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Build Guide by Dervish

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dervish

Nocturne Lifesteal/ad/atk speed

Dervish Last updated on March 19, 2011
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Sup all, like many of you I jus recently bought Nocturne the beast xD
I've tryed quite a few builds (mostly with items, not yet level 30 so im not fully runed out yet) But, the build that best suits my playing stile is as such, If you like it plz +1 it so other's may see n give their opinion, if you have any objections/opinions leave a comment n ill be sure to get back to ya.

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Now many of you are probably looking at the runes n going "Hmmm, why so many crit runes?"
Well, early game they are the ussualy a great help with ganks getting you that much needed gold for that item your eye'n, Now for the cooldown reduction its pretty self explanitory, with lower cooldowns you get more Dusk/Shroud/Fear n that ever so lovely Ult.

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Masterys are optional, people ussualy do their own anyways (I know i do, i use a completely diffrent setup for myself) to each their own right? But in this build, its mainly used for those early ganks, now most people would ask why "Good Hands" is up there? Well it could possably be the diffrence between looseing a tower/ganking the guy tryen to kill the tower,

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Now here comes the "MOST" important section in any guide.
Boot's first!!! (x3 Health potions)
90% of all the people i game with always start out with Dorans, I mean yeah its a great starter item dont get me wrong, but when it comes to the gank i see them complain i got the kill instead of them, Boots are used to help chase down them rascaly enemys that get away with a sliver of life, or of course to run away if the gank goes sour. After you get enough you should 100% get beserker boot's, the extra attack speed is always usefull if you look at your passive.

Stark's Fervor
Now i dont know how many times i've seen another noct get extra dmg or life or something, but with starks, you dont need the life item n you dont need the dmg (yet) lifesteal and atk speed is realy the best thing you can get early game. I dont know how many times i've killed another noct or any champ at that matter by a sliver of an amount becuase of this item.

Now these next 3 items are situational on in what order you get them (if at all)

Black Cleaver
If you find your self falling a bit short on dmg output or your jus a little bit to slow on getting that last hit, this would be a great item 6 times out of 10 this is what i get as my third item.

Madreds Bloodrazor
An overall great item for any AD champ build, specaily for those pesky Champs that somehow get alot of life real quick in game (warwick,malph,morde, ect.) Its also a great tank buster, There have been quite a few games where this item in paticular has saved my rear end from that beastly looken tank. Extra dmg/atk speed is also great.

Infinitys Edge
Now this is an expensive one, this is the one I ussualy get either late game or mid game, it depends on my luck at ganking. Whats not to like, it has that extra Oumph when you need it with the atk dmg/crit

Frozen Mallet
This item all depends on if you need the life/slow the dmg isnt great enough to depend upon that extra 20 dmg, but the passive and life is always welcome to a somewhat squishy Assassin like Nocturne.

Good Alternitives
Sword of the Occult
What can i say, great item, very cheap and if you find yourself like me (most of the time) being called to help gank some fool or another, the stacks add up quick, not even maxed out it'll give more dmg then a B.F Sword, which is awesome.

Last Wisper
The best part about this item, is that Melee pen, if you find yourself agiasnt a tank with alot of armor and Madred's isnt working, get this it'll help with that rock of a tank.

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Pros / Cons

Great Dmg output on most any target
Great Lifesteal
Fast attack speed.
Beast of a 1v1 champ

If focused will die really "REALLY" easy.
Not a fight starter, so dont try it.

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Well, in all honestly, In my opinion of course, jungleing is for those who dont know how to lane, or do it really well (im not any good at it, i've tryded trust me...facerolled it epicly)
But, if you find yourself in top/bot/mid lane, with this build by level 9 if you've farmed/ganked right should be able to take on the Lizard (Burning buff AKA: dmg over time) with no problem, if you find yourself being the focus of your lane, then dive off for a little bit n kill wolve's/golem's/Wraiths its great gold for not alot of work.

If you find yourself Middle with Nocturne, Always ALWAYS remember, dont over excert yourself, it will 85% of the time get you killed, n hence feeding the enemys mid champ. N with Nocturne that is easily avoid able if by lvl 2 you got your fear. Remember, Dusk n run, last hit as much as possable on minons of course.

Now if your laning with a partner, try n either get a ranged champ or one with a stun (Stun: Sion/Fiddle/Jax/ ect.) The combination of their stun and your fear will almost 100% get you a early kill. N always be mindfull of your partner's health, if their low n you go running in, most of the time they will jus laugh as you go "wtf" n state their low life as the cuase, yes it sucks, but it can be easily, easily avoided by jus watching how much life they have.

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Well. this is about it, If i think of anythng eles im gona come back n edit n expand this, you can expect some updates, but not to many (I'm a lazy stoner xD)
Comment n vote if you like, if you dont life comment anyways n tell meh you opinion xD