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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gungho Gun Wolf

Nocturne- Jungler of the Shadows

Gungho Gun Wolf Last updated on March 21, 2011
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3/17- spellchecked
3/17- got the pics.. no tooltips pop up through the guide but oh well... will try to post games later
3/18- after playing with noc for awhile ive learned he has great killing potential early game but is very good in a small gank or teamfight lategame in terms of picking off the squishier champs. I managed to ult in behind the enemy team and pulled off a triple kill, i also finished my build with bloodrazor and warmogs, final score was 8-7-18 with the most kills coming from early ganks and the trip, everything else was major DPS but teamates got the kills which i dont mind its a team game
3/18- added alternative item builds that will make it impossible for enemmies to escape and crit chance, cause apparently noc is great with crit... i have yet to test this but will try it later
3/18-added a pro tips section from my experiences with noc
3/20- fixed runes on why i prefer attack speed over armor pen

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So this being my very first guide, Hey! I have been playing LoL for about 7 months now and since Ive started i have very easily taken a liking to characters that jungle, I started with Warwick around level 5 and continued with him and Udyr as well. So when i saw nocturnes passive and ult i instantly saw a brand new very scary jungler. with a great chasing move, spell shield that will help him DPS more, a fear which does damage, and the Ult that makes people @#%$ themselves while allowing him to jump at them from great distance, I saw the ganking possibilities were endless.

Again (as every other guide ive read states) this is a basic guide to help with this new champ this is not set in stone and may need changes depending on the situation. Ive tried to make it as extensive as possible but in doing so its a wall of text, so for new junglers i suggest reading everything, for those that know what there doing you can probably skip the jungle portion of the guide.

The above builds are in the following order, standard Noc, Escape proof, and Crit chance

credit also goes to Gungho Gun Hawk, who has been my solo lane gank partner and helped me develop items and tactics

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Runes/ Masteries/ Spells

Why I Choose Attack Speed Over Armor Pen

Now if you look at Noc's passive you will see it procs more if he attacks more, so naturally Attack speed runes are where the golds at, during his early jungling he starts with .97 attack speed, which is damn high. this will cause his passive to proc more freqeuntly than if he had armor pen and it will also allow him to hit enemy champions more when you gank since standing on top of duskbringer increases your attack damage then youll, simply smack there face till they drop. i have played with hawk when he uses armor pen and the bonus of attack speed runes is having more life in your first jungle run, so if theres a chance you may get ganked having the extra health will definetly help. the armor pen will come when you build up your brutalizer/ghostblade and if you feel you still need more by endgame grab last whisper but the attack speed and lifesteal is whats gonna keep you up in teamfights especially if someone builds starks on your team

His masteries i prefer set in defense as to prevent too much damage from ganking and jungling early on, but that is simply how ive always jungled, you can just as easily spec into offense and get the attack speed. (the magic pen in offense and AP is not worth it IMO, you have 1 ability based on AP and you dont really build any AP items)

for spells again smite for jungling (have fun trying without it) and ghost for your first gank, the reason i dont take flash is because once you flash in.. then what... if they ghost or flash away have fun keeping up, also ghost is good if your reaction time is good enough you can get your ult into range to jump in and help teammates or to escape ganks or if you backdoor turrets.

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Duskbringer- your primary chasing and damage attack aside from your Ult, you use this on an enemy champ in order to make chasing that much easier and to stay within range to get the Unspeakable horror fear on them should be the first move you cast when goin in for the gank

Shroud of darkness- THIS!!! now this is your ultimate ganking tool when an enemy sees you coming they will try to slow you or hit you with a spell/ability, hit them with duskbringer then continue on with this up, double your attack speed and mow down the helpless champs, TIMING IS KEY, i have seen many nocs in the past few days of his release fail to utilize this shield effectivley, it negates a spell and gives you a buff if used successfully making you much more dangerous, being able to cancel damage and a debuff in exchange for a buff? yes please

Unspeakable horror- this is the ability you learn right before you start ganking, using this on an enemy afflicted by your duskbringer will let you stay within range of them to allow the fear to go off, and while there scared to death you can then continue to smack them in the face with your boosted attack speed. very good for coming up behind enemy team in later team fights and fear/DPSing there carry down with ease.

Paranoia- Your Ult which i believe needs a few more seconds added in BUT is still very powerful IMO, but first i want to state NEVER EVER use it to tower dive someone, so many nocs i see overestimate themselves and jump onto someone under a turret only to be bursted down and taking too much turret damage, granted if the champion has little to no health go for it but ensure there isnt another enemy champ waiting to clean you up afterwards.

