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Build Guide by Haya Ji

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haya Ji

Nocturne - Jungle Ghost

Haya Ji Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Hi there, welcome aboard. This is my first guide and it goes for jungling Nocturne.

Why Jungling? Well, it pretty much strikes me as ridiculous to waste Nocturne's ganking capabilities in laning. Let's face it, you have a passive that allows you to farm creeps at a solid pace. You are an amazing chaser than can strike from unseen places, surprising your foes and causing havoc everytime you show up in their faces. Why ruin that by staying in a lane, especially when your ulti allows you to travel great distances in the blink of an eye? No. Go jungle, boy. Look out for over-extenders and punish them hard for daring to push your mates. If you play your card right, you can be ganking at lvl 3. I'll explain how further.

For now, welcome to my guide. I will try to explain here the best jungles routes, Item order, special cares, and how to gank. I don't have this idea that I am the owner of Nocturne's perfect build formula. But I can guarantee you that you will get more wins with this build and by jungling Nocturne than with most of the 'laning' build guides out there.

Feel free to comment, troll, downrate, or whatever. It's a free world, ain't it? Down to business...

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Skill Sequence

What a lovely little passive. Makes your jungle so easy, allowing you to farm fast and it heals you for a fraction of the damage you dealt. Starting jungle at the Wraith camp has never been so easy. Not even with WW.
Your Q skill stands for Duskbringer, which is the closest thing you have to close the gap from your target, but more than that, its your chasing tool. Hit your foe with this baby and not only it leaves one of the coolest graphical effects to be seen in the Arena, but you will gain Movement and Attack Speed to chase whoever and pretty much guarantee that you can keep up even if its Udyr on Bear Stance or Sivir with active Ulti. Use it from where the enemy can't see you, so you don't give him a chance to dodge it. If you happen to have to be facing your oponent, let's say in a team fight, it is also a nice 'poke' tool to harass your enemies, when played with your passive up.
How do you spell awesomeness? That's right: Shroud of Darkness. Your friendly built-in Banshee's Veil. Use it when you see there's a disable coming and then laugh at your oponent QQ. Enough said.
So, this is the skill that makes so much people rage and cry about Nocturne being OP. Its damage works on Ability Power, so its useful for its CC effect only. And that is a LOT. Basically, you get to remove your enemy to have control over his own champ for a small fraction of time in which you can finish him off. And then, laugh again at his QQ.
Your ulti is godlike, for your porpouse in the game. Remember you are an assassin. You are not particularly built for team fights, although you do ok in them its when ganking solo champs that you really shine. And this ulti just makes the job too easy. Pick a target (glass cannon's are particularly fun to tear apart, like Ashe, Kog'maw or Miss Fortune) pop your ulti - by now he is already scared **** to his spine - port in, Duskbringer, Unspeakable Horror (remember to use your Shroud of Darkness in case he has a disable or you aren't too sure on getting Exhausted) and slap slap slap. QQ again.
Pay special care when using your ulti in Team fights. I've seen so many Nocturnes fail hard at this. Don't you initiate, it ain't worth the risk. If the target you select is too close to their team, you will get killed in 2 secs. Remember you are squishy. Protect yourself. Be aware of enemies positions at all time and learn to calculate which targets to use your ulti on and which not to.

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See above (yeah, I'm that lazy to spend my time doing an insane amount of copy pastes here just to spoon feed you whats already mentioned above in the build). I will just add that if you play Nocturne right, being squishy ain't a real problem, so no point in getting Magic Resistance, Armor or Dodge runes. Better to potentiate what you already have that's awesome: Attack Speed and Armor Pen for increased damage.

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Yeah, so more will come. Stay tuned and be patient. Cheers.