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Nocturne Build Guide by PupetMastr

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PupetMastr

Nocturne: destroyer of turrets , scorge of the squishies

PupetMastr Last updated on February 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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once again, my builds are a little less conveniant in the begining of the game but they all promise to destroy at endgame. those turrets wont stand a chance. this promises to be conveniant when you are pushing in any direction. your speed allows you to catch up to almost anyone. i like this build for cont, but avoid it if you are looking for health. i would say that you should start seeing the difference after 5the first phantom dancer.

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t5his build is all about being fast. so marks, and seals of alacrity boost it up to begin with. you will start the game fast. your glyphs of malice are for your ever important crits. cant have three phantom dancers and not expect to crit lol. i have actually gone one game and gotten 7 crits in a row. (best champion fight ever) your quints are for your crit damage. they area lso where your glyphs come into play. you have a massive crit damage boost from them and this can help a lot.

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nocts masteries are all about the offensive. attack damage, lifesteal, attack speed, crits, etc. and we cant forget about the extra damage to turrets lol.

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ok, lets start the long explanation: you may have realized and thought to yourself, "hey Pupet, there are no boots there! What the heck is that about guy?!" well my answer to you is this. Noct doesnt need a speed boost, so speedy man boots are out of the question. also the ammount of attack speed and movement speed he will get from the phantom dancers and such is just so much higher than what you get from the boots that i just said, ya know what.....scrap them all together. NOW! to start with the irems that actually ARE on this build:

i dive strait in with a phantom dancer. sometimes you can get it by level 6. sometimes you dont get it until level 10. it depends on who you are laneing against. this first phantom dancer is probably the most important. after this the rest of the items can be moved around as you wish, but the first should always be the phantom dancer. whenever buying a phantom dance be sure to but the dagger first. once you get a zeal, once again, buy the dagger before the robe. second, i put the ionic spark. it still adds a good deal of attack speed to out already winning noct but with a nifty add on. every fourth hit gives us a chain reaction lightening bolt that deals 110 magic damage. this is an ability that is onl going to get better and more frequent as the game goes on.then we go with another phantom dancer. this allows us to make our already frequent chain attack even more frequent and even more vicious. this also gives some more movement speed wich is useful as always. next up, why not a little life steal? a blood thirster is a nice little trinket including a vampiric scepter and a Big ****ing sword. but the B.F.sword last as always. after that, another friendly phantom dancer. this will be useful with your newly aquired life steal as well as continue to buff yout ionic spark. last but not least a trinity force. (the phantom dancers annoying cousin) this handy little device is useful because it slows you opponent on hit, gives us more attack speed. more movement speed, and much much more!!! i do reccomend getting it last because although it does give you attack speed, it is not as much. and having your attack speed up is important with this build. although it does give you many more goodies save it for later kid. all the end game attack speed will just make the trinity force's abilities that much sweeter. when buying the trinity force, make sure to buy the phage first. it is nice to have your slow before waiting for the trinity force.

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Skill Sequence

the skill sequence fort noct is basically to use your duskbringer to catch up to your enemy and give yourself EVEN MORE attack speed. it is super handy for chasing people down and can also be handy when trying to run away. your unspeakable horror is you second favorite move because it is used to prevent you enemy from running away to those much less peskier that usual turrets. it also deals a good deal of damage in conjunction with inflicting fear. just when the enemy thinks they are going to get away, they get that fear status and run strait into your violently health draining clutches. your shroud of darkness is probably going to be your least favorite move, but stil useful never the less. it can completely guard you from one enemy ability and can give you a nice ats boost if you are. your Paranoia move can be seriously useful when facing an enemy on the run. it is especially useful when facing an enemy like teemo or other team carlos members that liek to hit and run. it can also be a useful assassination technique. you get the enemy at low health and when they try to run you turn back. when they try to follow you use it andf BAM!!! they are on the floor begging for mercy.

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Summoner Spells

heal is nice when you are a squishy character, but surge is really the star of the show. the only thing better is having an ats of 235.115 is having an ats of 235.115 and still being able to raise it. the turret will be gone before you can even call for help.

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Pros / Cons


- you will be really damn fast

--you will come down apon the enemy like the fist of the north star

---the enemy turrets will weep at the sight of you (you ever seen a turret cry? Because it is really funny)

----The tanks will not know what to do with you lol


-you are still reasonably squishy

--if you cant catch them you cant kill them

---ranged characters can still give you some trouble

----you may not get to dance at the end of the game..... (sry guys)

you yourself might die of laughter (i almost did once..... dont try this at home)