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Nocturne Build Guide by UltimateXxbuild

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UltimateXxbuild

Nocturne-Fear Me

UltimateXxbuild Last updated on January 9, 2012
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Hi, I'm UltimateXxBuild and welcome to my Nocturne guide. In this guide I will describe what I believe to be an effective way to jungle with Nocturne, including tips on items, gameplay, and jungle route.

The build I present to you is an offtank build. It is by no means the only way you can build Nocturne, but I find it to be very effective and works great if your team is looking a little squishy, you need an initiator, or you just love being tanky with high DPS. If you only like playing Nocturne as a squishy bursty assassin, feel free to change your build. The guide will still help you though, as most of the gameplay elements are the same.

This is not a short guide, and I don't refrain from describing my reasons and advice in great detail. If you're looking for a way to build Nocturne and don't have time to read my guide, simply consult the build above. If you wish to learn more about how to play jungle Nocturne however, or are surprised at my choice of items, runes or masteries, please read on.

Please don't downvote me without reading the entire guide. If you find my build odd, I encourage you to read the reasons I give before condemning my choice. It is possible that these builds do not fit everyone's play style. If you do not like Nocturne or can't use him effectively, don't downvote me for it.

As a final note, this is not a lane guide. If you want to play Nocturne in lane (for some weird reason), this build will still work just fine. Simply ignore the jungling sections and play normally, though Nocturne is such a strong jungler, his potential is a bit squandered in lane.

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Who is noc?

Nocturne is an S tier jungler. He excels as a jungler in many ways, and has few weaknesses. He is a viable pick for a jungler from low elo to professional play, and is a great choice for players of all skill levels.

The following is taken with permission from Hahano's jungler guide. It provides a basic outline of Nocturne's capabilities as a jungler. Quick killer.

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Pros / Cons

-great 1 on 1
-Awesome chaser
-Hard to kill (with life steal)
Punishes being out of position hardest
Seen play anywhere from low ELO to professionals
Does a ton of damage and is tanky
One of the coolest designed characters in the League

lol nothing

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Unique Skills

ya qunique

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I hope you like this build and i dont bother to wrtie more so ya.....

well what maters is the build and the skill sequence,...

remember practice first on AI