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Nocturne Build Guide by ChichaRen

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChichaRen

Nocturne - In your dreams

ChichaRen Last updated on July 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My first guide on ~~~MobaFire~~~

Featuring Nocturne the Eternal Nightmare

In here i would discuss how i play nocturne. This build has been tested and have battled many opposing nocturne along the way. Normally my match history would go 8-2 using nocturne(have my bad days/ dc days =/ ) i don't recommend this build to players that have just started to use nocturne, since this build don't rely on dps equips much so you really need to practice your shroud of darkness timing first. this build is meant to go jungle and do not recommend to lane with this.Ok so here wo go...

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Pros / Cons

*You are not squishy unlike the typical nocturnes.
*You are flexible and can adapt to any situations.
*You can be the tank later in the game
*Tanker/Killer/Jungler/Ganker roles at the same time.

*Need to learn how to gank since ally would just see you useless jungler
*You are not a glass cannon, and your kills may be taken from you
*You dont have time to rest since you're active at the game all the time

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i recommend health per lvl @ seal since this build uses atmas impaler.
you could go for cooldown at glyph but some uses aspd, whatever you would prefer is fine.

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I use this bec. I play jungle nocturne, gives you more scare factor that way rather than laning..

who lanes with nocturne anyway XD

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This is what makes noc strong than any other nocs out there..

typical wriggles lantern @ first for faster jungling/farming.

choose your shoes either berserkers or merc treads. i don't usually use merc since i need the extra aspd from berserkers at first, maybe change the shoes later in the game.

build up your atmas. someone asked me why not build warmog 1st? i told them in this stage of the game you can still rely on just shielding a skill rather than taking it all in and the extra crits help you land a kill.

warmog would be next, your tanking item/damage item together with atmas. in this build your goal is not to reach unbelievable damage, just enough to kill squishy champs/average champs.

I always like balance to everything so i use banshee as my magic resistance item. and it gives you another skill block.(base from my experience, i like this bec. in battle with another noc banshee just cancels out his ulti, so you can just let him go 1st and still see him coming.)

lastly jut use you imagination on the last item, it would recommend bloodthister, black cleaver, phantom( for faster umbra cooldown+another crit item).

core here is wriggles+atmas+warmog = tanking and still producing hurt damage
you can always go for situational items after this three like thornmail(heavy damage opponents), last whisper(too many tanky champs), frozen mallet(when i find myself having the trouble of chasing fast moving champs, and this would compliment to your atmas),randuin(just for the pesky dps champs just pop this up), wits end(if you need extra magic resist, attack speed too)

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Skill Sequence

Q- max 1st ( gives you the extra damage + movement you need)

Use this to chase or to run your *** out of trouble. you must always land this skill early since this would give you the damage and the chasing power you need. if the champ is far from you spot i would suggest chasing with E skill 1st rather than not landing the Q skill at all.

W - 1 point ( just to dodge skills i would put just 1 at first)

like svirs shield but better, gives you extra attack speed if it blocks a skill successfully.
practice with this first since this would be you bread and butter for survivability while still building for you warmogs.

E - after Q (sometimes this should be casted 1st just to ensure your Q to hit)

Sometimes i would like to reserve this skill for crazy situations, like when playing with tryndameres when i see his champ going low then i would cast this on him, the fear timing would just be right for his ulti giving you a second to ulti and hide in the shadows first then just coming back for the kill)

R - when available ( could turn the tide if used right)

Use this when a clash is about to start or u see a champ is not where they're suppose to be so you could start the battle yourself. when a clash starts don't reserve this skill just to KS a dying opponent, rather use it to enter yourself to the farthest champs who usually are the squishy or carry champs. never dive and take on 4-5 at the same time. wait till you can see that you would be able to dive with just 3 or less champs to be able to hit you if you would choose to dive. i like to use this to separate this carry from his ally, by doing this you have given a go signal to your team mates to enter the clash zone and not worry about the carry.