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League of Legends Build Guide Author Këvorkian

Nocturne - From the jungle

Këvorkian Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Hey everyone, this is my first guide so if the layout is a bit messy I apologize.

I picked up Nocturne the day he came out and have played with several different builds for him. The way I see it you have one basic option for items, two options for runes and two options for summoner spells.

I prefer to play Nocturne as a jungle but I also feel he can be very effective in a lane. Not much changes between the jungle and lane builds aside from your summoner spells and maybe rune choices.

I'm not going to include a masteries section, I basically feel if you can't figure out why I chose the masteries I did you might want to stop playing this game <3.

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Let's go over runes first:

Build 1 (Jungle):
I have just started experimenting with 3 health quints over the 3 armor quints, I will update the guide as I see fit but if you have trouble in the jungle go with the health. That extra health can be the difference between you getting the red buff on your first run through or having to port back costing you precious jungle time. Marks and Glyphs will always stay the same, go with the Armor Pen marks and Attack Speed glyphs because they're what Nocturne is all about. If you are jungling you MUST take the armor seals, trust me it's worth it. They will stack with your cloth armor that you pick up and create a very powerful early ganker against melee champs.

Build 2 (Lane):
Again, Marks and Glyphs stay the same. You can switch out your Seals for anything you like, I would recommend attack speed or mana regeneration as Nocturne tends to be a bit of a mana ***** (And the Greater Seal of Clarity is a great seal to have for many different champions, so you're saving IP here).

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Items. Items will make or break you as any assassin/carry.

Let me be very clear that this build is expensive and you need to know how to fund it. I have only lost ONE game with Nocturne as of this guide (I'm sure I'll lose plenty in the future), but I have always been able to get my core build going. THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT STARTING BUILDS THAT YOU WILL NEED TO DECIDE BETWEEN:

Build 1 (Does the enemy team have several heavy champs? Cho'gath and Mundo? Are they playing defensively? Choose this build):
In this build you take the items I listed. Start with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion . After you do your jungle route you will build into Madred's Razors (hopefully you'll have enough money to buy another health pot or ward when you come back to your base. If you're having trouble in the jungle pick up a Long Sword and a couple potions and head back in). From here, jungle and gank until you can afford your Berserker's Greaves, pick these up ASAP because you need run speed. From there pick up your Recurve Bow and build into your Madred's Bloodrazor . At this point in the game I usually have 2-5 kills and assists under my belt and am fairly well off money-wise. Pick up a Vampiric Scepter because the lifesteal is your friend and build that into The Bloodthirster asap. This item gives you much needed attack damage and lifesteal. At this point you're probably capable of tearing any squishy on their team to small little pieces and their beefy characters should be afraid of your Madred's. Time to build defense. Do they have a lot of AP on their team? Pick up a Negatron Cloak and build into a Banshee's Veil . This item with your W ability is fantastic, casters will hate you and you can have a field day with champions like Annie and Sion that rely on stuns to lock down their opponents. I like to pick up a Guardian Angel next. The armor + magic resist will be amazingly helpful in late game team fights and, since you're probably targeted at this point, you get to spring back to life in the unfortunate event of your death!

Any items after the Guardian Angel are gravy. Go with items that will counter their team. Do they have a lot of armor? Pick up a Black Cleaver . Do they have casters? Pick up a Phantom Dancer and chase the squishies down. Are you filthy rich? Pick up an Infinity Edge and go to town. I like picking up Youmuu's Ghostblade at some point late game for the activate ability and armor penetration, but it's really up to you. At this point you're extremely deadly. If you're having trouble staying alive in team fights pick up a Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet , either of those items will keep you alive long enough to kill someone.

Build 2 (Do they have light characters? Are you getting harassed in the jungle a lot? Go with this build for minion farming power):
This build is almost identical to build 1 with one exception. In this build you will skip over the Madred's Bloodrazor and pick up a Wriggle's Lantern instead. After your Wriggle's Lantern pick up a Last Whisper for the armor penetration and attack speed. Build into a Black Cleaver instead of The Bloodthirster and then go into the defensive items. The rest of the build is the same as build one, take the Banshee's Veil and Guardian Angel then pick up whatever items I suggested to counter the enemy champs.

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Creeping / Jungling

My jungle order:

Blue buff first, you want to be able to spam your abilities and this does wonders with the CDR + mana regen. Have whoever is in top lane help you kill blue for the best possible jungle path, I've found that when I get help I easily get red on my first time through. In summary:

Blue -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Golems -> Red. Save your smite for blue and red on your first path through, after your first run through just blow smite whenever it's up. You want that extra 5 gold, it's amazingly helpful.

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Nocturne is an easy champion to play but very difficult to master. I'll be updating this guide as I figure out what champions are the toughest for me and how to counter them. My one word of advice:

BUY F*CKING WARDS! Get your wards in the enemy jungle! The more map awareness you have the more deadly you will be. Do you see their jungler struggling at blue or red? Is someone escaping through their jungle with 200 HP left? Go kill them, ghost + Paranoia is an amazing instant kill on any low health champion.

Play smart, don't initiate on team fights and fear champions that are going to pop an AOE ultimate (Kat, Nunu, Galio, etc) that can wreck your team.

More to come soon, please comment and rate. I'll be posting pictures of my score with this guide and of course would love to see how other people do using my build.

***SIDE NOTE: Does anyone know how I can link to items so their image shows up like I've seen in other guides? That would make this much easier to read.