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League of Legends Build Guide Author staplez

Nocturne: How its done!

staplez Last updated on April 12, 2011
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Hi everybody I'm Staplez this is the first guide here that I'm really putting some effort into, so feedback would really be appreciated. The first guide is a jungle guide, and really the main way you should play Noc because of his amazing ganking ability. The second guide is a laning build, which is basically the same build, just you don't have smite, you have a couple masteries moved around, and you start with a dorans blade. I really only put the second build in because you can't get jungle every time :p

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Runes and Masteries

I use armor pen marks and quints, because you aren't going for early damage, and attk speed seals and glyphs just to make jungling a bit faster, it also helps when you have a bit of lifesteal to take dragon because it has a pretty mean debuff.

For jungle I get the standard 21 points in offence to maximize damage and get down to the one point in buff duration because you are jungling. In the laning build I swap buff duration over to mana regen just because it helps you (barely) keep on being able to harass with your Q.

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Summoner Spells

Smite and Exhaust when you are jungling just seems like the only way to go to me, a good tip is when you are ulting in (already blinking to the enemy) you can already have exhaust insta casted on the champ you are trying to kill, pretty much exactly how you can ult with pantheon and already have them clicked for the stun. (also works with Noc's E if you dont have exhaust up)

For laning I choose Exhaust and Flash, Exhaust for the same reason as in the jungling build and Flash to cheese yourself out of ganks or get in range for your fear and catch them off gaurd.

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When the game starts you want to buy a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Pots and put your first point in Duskbringer, and head down to the double golems, making sure to wait in the nearby bush in case of ganks (doesn't happen too often at double golems but still). When minions spawn throw your Duskbringer hitting both golems and make sure you get your passive to proc on both, and smite whichever golem you want to kill first, use 1 health pot right after the smite.

After double golems you will be level 2 so get 1 point in W and go to wraiths, hitting as many as you can with Q and hitting the big wraith proccing your passive on all 4, use another health pot here.

Go on to wolves hit all three with Q and proc passive on the bigger wolf and basic attack the rest of the way, you may or may not want to use a health pot here.

At Golem try to hit them all with Q and passive, use health pot right away and your smite should have just come off of cooldown so smite it. When you finish golem you should have about 200-300 health.

After Golem start going to double golems, health potting on the way (try to be at 400-600 health here) by the time you get there they should have spawned if not, wait a couple seconds.

Go through double golems, wraiths, and wolves, try not to use smite on wraiths or wolves, you will need it in a bit.

After wolves you should be level 4, go B and get madreds razors and go to Lizard, smiting it and using your Q and E. Go gank at this time, or go to double golems, wraiths, then wolves again. After wolves this time you should be level 6, so go b, get some boots, and gank!

At this point it is a combination of ganking, farming, and pushing.

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To be continued...

Thats all I can think of adding at this time, I really hope you enjoy it, I'm going to try to add pictures and colored text and junk soon. Pleeeeeeease leave a comment to help me out before you rate, and I hope you enjoy this guide :)