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League of Legends Build Guide Author hattricks

nocturne emission (jungle)

hattricks Last updated on May 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In this guide i will explain my way of playing nocturneI will describe my rune selection, item build, summer skills, and skill sequence. Please do not dismiss this build without at least trying it out for yourself and please leave feedback

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As for my rune selection armor pen, armor pen, armor pen, I cant stress this enough it is such an essential tool in early game ganking. The dodge as most junglers know makes life a whole lot easier but i have also played with alacrity seals and alacrity glyphs its a matter of personal preference. The dodge rune do create a slight advantage in early ganks

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Masteries are pretty standard 21/0/9 some adjustments can be made such as adding a point in exhaust or CDR while sacrificing a point of critical damage or flat damage.

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Items are slightly unorthodox so i'm going to take a little extra item into explaining the choices i've made. starting off with armor and hp pots and moving into madreds is pretty standard.
Wriggles lantern-Once past that stage i go with wriggles lantern because it makes 2 things much easier for nocturne and thats jungling and ganking. In a lot of situations your opponents will have a jungler as well and it can be difficult to keep an eye on him so what i do is set lanterns ward in the popular river bushes not only for my team laning there but it also lets me know if its safe for me to head over and stage a gank. This item also will keep your health at almost full while jungling (even with the recent proc patch). This item can be sold late game to help pay for a more useful late game item such as ghostblade.

Zeal- Great early game item the bonus movement speed will allow you to get those few extra swings that can be crucial on champions in lane that may have 350 boots.

Infinity edge- This is a great item to have by mid game its expensive but completely worth the cost

Frozen mallet- Frozen mallet provides two great late game aspects is provides more health which most people wont admit it but if they see a thick health bar they are going to be focusing someone else. But not only does it provide more health for survivability it also gives you a slow that makes escape for nocturne near impossible.

Phantom dancer-Now its pretty rare to have a game escalate to this point but if it does phantom dancer is going to give you that addition attack speed and movement speed to keep that IE and bloodrazor chomping away at health bars.

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Skill Sequence

Duskbringer- Best way to start off in the jungle gives you an attack damage bonus when placed on the ground in front of you and a great tool for ganking since it gives you movement speed bonuses when on an enemy keeping you at their heels as they scurry back to their turret.

shroud of darkness- Bonus attack speed and a bansee veil that procs more attack speed....whats not to love. This is great tool for ganking simple because most players first reaction to nocturnes ulti is to toss a slow or stun at him and attempt to escape. A well timed Shroud can prevent this and actually buff you but since its only up for a few seconds you have to be precise with your cast

Unspeakable horror- Fear is one of the best forms of CC in the game and as a jungler and assassin its going to make your life a whole lot easier.Putting points in this early though is one of the biggest mistakes people make when playing noc. It will not give you the damage you need to put people down

Paranoia- probably one of the best ganking skills in the game place points in this at all available levels.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust- with this build your going to have more than enough movement speed and with the ulti you dont need ghost to get close enough to them having exhaust makes getting fed significantly easier.

Smite- jungling with noc is hard enough with smite it is essential part of jungling

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Creeping / Jungling

The way i jungle is pretty basic Blue-wolves-ghosts-Red-golems after golems i usually either gank the near lane or head back to the wolves in order to insure that i have enough gold to pick up madreds