Using Paranoia effectively- highlight the person you want to ult then use your hotkey to activate it, many times i have lost targets(mainly cause my hands broken on time of this champs release) because i lose sight of them after activating the ult.
When chasing an enemy champion ensure your not gonna jump into a 1v3 or even a 1v2, your quite squishy and unless you ganked effectively in the beginning a 1v2 will still be dangerous remember your shield only blocks 1 spell and your fear only affects 1 target.
To Escape, now this ones tricky and takes very very quick wits, find the enemy in vision thats farthest away from his group rush him, duskbringer your escape route and ghost like theres no tomorrow, not the most effective way to use your ult but if it keeps the other team off your turret for a bit itll help.

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Obviously we pick up basic jungling items, armor, pots, intoboots and razerthenlantern.

from there we get berserker greavesor merc treads, if you feel the other team has very high AP and is slighty harder to burst down IE. Mord, Kassidan, Malz... pick up merc treads, if they have slightly more AD or are extremely squishy pick up Greaves. Then comes the bread of your butter, Brutalizer, this item is very handy, comes with attack damage, cooldowns, and armor pen. now that we have good damage, attack speed, and can ward the map with your lantern, time to pick up an avarice blade...why?? well you gotta build ghostblade eventually and guess what comes after brutalizer? a BF swordto build your cleaver and damn is that expensive, so your avarice blade will give you some extra gold with some crit chance to boot(if you went offensive mastery itll help).

Once you have your cleaveryou are a horribly scary Teamfighter, but dont think your invincible you can still be focused down very easily, thats where bloodthirsterhelps, youll have about 300 attack damage with a full powered thirster, and a good chunk of lifesteal, pair that up with black cleavers armor reduction and brutalizer armor pen for more damage PLUS your already almost 2 attack speed makes you the ultimate anti-carry.

your 6th slot item is up to you, personally i would choose Warmogsbecause of the crazy HP boost youll recieve, but this item is completely situational, now i havent tested but im pretty sure banshees veilwill actually be used before the spell hits your shield so essentially it may waste your shield and put it on CD if your not careful but banshees is always a great choice nonetheless. and if your teams just owning face with no problems grab last whisperextra armor pen to just eat up any champion.

Just for kicks and giggles an item i use with my udyr build that makes escaping your ganks impossible isThis baby gives Health, Damage, and slows enemys when you use your melee attacks. again only useful if your not threatened by anyone but it may work itself into the build sometimes.

now if the game manages to go this far.... drop your lantern and pick up Madreds, this will make your passive proc every few seconds in addition to reducing armor from cleaver armor pen from brutalizer ect ect.... the main reason for this item is to give you its tank killing ability paired with your other items, the attack speed boost helps aswell.

so with all this Attack Damage your duskbringer and Ult effectively get much stronger as well as your auto attacks

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Jungling path/Teamfights/Early game jungle protection

This is where my knowledge of jungling since level 5 kick in

Now if you read a guide that says Noc needs blue first, stop reading it, simply because... He DOES NOT actually need blue,the only ability youll be using while jungling at first is duskbringer, which cost nothing really. Early ganks are not too much of a problem (before minions spawn) if your prepared with another teamate who has a stun/slow. if you spell shield while your partner stuns/taunts/slows you can easily take down anyone trying to gank you in the beginning.

So the order of jungling i choose:
1.Two golems- smite the first and auto attack them down, consume a potion once your done
2.Wraiths- focus the blue one and duskbringer through all of them twice
3.Wolves- duskbringer, attack, level dusk to level 2 after this camp and take a potion
4.??? Most likley blue buff, if the enemy team has a jungler and has already taken it then youll want to head Back and pick up boots if you can, If blue buff is there wait for your wolf health pot to wear off then use another, initiate with smite(will explain why later) and duskbringer while focusing the big golem. keep an eye on the bottom and mid lanes during this time if they vanish tell your teammates to keep close to you because they may have warded this area
5. head to the shop buy boots of speed and maybe a few health pots or a ward. then head to red buff, from here your smite should almost be off cooldown(thats why we used it early) duskbringer spam since you have blue and focus on killing the elder, (the reason we dont take down the smaller monsters first at camps is because they will help when your passive procs in getting more life back).
6. Check the lanes, normally your solo lane (top in my case) will be pushed back pretty close to your turret with the enemys feeling pretty confident. Health potions to make sure your healthy and wait in the gank bush (in the river right below the lane), make sure your ally knows your going to gank and focus down the squishy, or more threatening champion, OR the one whos less likley to get away.

