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Nocturne General Guide by Legosheep

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Legosheep

Nocturne. Escape? Umadbro. (An Irish Way to Play)

Legosheep Last updated on October 29, 2012
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Why Nocturne?

Nocturne is a nightmare, literally and figuratively. Early-game his damage is second to none, He combines fast base movement speed, with high damage and attack speed.

Nocturne should play aggresively, You should open with your Q, duskbringer. It is your main damage dealer, It will mark enemy champions with a black trail, STAY ON THIS TRAIL - it increases your attack damage, attack speed and movement speed. Enemy champions will leave this trail wherever they go, so they cannot hide, and they cannot escape.

Nocturnes W increases his attack speed, and blocks one enemy ability for 2.5 seconds. Use it at the start of the fight, or at the end. It dosent matter, as long as its used.

Nocturnes E is one of his best moves. It connects Nocturne with the enemy champion, Nocturne should follow the enemy while this is active, after 2 seconds, the enemy will be feared and take damage. It should always be used at the start of the fight, as Nocturne can fight, while casting it.

Nocturnes R is what makes him the best champion in the game to me. It launches Nocturne up to half of the map at an enemy champion, through any obstacle. It has a short enough cooldown, so should be used last thing in a fight. When you take an enemy low, he will begin to run, if he is a teemo, or a master yi, he will escape you. Use R to catch up with them, it will deal damage, and allow you to hit them with Duskbringer. If it dosent kill them, you will.

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Nocturnes Item Build

The item build above is pure damage. It leaves you squishy, but if you catch the enemy off guard, you should have no problem 1v2. Nocturne does best on his own, solo lane, it prevents your allies from stealing your kills, and nocturne always gets kill, he is great at stealing kills, and at taking his own.

YOU NEED LIFESTEAL, his high damage can be overlooked with his squishiness. but when an enemy jumps you, he dosent expect every one of your hits to heal you 1/5 of your health. He wont be able to kill you, if you have enough AD, and enough Lifesteal.

Sanguine Blade.
Blade of the Ruined King.

these are the items that make or break a Nocturne. Remember that future Nocturnes or Nocturnesses - make me proud.

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Nocturne should mix Flat Attack Damage runes with Armour Runes and Magic Resist so he isnt too squishy, and packs a big punch.

7 AD is too much to pass up earlygame, 7 extra damage per hit, with Noctunres attack speed? You are passing up maybe, up to 70 Enemy HP.

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Why my build?

I glanced at a build today. It told me to buy Warmogs on my nocturnes. I took the man to play with the traffic. DO NOT BUY TANK ITEMS.

If Nocturne hits hard, and has 25% + Lifesteal, he can sustain himself so much better than with 900 HP which will be taken off, by a champion who read a proper guide on how to play (Mine)

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DUSK-BRINGER. Simple as that, hit as many enemy champs as possible, the damage should be just over 1/5 of their health, as well as providing your team with bonus AD, Attack Speed and Movement speed while on your trail

Your passive 'Umbra Blades' makes every sixth attack (10 second cooldown, -1 sec for autoattack, works out at 6 attacks per use) be an AOE that heals you 18 health for every target hit. That gives you a ton of teamfight capability.

With you in the midst of them, and duskbringer down, the teamfight should be over fast, with 3 of them running towards their base, you can use your duskbringer again to kill one, ulti to the farthest ahead, kill them, and finish the one who runs straight into you for a nice triple kill. Happy Days, Hit the Guinness!


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