaust, Ignite, or possibly heal if you are having trouble maintaining your health. Once you are good with Miss Fortune, never ever pick up heal.

I feel that my masteries are pretty straight forward and need not be discussed.

Finally, make sure you have a healer on your team, that is who you want to lane with. You can lane middle, but for this build I do not recommend it unless you pick up a lifesteal item first and a mana pot. Why? Because you can last hit so hardcore that you can build a Frozen Mallet (the baby of my build) extremely quickly thanks to not picking up something virtually useless like Vampiric Scepter. If your healer is good enough (and picked up a mana manipulator), you should be able to harass the other team at your disposal, and back off as you please setting the opposing team up for a gank from middle laner.

Early Game

Pick up your Long Sword and a health pot and go Dragon Lane (bottom) with your healer friend. Sona or Taric are especially wonderful thanks to their stun. The healer allows you to be moderately aggressive. You can stay up on your minion kills and keep the opposing team on their tower, with virtually no reason to go back. Use Double Up (Q) to last hit minions if and only if the shot is lined up for a 120% on a champion. This is what makes Miss Fortune the most amazing last hitter EVARRRRRR. When minions are low, pop Impure Shots (W) to quickly annihilate and last hit them all and push the opposing team back. If you are gaining gold slowly, go back and buy Phage. If you are gaining quickly, and can have it by level 9 (maybe 10) wait and go back to grab Frozen Mallet. Congrats you won! J/k, but it makes life so easy. You will be heartier and be able to slow any squishy that runs from you.

Mid Game

The next things you need to do are A. Call for bottom lane to get ganked and then kill the dragon, or B. Continue your tug of war until you can buy Boots of Swiftness. I know what you are thinking, really BoS? I'm already so uber fast, what's the point? Boots of Swiftness allows you to be a reckless little pain in the butt. Thanks to Frozen Mallet and Make It Rain (E) you have so much slow you are pretty uncatchable, but with Boots of Swiftness, you further guarantee that. They also allow you to run even faster to get to ganks, neutral buffs, whatever. The key to Miss Fortune is to be able to out mobilize your enemy.

Now build your next item, I recommend Manamune for beginners and for games that are not entirely predictable yet. It allows you to spam your abilities, and makes your Double Up really hurt. Also, while building Manamune, since you have such great farming skills and mobility, pick up WARDS in between pieces. They will win you the game. Thanks to your super mobility, if you see someone running through the jungle, you can get there and gank them before they even get to their destination. An option instead of Manamune is Youmuu's Ghostblade. It's active is just amazing

Late Game

Ok, by now, should everything be going right, you can build any of the following items and just destroy whoever you see.

BloodThirster - All around a good item. Makes you hit like a truck and raises your durability.
Madred's BloodRazor - High Health champions are gaining in popularity. Vladimir can eat your lead. The problem with this item is its expense, but hey!
Last Whisper - I almost never build this, but it can be nasty against a heavily armored team.
Trinity Force - No cons, just pick it up for your 6th if you can. Honestly, I only carry 5 items so I can ward.
Infinite Edge - If you are a sucker for Crit Damage, this plus impure shots = Beast

Your role in Team Fights

I made this its own section because Team Fights can happen at any point in the game. Miss Fortune is hefty damage, everyone knows this, and with my build you also add some nice utility. Whenever a team fight is initiated, pop Double Up on a squishy if you can (or a tank right in front of their nastiest squishy) and then Make It Rain. If all is well several enemies should be slowed. If you are fairly sure you can land it for more than 1.5 seconds on at least 2 enemies, blow that ult. Bullet Time your enemies into oblivion. Once your ult is over, use Impure Shots and Double up as much as you can, begin slowing and tearing down your enemies accordingly.