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League of Legends Build Guide Author InnocentKiller

Nocturne - Deformed spiderman?!

InnocentKiller Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there, this is my first build on mobafire. Don't judge if you haven't tried yet. And no, this is not a fast build for comments and thumbs up, I really worked hard for it. I really want you to win and not to lose.

The reason why I chose Nocturne is that I really get bored after I buy a champion. But when riot showed a previeuw of Nocturne I was like WAAAAAAAAAAH I LIKE IT. I tought he would be AP but thank god that that didn't happen :). So I bought it at the first day when it has published :D.

I hope I get inspired by positive comments to improve my build

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Ok. The most of you are going to say: WHAT ?! Only Crit runes?! -1. Well I LOVE Crit chances especially at fb. It's really useful at early game, high hits and free money.

YOU: what?! no armour penetration? you're a noob.. Fine whatever Take armour penet as quintessence.

And no. Nocturne doesn't need mana per sec. He isn't mana-thirsty. You dont use duskbringer the whole time for killing minions, only for ganking unless you're going at base to buy items.

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I think I don't have to explain why I chose this. For better Crit strikes and attack speed. I also used for faster exp. If you have this champion, you cant wait till lvl 6 for the Epic ulti! :)

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I don't use Doran's shield at beginning or boots of speed. Doran's blade is the best item you can get at early game. It gives 100 hp so you're not so squishy. It also gives 10 attack damage so you would be 70 Damage + Duskbringer gives you movement speed and 20 Attack damage. With the crit runes you'll get easyly fb (unless it will be stolen) and there you have extra money in your pocket :D.

Second item is boots of speed. I HATE it when a champion is slow. Like tristana or ashe or fiddle orwhatever. It's hard to chase and to run away.

The second items is Zeal. It gives + 10 Crit strike +8 Movement speed and some attack speed. I love this at early game.

Then I go for berserker graves now you've got 420 movement speed and some attack speed.

I love this item, LIFE STEAL hell yeah, it's the best combo with attack speed and it's easier to farm at minions or if you're fighting against someone.

Cloak of agility gives extra Crit strike wich gives you more chance to kill someone.

Finally! Some attack damage. Do i have to explain why you have to buy this? lol

Go for a Phantom dancer. This should be enough attack and movement speed.

Infinity edge for more Damage

You can sell your doran blade. Frozen mallet gives you 700 Hp so you don't die that fast and it's awesome if you're chasing enemies!

Then I'd go for a blood thirster. For extra life steal and damage.

You: WHAT?! THORNMAIL? YES A THORNMAIL :D This saves you at late game, they will focus on you but if you got this item, it will damage them and you're attack and life steal will safe you.

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Thanks for reading this ( if you have readed this). The most players doesn't want to read alot if they're searching a build when they're ingame. So I didn't write alot :)

I usually play this build at 3 v3 then you're ownage! I lost sometimes at 5 v 5 because of noob teams -.- But it works at 5 v5 too if you dont have vladimir who buys mana potions!

Note: This is my first build, so don't be hard on me :(. If you have tips for me, then comment. I will do everything to make this build (almost perfect)

You: DUDE your english sucks! I know, I dont care. Im only 16 and it's my 4th language.

OH AND BTW: Screenshots are along the way :D
Well good luck and have fun at the Field of justice!