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Nocturne Build Guide by NocPro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NocPro

Nocturne - Cutting the Jungle From This World

NocPro Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, and this is my nocturne jungling & ganking guide. It is a short quick guide that covers the main aspects of nocturne. This build is what I think is an effective way to jungle and gank with nocturne. I build nocturne as an assasin that excels at quickly bursting down AD/AP carries.

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Pros / Cons


    Extremely quick jungling speed.
    Able to keep chasing your enemies
    easily when ganking
    All abilities can be used both [
    offensively and defensively
    Very high burst damage
    Excellent duellist

    Not extremely useful in team fights
    Is not great at ganking tanks 1v1
    Has annoying quotes

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Since this build focuses on quickly bursting down enemies makes 26/2/2 masteries a very viable strategy. The masteries focuses on the main critical strike chance/damage, armor penetration etc. This is also useful in the jungle along with Butcher.

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The runes I use are to boost Nocturne's early game jungling speed and ganking potential. I take early flat armour seals to give him a bit of early durability in the jungle. I use attack flat attack speed glyphs to activate his passive faster early game to give him more life steal. Finally I take flat armor penetration quints and marks so he can quickly take overextending enemies early game. I focus my runes on early game power because i feel his late game is strong enough without per-level runes.

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Summoner Spells

Flash some Nocturne players prefer to take ghost instead of flash to keep up with their enemies while ganking, but i feel that with Duskbringer, Nocturne is already quick enough. I take flash because with flash, i can perform a lot of jukes, and escapes like flashing over the wall.

Smite is an absolute necessity for MOST junglers. Smite is necessary to get early buffs and the early dragon kill. While jungling is not impossible without smite, it speeds up jungling by a great deal.

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Jungling Route

The for my jungle route, I start off at wolves, Wraiths (Smiting the big wraith), small golems and if there is an easy gank available I'd heal with a couple of health pots. If there isn't, well I just recall. Note that for this jungle route, if you do not gank after the small golems then you will not need to use any health pots. Once you recall you should have enough money to buy boots of speed. After that, do the Blue, Wolves, Wraiths, Golems and then the mini golems. By this time you should be level 5 and good to gank. With your boots of speed it should be easy to gank an enemy champion that is over-extending. After a succesful gank, or if there isn't you should recall and buy a Vamparic Scepter. At level 8+ you should be able to solo dragon easily.

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Why Frozen Mallet and not Trinity Force?

Frozen mallet is a great item for nocturne as he is pretty squishy.I buy Frozen Mallet mainly for its passive and because it gives a lot of health. I do not like Trinity Force because it provides a lot of everything. This i do not like because I prefer to get items that focus on one aspect and not on everything else. I also do not like Trinity force because it gives some stats that isn't really necessary for Nocturne like mana. Nocturne does not need mana because he almost always should have the blue buff. Frozen Mallet also has a higher chance to slow than Trinity Force.

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Tips on Ganks

When ganking you should hold on to your Q spell until you are you you will hit the enemy with it. The key to a succesful gank with Nocturne is to NOT miss your Q. If you miss, your chances of getting the kill are dramatically decreased without burning a flash. When ganking an enemy, they are most likely going to panic and use some kind of cc on you, so when you gank, wait for the enemy to face face you, that is when you press W and block they're CC for some nice attack speed boost. If you are ganking with Nocturne you should hold on to your ultimate unless it is extremely desperate because they will usually flash away.

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Team Fights

I have noticed that nocturne is not really great in team fights because you are usually going to be focused immediately. Instead if a team fight is on, I like to wait until the team fight is halfway in, then i will either rush in with my Q to kill some champions on half health or ultimate in if the situation requires it. Sometimes I decide to enter the team fight late. In these cases I will always jump in with Paranoia activate Youmuu's and clean up the team fight. Cleaning up is one thing Nocturne excels at.

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When not ganking or fighting in mid-game

Mid game is the time in which i like to stay in the shadows with Nocturne. Mid game is the time I wipe out both jungles or do a split-push. To split push you need your team around the middle lane. This is usually when a team fight will occur soon. Nocturne should then go to the side lanes and push them down destroying the turrets easily while the enemy is pre-occupied with a team fight. If you have successfully pushed down a tower and see that your team is winning the fight then continue pushing. If not then jump middle with your ultimate and give your team mates a boost of courage. Sometimes an enemy will come up and try to stop you. When this happens, you also jump middle, making it an unfair fight for the enemy as they have one less person trying to stop you. your Paranoia will confuse that champion and the enemy tanks enabling you to focus their carries and quickly wiping them out before flashing out.

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Farming is pretty easy with Nocturne, all you need to do really is use your Duskbringer on an enemy minion wave, head to the casters minions and use umbra blades on them immediately killing them. After that head to the melee minions and kill them. You should get most if not all of the cs from that wave because of your attack speed.

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Closing Statement and Further Tips

Nocturnes Q gives him movement speed so this can be used to escape from an enemy giving you a speed boost. While you do this attach your E to your chaser. If you manage to do this, you will 9/10 of the times escape. Nocturnes W is an invaluable ability. You must decide when you should to block which spell. If you have good reflexes and timing, this should be no problem. Nocturnes ultimate can also be used to escape. Because it limits sight you can do some easy jukes. If you use it in the jungle then the enemy will become confused letting you escape easily. This is my nocturne guide and if you follow all that is written here, then you should have no problem carrying your team.