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Nocturne Build Guide by whiplashz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author whiplashz

Nocturne 3 vs 3 monster

whiplashz Last updated on June 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey :D this is my first guide so please be gentle with me ;D! Okay well my name is whiplashz or as I am known in LoL Doctor Flambe. I am not high 2.1k ELO or anything like that I am low ELO 1400's however I am making this guide because I want to share my knowledge with fellow nocturne players that enjoy destroying on Twisted Treeline :D. This may not be the best build out there, but I definitely think I have found the winning strategy for Nocturne in 3's! I cannot recall the last time I lost with nocturne unless my team is totally useless. But that of course is out of our control. I hope you enjoy my guide and comments would be appreciated as I am new to this!

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Pree standard for nocturne, armor pen runes so you can do full damage with your blades! Also makes you clear the jungle creeps faster which is a big bonus! I prefer armor seals because it makes you much harder to kill for attack damage champions such as Xin Zhao that are extremely prevalent in 3's. Best choice imo. For glyphs and quintessences it is pretty much up to you but I use either attack speed glyphs or cool down reduction. Up to you really. The marks and the yellow are the best options out there.

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I build utility and the defensive tree because you will get ALOT of damage from this build but not a lot of survivability so that's why I think its better to give him more survivability through Masteries.

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Doran's Blade to start because it proves health and damage which is great!
Okay I cannot stress how AMAZING ghost blade is on Nocturne, it makes him chase faster, attack faster, gives him crit chance, more armor penetration, cool down reduction. It was designed for Nocturne... Trust me on this You want it asap. Before the ghost blade the build order is more lax get them in the order you think would help you the most.For example they have alot of faster characters you want level 2 boots, more tanky team brutalizeretc.I get a simple Vampiric Scepter because the life steal is such a huge boost when you activate your ghost blades you basically gain life faster then they can dish it out ( which is awesome).Get Blood Thirster after that to increase your damage output as well as capitalize on all that farming your doing right? ;)After that it is all on the team comp you facing. Do they have alot of auto attacking heros? Tryndamere nocturne etc then get FH. If they have cc/AP team get Banshee's Veil. By this point the game should be over... If not get infinity edge.

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I decided to put a whole section just for this item because it is essentially your core item. I always put it hotkey 1, and whenever a battle breaks out just press one for such a huge power burst. DO NOT FORGET TO ACTIVATE, I know because I do this from time to time ALWAYS USE YOUR GHOSTBLADE! Without it you are a paper bag waiting to get snacked on ( horrible comparison I know bear with me). Also since it's cooldown is ONLY 1 minute feel free to use it when taking down important objectives such as dragon or red buff. Plus it makes a badass noise when you activate it ;) (Like me passing gas)

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Summoner Spells

I always get flash, great escape mechanism, use ghost if you prefer, I like Flash more but whatever you want!(I flash IRL)For the 2nd summoner I get either exhaust or ignite, depending which one you need. If your team already has 2 exhausts then get ignite or the opposite. I prefer exhaust because it prevents them from escaping :D Also ignite is only good early game while as exhaust is good the whole game just something to keep in mind.

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Phases of the game

Early game: Go bot and see if a lvl 1 fight will occur, you are Nocturne and as such your passive does HUGE damage to anyone caught by it, 120 percent of you attack damage, if a lvl 1 fight occurs target a squishy and kill them :D You want the top solo lane, for two reasons. One it is 1 vs 1 which is what noc is best at, but also that the jungle is so easy to jump to once you push the lane. Also Noc is very mana starved throughout the game thus I would reccomend buying mana potions.

Mid game: look for opportunity to cause a 3 vs 2 on bottom or keep jungling/ pushing the lane. Consider buying wards if they are moving around but generally you don't want to be past the mid way point of your lane. Push the lane, go jungle, come back, go back to jungling etc.

End Game: Things get a little trickier for Nocturne he will be focused and is quite squishy. Don't initiate unless you are sure you have the advantage. Also sometimes it is useful to use your ult to "blind" your opponents so they cant use skill shots that target your teammates since they are now out of sight.

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Early game 1 vs 1

Best case scenario you got the 1 vs 1 great :D The way I play nocturne that has worked out for me so great is how he snowballs after your first kills! His combo is very simple q aiming for enemy champ, if it hits run through the minion wave on a beeline for them ( Q gives you that ability if you recall) Hit them with your passive active for huge amounts of damage as well several auto attacks.

Use your passive in the middle of a creep wave for a large dose of healing :D If have done well with your first couple Q's and auto attacks, skip getting w and get E, do your combo again only this time with the fear component and its an easy first blood :D Since you are pushing the lane so hard with your Q and Passive once the wave reaches their tower either go bottom and gank the opposing team if they have overextended OR go jungle a camp or two and come back in time for round two with your opponent :D

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So important!!! As Nocturne I usually end up with the highest amount of creep kills by the end of game by at LEAST 50 ( depends on length of game but this is a good goal to set yourself). HE IS SO EASY TO FARM WITH! Just q into the minion wave, go into the middle of them and boom whole wave disappears.

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Thanks for reading my guide and i will be sure to keep adding material, maybe get a video of gameplay sometime ^^ plz comment and vote!

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Goes to LowDHigh the king of RS