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Nocturne Build Guide by kittus09

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kittus09

Nocturne Jungle of Nightmares

kittus09 Last updated on September 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Everybody and Wellcome to my Nocturne Jungling Build. I hope you try tis build and then rate it if you find it good or better than anyone else.

This is my first build and I'm sorry because i don't know how to put the mini images of the habilities, items... but anyway I think the build and the explanation is quite well.

Everybody knows that Nocturne needs AD to kill because he is based on his autoatac to kill enemy champs. His habilities don't deal a lot of damage but will make your autoatac more powerfull so we have to try to maximize the damage that make our autatack because it will be our most powerfull weapon.
My build is based in the criticals because with Nocturne's Passive and Q hability he is able to deal a great damage with a critical without having any AD item. And then when you have enought critical chance you will be able to start taking AD to destroy everything near you.

I hope you try the build before rating it because you will enjoy playing Nocturne like this and then I will have a good mark ;)
Now, read a little bit to know the way to the ownage

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The masteries are a common 21/0/9

I put the points in offensive maestries to have AS, Critical Chance and Damage and increased damage with Havoc.
Then in Utility I put the points to increase the experience and the buff times. With that you won't have anything to have more mana, but with the blue buff will be enough.

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Summoner Spells

You have to take Smite to jungle, if not you wouldn't survive.
Then you can choose from:

I don't recomend anyone else. I think the best one is exhaust, because is the best way to don't let enemies escape after Nocturne's Ultimate.

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The Runes are also a common for an AD DPS champ.

That are the ones that I use, and they are going really well for now.

Armor Penetration Marks
Evasion Seals and AS Glyphs ( If you like you can also take Critical Dmg or Critical Chance ones)
Critical Dmg Quints ( You can also take Armor Penetration or Critical Chance ones)

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Why to jungle? Jungle Route

The best thing that u can do with Nocturne is FARM.
The amount of money that you can take with Duskbringer and your passive is great! You have to be the great part of the game farming cause this build is MORTAL but really Expensive. In the next Chapter I will explain why to take this items unless they are expensive.

Also, If you are jungling there's a champ of your team in a solo lane. A lot of people say it is not a good thing, but I think that if the champ that is in this lane knows how to defend, he will take a lot of fast experience and the turret will be full HP.

Jungle Route.

Ghosts ( Use Smite on the big one and Duskbringer on the littles.)
GO BACK --> Buy the Cloth Armor and the HP Potion
Blue Golem ( Use Smite on it and Unspeakable Horror, the seconds of fear that this hability gives to you, can make you survive.) After killing Golem use the Potion.
Take the Red Buff from Lizard using Smite on it.
Now you have to wait to kill the Wolves another time.
GO BACK --> Buy Wriggle's Lantern
Take Other team's Blue Buff from The Golem and then you have two Options:
You will have reached lvl 6 so you can gank using your Ulti
You can continue farming starting from wolves another time, Buy Berserker boots and then gank.

Use your Wriggle's Lantern's Active in the brushes of the river of the solo lane or near the dragon. After having this item you will be able to kill the dragon using smite to kill it fast.

When the laning is over, you dont have to stop jungling, like I said, farming is the best thing you can do, so when normal minions aren't near, go another time to jungle to get money.

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By the numbers, this item build can make Nocturne deal a lot of damage in 2 simple hits, let's see:

    The Bloodthister: gives 100: 100 AD
    Infinity Edge gives 80 ad: 80 AD
    Frozen Mallet gives 20 ad: 20 AD
    Your base ad will be like 100 ad: 100 AD
    Atmas Impaler gives 2% of your HP in ad: 2800x2/100= 56 AD

So let's see how much damage we have: 100+80+20+100+56: 356 AD

Now let's see our Critical Chance:
    Phantom Dancer: 30% Critical
    Atma's Impaler: 18% Critical
    Infinity Edge: 25% Critical
So: 30 + 18 + 25 : The 73% of our atacks will be critical hits

Then with our Runes and Items we will have like 2 atacks per second of AS. So let's see how much damage we can deal in one second:
We know that the first atack of Nocturne will take 120% of his AD, and, if we had used Duskbringer this 356 AD that we had will become to 416 AD, so:

416 AD x 120/100: 500 AD
One of our items is the Infinity Edge, our critical hits will make 250%, but one of our maestries make our critical hits make 10% more of damage, so this 250% will be 260%. We have 73% of critical chance, the probability of the critical is great, so I can say that this hit will be critical:

500AD x 260/100: 1300 of damage deal with your first attack

Like I said, we had 2 attacks per second so in one second (thinking that the second attack will be a critical hit too) we have:

1300 + (416 x 260/100) : 2381 DPS

Well let's say that this second was good used. But don't worry the next second will only take 300 ad less than the first.

