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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author johno44

Nocturne An Assassin in the Jungle UPDATED 4/12

johno44 Last updated on April 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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3/24 - Switched The Black Cleaver to situational and replaced it with Ghostblade.
4/12 - Switched basically the whole item build order and replaced a few items in the build with new ones

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Hello! This is my first build so go easy on me. Nocturne, the newest champion in League of Legends can be played a few different ways, however I have found him to be most effective as a jungler. This is due to his amazing ability to gank and surprise the enemy team.

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Pros / Cons

- Amazing ganker
- Good all throughout the game
- Incredible ultimate
- Great chaser
- Fast Jungler

- Not extremely useful in team fights aside from fear and ult
- Does not have a very good form of escape

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Armor Pen Reds - Helps with jungling early game and basically a must have for a melee champ

Dodge Yellows - Others can be used, however dodge helps early game while jungling

Attack Speed Blues - Great for Nocturne while jungling due to how his passive works, the faster you attack the more your passive will go off making it much easier to jungle as Nocturne.

Armor Pen Quints - Same as the reds, helps early game and a must have for a melee champ

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Summoner Spells

Ghost - Great for escaping due to his lack of an escape mechanism aside from his Q, also allows him to chase even better.

Smite - As jungling Nocturne smite is needed to clear the route and will greatly increase the speed at which you jungle.

Flash - Flash is a decent alternative for Nocturne as it is for any champion, however i tend to use ghost more often for more effective chasing.

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Skill Sequence

With Nocturne your skill sequence is a little different depending on what you are doing.

Early Game Ganking - When ganking early game you want to open the gank with you Q unless there is a good chance you will miss. When ganking early game you MUST hit the enemy with your Q to cause them to leave the path behind them, this makes it much easier for you to chase. After you connect with your Q you want to get as close as you can and hit the enemy with your E to begin the fear, though most of your damage will come from the auto attacks your Q and E are very important to hit with. Finish them with your Q if they manage to get away it has a decent range.

Mid Game Ganking - Mid game is just amazing as Nocturne when it comes to ganking due to the fact that your ultimate is just incredible. Now at this point in the game there is 2 ways to gank the team, using your ult to start, finish, or not at all if it is an easy kill.

Ult First - If ulting to start the gank you want to try to pick out someone not close to any other teamates so the ult is the most effective. After your charge starts you should start spamming your E so right when you land next to the target you begin the fear, following this with your Q making sure to hit them for the best chasing. I tend to do this more often then using my ult last but both forms have their advantages.

Ult Last - This works really well if you can hit the enemy with your Q without them being able to see you. Much like the early game gank you start with your Q to chase and get close enough to fear them with your E. Now often later into mid game the enemy will be able to escape this kind of gank. This is where your ult comes in, making it so no one can see their teamates you can ult to finish off that champ that just barely got away from you in the gank.

Team Fights - Though Nocturne isn't amazing once the fight starts he is GREAT for taking out a carry very fast. Since carries tend to be in the back behind their tanks they are very easy to pick off with Nocturne's ult. After your tank initiates the fight pop your ult and charge to their carry, this causes their tank to lose sight of you and their carry giving you basically a free kill and a very good start to the team fight. As before ult in, spamming your E as you get close then follow with your Q for a very easy kill on a carry making the team fight go much better for your team.

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As for my items i like to play Nocturne as a hybrid however leaning more towards AD.
Beserker Greaves - My favorite boots for Nocturne since he is a rather fast character already the AS is very nice.
Trinity Force - Almost a must imo for Nocturne all the stats fit perfectly
The Bloodthirster - Another great item starts to build your AD and LS early in the game
Youmuu's Ghostblade - More AS, Armor Pen, and Crit + a amazing passive a great item overall
Banshees Veil - 2nd Spell Shield basically needed for a good Nocturne due to his poor escape mechanism.
Guardian Angel - My final item does change very often however I do like having some defense and being able to revive as you are targeted quite often.

Alternatives - Although i sell wriggles if they have a very tanky team you can build Madreds instead of the Wriggles. The Black Cleaver is another great item for Nocturne that I have tried. Also depending on the team comp items such as Last Whisper are great for tanking teams or items like Randuin's or Thornmail are good for melee dps that are focusing on you.

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Creeping / Jungling

Now for the Jungling as Nocturne i like to start with Cloth Armor and x5 HP Pots. I start the route at the 2 mini Golems however if somone leeches for you at Blue you can start there. At the mini golems i use my 1st hp pot(from here on out I just chain my hp pots until Blue Buff) and smite the First golem, after both are dead you will be level 2, level up your Q. Next I head to wraiths making sure to hit all of them with My Q and Passive and Killing the big blue wraith first. Next is the Wolves starting with the big wolve make sure to hit them all with your Q and Passive as before, you will level to 3 here level up your Q again. Now we go to blue open with your Q and try to hit him and at least 1 mini lizard, it also helps if you position yourself to where you are hitting all 3 mobs with your passive. Smite the blue golem around 490 hp. Next i go back to the mini golems kill then both spamming my Q. After they are dead i recall pick up a long sword and 2 more hp pots, I then kill red buff and begin ganking lanes. If there is nothing available to gank keep leveling in the jungle until you are level 6. When going for a gank make absolutely sure that you hit your enemies with you Q then follow with your E for amazing chasing and the fear to keep them close.

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So this is how I personally play Nocturne, as stated before Nocturne can both lane and jungle very well, I just think his amazing ability to gank makes him better in the jungle. Please leave comments telling me how you play Nocturne and +1 if you like the build. However please do not just -1 without leaving a comment telling why you think my build is not as good as others and needs changing.