If no lanes are good for ganking remind your teamates to let the enemy push a bit then continue jungling.

Levels 6-10:
Ult time!!! continue to jungle hopefully by now you have a lantern and your better boots from ganking, so while jungling if you see a lane where an enemy is Half health and pushed a little too far ping them and tell your buddys to bum rush in, you ult in on that champion and use your shield-> dusk-> fear or go straight for fear but always shield first.

Teamfights Levels 10-18: your mission, kill the main DPS or the squishier champions. when the fight begins hang back or off to the side a bit, and watch for your target to pop up when the other teams worried about your teammates, Ult in and hit there carry or caster in the back, shield for your DPS boost then Fear them followed by duskbringer when they start to back off, chase them down but DO NOT OVEREXTEND, if you manage to pull them out of the fight your jobs done run before you have 4 other angry champions chasing you down. A smart person will most likley head back to base after your assault on them and without that heavy DPS hitting your team or tank your team has that much more of an advantage, and if you manage to remain healthy after your assault, you can turn the fight into a 5v4 for a bit but by now your team should be able to push easier since your carry should still be in good health.

Farming: whoever says Noc doesnt farm well doesnt know how to play Noc. Your passive literally screams farm. you hit everything around you with 120% weapon damage, so those big piles of creep? run up duskbringer through as many as you can and try to get in the middle and strike watch the money rolll in

Back to the beginning: now many will say you need to grab the blue buff first to ensure no one from the other team nabs it first, Wrong! Starting at blue is not only the easiest way to get ganked but also isnt necessary for noc because of his low mana usage, i dont even start with blue using udyr and he eats mana like no ones business. In order to prevent the enemy from gettin your blue have whichever lane is nearest to blue beside mid, ward the golem so they can gank anyone trying to steal it. That is a PRIORITY. Now you wait in the bushes right next to the two golems with your top solo lane buddy and once the golems are up he can go do his business and you can be on your way, but many times ive seen my own junglers (and me when i started) get taken out because of carelessness and not having map awareness

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Pro Tips

These are some tips that will help your team counter enemy ganks, and keep you alive endgame

Counter ganker: if there is an enemy noc on the other team or an enemy TF whenever you see them activate their Ult activate your own, it will cancel TF's and it will also not allow the other noc to click on you own teamates

Endgame teamfights: this is where playing noc gets very very hard, as we all know endgame everyones traveling in a big group, and when the enemy starts knocking at your door or vice versa you gotta be able to jump into the fight sometime..the question is when? well i cant give the the absolute best time to jump in as every game will be different, but the best time NOT to jump in is when there is no fighting goin on cause you will be focused very very hard, and dont jump in too late when your teams wiped out. if you can find that perfect timing youll be able to jump in and start mowing people down starting with thier carry. i got the timing down perfect in a game saved 2 teammates and got a triple kill before.

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Do it for fun it may actually win a few ^.^

Champion spotlight says "Twisted Fate works really well with Nocturne".

Me and a good friend of mine who can use TF very well tried this out... and WOW, having a hard time with landing your ult because people keep falling out of sight? have TF use his then viola!! instakill (if your smart.. it will fail if you think your unstoppable like anything else in this game)

now i thought.. lets take it 1 step further!!!


so you have three teleporting Ults and can guarantee enough stun-TF/panth and Fear- noc. to ensure no one escapes. but..... WHY STOP THERE???

+ pantheon + Shen
if shen is your tank (which hopefully he would be your tank) guess what his ult does? ya teleports. tired of people getting away and actually escaping? have shen ult you as you turret dive to give you that extra kick, or if he has enough armor have him jumnp into the fight and tank the turret.

if you have shen pantheon noc and TF and are sitting in front of a turret.... there is no reason why that turret should still be standing, have shen tank it and itll go down within seconds

want to make it more crazy??

+pantheon +shen +karthas
this is just overkill but.... if there is that possibility of an enemy or two barley escaping your gank karthas can clean them up while you drop the turret

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In closing

again this is my first guide but i have been playing LoL/jungling alot so that may compensate for the horrible layout, but noc is a very deadly jungler and can be used as so, but he is also very difficult since he is pretty squishy compared to other junglers, practice games first!!!! but his ganking ability far surpasses the others with his Ult.

hope it helps yall ill be sure to keep it updated.