Build Changes:
I have made the numbers with a FULL DPS build. Remeber that this build can only be used when the damage of the enemies is not great, because with this build you can be stuned and destroyed in less than a second. But remember that you have a really difficult to use hability, but if you use it well, anybody will stop you. I'm talking about Shround of Darkness, with it you can stop Lux's Ulti, Malza's Ulti or a simple Stun, It's GREAT!! If you use it in the rigth moment.
<-- If you used the first build made that was: Youmu Ghostblade instead of Atma's Impaler and Bloodtrister instead of Frozen Mallet

You can also sell your Bloodthister if you want to be more tanky and take:

Full AD team: ThornMail or Sunfire Cape
Full AP team: Force of Nature, Banshee's Veil or Hexdrinker
If They have AP and AD: Guardian Angel

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Using your Skills

The only one skills difficult to use is the Shround of Darkness you have to use it in the right place and in the rigth moment. Usually after having used your Ultimate or when you start runing to an enemy.

The other habilities are as easy as use it to the enemy, try to have your Duskbringer always one your enemies floor, it will give you a lot of bonus damage and if you are 2v2 you have to fear and kill the easiest one and use exhaust on the other.

Try not to use your Ultimate to start the gank, whit your Duskbringer you will be able to catch someone fast and then fear him, and then if he scapes use the ulti on him to kill him. However your enemies won't have time to scape because you will be able to kill them with 3 hits when your build is full.

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Updated 24/04/2011

Hello people. I hope u tryed and liked the build. This days I have been using Nocturne a lot, and I have been fighting with some difficult teams and I have been doing changes in my build:
I though that the freezing and surviavility that Frozen Mallet gives its really necesary, so I will no longer take the Youmu's Ghostblade. I also thought that the critical chance that Infinite Edge and Panthom gave us was not enought, and with Frozen Mallet we have 2800 HP, so what better than have more critical chance, damage by the HP and surviability with some Armor? yes, the item is the Atma's Impaler, so we won't be able to take the second Bloodthrister.

If you think you need more HP you can also can change your Bloodthrister for one Warmong. The damage dealt with your criticals will be so good too and you will have 4k HP, so you will have an extra damage from Atma's Impaler's Passive.

All this changes are seen in the numbers Chapter. All this changes have been made to maximize surviavility and make this build a viable one for ranked games. The damage with the first build was spectacular, but u could be hunted in seconds. Now with this changes you deal a lot of damage too, but you are able to stay in the fight and continue dealing damge.

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Why not to start with BF Sword. - Uptaded 25/08/2011

In this section I will explain why I wouldn’t start with a BF Sword if I had around 1700 gold when I go back like a lot of people said me that it have to be done and a lot of people still do it. Like it’s seen in the item build, the best way to start is taking the BF Sword and The Cloak of Agility (2510 gold), and now we will see it in numbers, but if you only have around 1700 gold when you go back, you have to buy 2 cloaks of agility and then take the BF Sword when it’s possible. Now I explain why:

BF Sword Start
1650 gold
Bf Sword: +45 AD
Base AD: 100 AD
Wriggle’s Lantern: 20 AD
Duskbringer: 55 AD
Total AD: 45+100+20+55: 220AD
In 10 atuto hits: 220x10: 2200 Damage

Agility Cloak Start
With more or less the same price of a BF Sword you will have 2 agility cloaks (1720 gold)
Cloacks of Agility (18% crit. Chance x2) + Maestries: 40% Crit. Chance
Base AD: 100 AD
Wriggle’s Lantern: 20 AD
Duskbringer: 55 AD
Total AD: 100+20+55: 175AD
In 10 auto hits (4 will be critical hits): 4x( 175x210/100) + (175x6): 1470 + 1050 : 2520 Damage

Best Start
2510 gols
Bf Sword : +45 AD
Cloak of Agility : +20% critical Chance
Base AD: 100 AD
Wriggle’s Lantern: 20 AD
Durskbringer: 55 AD
Total AD: 45+100+20+75: 220AD
In 10 auto hits (2 will be critical): 2x(220x210/100) + 220x8: 924 + 1760: 2684 Damage

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