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Nocturne General Guide by r1pp3r

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author r1pp3r

Nocs - OP Monstorious Slayer (Jungler / Liner)

r1pp3r Last updated on November 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Small liner instructions

If you are liner - all lines is good. Also i think that the best line for Nocturne should be mid, but if u are going to mid, make shure that you are pro with magic shield from W timing. I mean you must be almost pro at this timing in order to do not get any damage. Also if you are going to mid dont forget that skills learnings is little bit different. You must change places skill whichones you are learning at 3-4 lvl.
One more thing about lining, dont forget that you have your ulti, so when your teams jungler goes to gank, u better will youse your ultimate skill and help to kill that ***********er(-s) :)
IF you gonna help to gank like this - they are absolutely dead (unless your team is failing whole the time, or you are just noobs, but i hope so you arent :)).
The last thing about lining: if you are going bottom - make sure that you and your line friend would be aggresive even at a start else you will be beaten, if you are going top - i think its the same, it belongs from what enemies you will be facing ^^.

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Small jungler instructions

If you are going like a jungler you may chose Teleport spell instead of flash, but in order doing like this u must be shoure that your team will be buying fewer more and placing some of them near the enemys turrets in bushes. Like this u will be able to teleport there and make very powerfull gank while your ultimate skill (R) is on cooldown. You can trust me, no one will be expecting such a thing from you.
If you are going like a jungler, Flash taking is good to. With Flash you will be able better comunicate with team or run away if you are in trouble. How to run is best? Simple: use your Q and at the end of your path use flash. How it is better to comunicate with team? You can use flash in so much ways like:
1) Enemy is runing, your ulti is on cooldown and your Q wont be able to reach the target. What you need is to flash little bit near to him, fast use your Q and you will be able to reach him. Dont forget, this is best when you already have Frozen Mallet or Phage or your skill E ready.
2) Enemy is running, your R ready and you just have lost targets vision. You need to flash little bit near to him, use your ulti and he is dead. The best should be if You also will be able to use Q or E at that time.
3) Enemy is runing with low health, your teammate is heading to enemy but is little bit too far or little bit too slow and you, like jungler wonna give kill to him. You need use Flash and then use your E. IF enemy is a little be far away from you - use Q, at the end of path Flash and then E.


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Other Tips

If you think that this build is ****h becous of Nocs low AD and atk speed - think again ^^
There is only showing in Mobafire low Nocs AD because there isint add AD whichone you get from Atma's Imaler. With full build you will get about +65 AD, it means your AD will be about 237 AD. But also its not all AD you get, you get a lot of AD even from your Q (+55 max), so to sum up it would be about 291 AD and thats more than enouth becouse you will be having 47% critical rate.
Now about atack speed: you all attack speed you get is from your W (+40% max) and from your last item "Youmuu's Ghostblade" Active (+50%) so i think its more than enouth. Only one thing about last item - use it only then when you are already attacking him to make sure that you not gonna waste this active


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