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League of Legends Build Guide Author HuManatee

Nocturne: Jungling Superman

HuManatee Last updated on May 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Nocturne is a champion that can gank quickly and efficiently from the jungle, and doesn't require blue buff as much for jungling speed or survivability as say, Warwick, Amumu, or Nunu.

This guide is mostly for people without adequate runes, since I know the people roaming on mobafire don't have much IP to dedicate for just a jungler.

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Use the 0/21/9 if you are feeling that your team isn't tanky, so you can soak up more damage. If you feel as if you will be farming many lanes often, take the crit damage mastery and follow 21/0/9.

The 9 in utility is just a preference. Since Nocturne isn't a blue dependent champion, the point in Utility Mastery isn't required, I just like to keep it around for the effect on red buff. But the 4 in awareness is arguably a must.

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Creeping / Jungling

Your jungle route is as follows, and you do not require full mastery trees or runes to do this. You do require the 4 points in awareness, though.

1. Head to double golems. Smite one, wait for both to auto attack, then proceed to auto attack, this is so the health gained from your passive doesn't go to waste. Proceed attacking the smited golem, and then the next golem, using a potion at the start of the fight.

2. Head to wolves, and duskbringer the pack, stand on the trail for maximum damage output, and kill every wolf in any order, using a potion in between.

3. Head to wraiths, use a potion in preparation and make sure your smite is off cooldown. Duskbringer the pack, making sure that the path allows you to pass over the reds. Auto attack the blue wraith, then immediately smite it, for health, then proceed to kill of the rest.


This is when you start ganking, but do not return home until you have 700+ for madred's, make sure to cover your ally's lanes for much needed exp and gold when they recall.

Keep at most, 3 potions in your inventory until you get wriggles.

You can start killing the blue and red buffs when you have madred's and a potion or two.

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1. Cloth Armor + Potions: If you do not start with cloth armor and 5 potions, then you will die.

2. Madred's Razors: To increase jungling speed and ease in eliminating blue and red buff.

3. Berzerker's Greaves: To speed up movement between jungle creeps and lanes.

4. Wriggle's Lantern: To eliminate reliance on potions for jungling.

5. Youmuu's Ghostblade: To increase movespeed for escapes, and attack speed for quick backdooring or teamfights. Learn to use the active, or this item is completely useless.

6. The Bloodthirster: To increase survivability in teamfights or duels. The lifesteal makes you unpredictable in 1v1 duels, and keeps you in a teamfight for a crucial few more seconds, paired with the Ghostblade active, makes you almost invincible early game if you stay attacking a target.

7. Phantom Dancer: To increase speed between lanes and to generally increase damage output.

8. Infinity Edge: To increase straight damage output.

9. The Bloodthirster: Sell the Wriggle's Lantern and buy the Bloodthirster.

You will reach the end of this build if you are playing Nocturne right, and getting decently fed.

With your Bloodthirsters fully charged, and your ghostblade active on, you are nearly invincible if you continue targeting enemies with your allies around.

You will deal 1200 damage for every critical hit. You have 70% crit, and with 50% lifesteal, and 2.5 attacks per second, and will be dealing approx. 12,000 damage in 10 seconds, unhindered.

The items are arranged after the first bloodthirster in order of current potential damage output. The first items to your first bloodthirster are core, and after that, depending on the enemy, you can pick up a banshee's veil or randuins omen.

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Duskbringer: Use this to quickly farm creeps in lanes, paired up with umbra. It helps you close the gap on enemies, and steal kills rather effectively.

Shroud of Darkness: Use this to counter the initiating spell in duels to give you the vast upper edge, and to block ult's like karthus's, or vladimir's.

Unspeakable Horror: Use this to get the upper hand in duels, incapacitate the enemy carry, or fear away chasers.

Paranoia: This is the most defining ability for good and bad Nocturnes. Use it, paired with red buff, to quickly snipe overextenders, to insert yourself into a battle, or catching up to runners.

Your Niche: You are fast, made to farm lanes quickly, then go back to where a potential teamfight may brew, quickly.

Your ganking is probably the best that I have seen in any jungler, next to Fiddlesticks.

In teamfights, wait for enemy casters to blow their cooldowns, hopefullly on your tank, and use the window to wreak havok on enemy carries or support. Make sure you E on the enemy caster, even if you aren't trying to kill them, to keep the pressure off of your team.

When holding a lane, use your duskbringer and your passive to quickly clean creeps from your tower.

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Summoner Spells

1. Smite: This is required. No changing.

2. Your next summoner spell is solely up to you, I just enjoy the speed for getaways from ghost, but you can easily go for; Exhaust, Ignite, Flash, Cleanse. These are probably the best summoner's spells to use, I won't treat you as less then a human by telling you why the others are less favorable.