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Nocturne Build Guide by ChronoZephyr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChronoZephyr

Nocturne, Not just for jungling

ChronoZephyr Last updated on September 25, 2012
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I am ChronoZephyr and this is my guide to Nocturne: The eternal nightmare.
In my times as Noc(turne) I've given many people the joys of having deadly paranoia and death bringing nightmares.

Don't forget Nocturne is a bottom laner. He's closer to the lizard that way, he's also closer to the dragon and you can gank your enemies in the beginning using the bush that's in the river.

I know, the build seems like it may take a while to fully develop, but if you raise your creep score beginning game and get kills in between, you'll realize this build well before you're aware of how far you've come. It takes me an average of 11 mins to get Zekes Herald, and once you have that, you can practically solo the dragon.

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The runes are placed on purpose, I don't see a point in focusing on just three runes and 1 quint. That leaves you open to many weakness'.

Now here is why I have them the way they are:

The rune layout is partially to make up for some of the minor and skills but also boost some of the major skills in the item build, such as to boost the AS that nocturnes dusk bringer increases. In the Runes I focus not only on what his skills boost, but what the items boost as well. Black cleaver plus Dusk bringer equals decent AS, meaning it's time to make it nightmarish with some runes. As well as increase the life steal and health. Health is good because your SO SQUISHY!! and 12 hp can mean everything in an all out team battle or a gank.

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Nocturne is a life-stealer, despite anyone's arguments. You can tell them to shut up and put it in their mouths. But anyway, start first with the attack but around skill point 10 that's when you start on your defense, which I recommend finishing off first (if you aren't level 30) then going back onto your attack. Unless of course you think your all that with Nocturne and can think quick enough to utilize your attacks and skill shots quick enough. Then do as you wish.

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I know, it seems like a drag and you think Im crazy for not getting bootz first. Guess what, avarice blade increases gold intake. Making the rest of the build uber quick. But that just means you gotta get that Youmuus ghost blade last, especially to keep the gold intake coming. BUT it is important to unfortunately KS both champs and creep shots on your team mates. But that's what noc does. Especially that duskbringer, but I'll get into that in the Skill Sequence chapter.

The Zeke's herald is specifically for ganking in my opinion, because that last minute boost to your allies can make or break a successful kill.

I didn't buy boots first because the Avarice Blade is also very vital in the build therefore it is to be bought ASAP. The mana pot is to be bought because it's very easy to run out of mana in the beginning if your doing exceptionally well.

If you do have a sucky start or cant seem to get that last hit on any minions, then after you get your avarice blade feel free to jungle wolves and banshees. Just dont stray to far from your ally unless he's the one thats fed, then you can jungle all over your territory. But ONLY if your off to a bad start or cant seem to raise your creep score.

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Skill Sequence

Ah yes, the beautiful skill sequence. Now, it is very important to get dusk bringer first, and max that out ASAP. One because it raises your AS and MS, but two because it allows you to chase down enemies after you use paranoia to gank them or catch them as they try to escape.

IT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT to use dusk brigner in the beginning. Especially if your attacking from the bush.

After paranoia and duskbringer then use unspeakable horror to ensure a capture on your pray. But remember, Duskbringer and Unspeakable Horror are not just offensive skills, Dusk Bringer increases MS, so if you've got enough distance between you and say three or four enemies and their chasing your ghostly self, use it to increase that distance. Or if you've got an OP enemy, or are low on health yourself, feel free to use Unspeakable horror to fear them. Which slows them down or causes them to veer off-course and give you more of a lead. It also gives you a chance to use dusk bringer to double that distance or even cause them to give up.

your shield is also a very good but risky defense. You need to be able to tell when someone's about to skill shot you, that's why I love going against a Darius or Ezreal, or anyone that has a 'tell.' If your going head to head and can use that shield USE IT!! It will give you a big advantage.

Moving onto Paranoia, which can give you the edge. If you max out Paranoia ASAP then youll have the best reach, the only downside is you have to unhook your camera to get to those far enemies. But its worth it, because once you use paranoia, immediately use duskbringer then unspeakable horror on your now terrified and confused enemies. To bad that's not an actual status effect, but if it was everyone would be Nocturne because he'd be even more OP than he is now. The only time I use paranoia is to gank on weaker enemies or tower dive, because then your full health and their not so youve got the advantage, and if you do it right you can escape the towers range with three things: a yummy kill, pissed off enemies, and pissed off/grateful/happy team mates. Depends on how they see your skill/ game performance.

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Pros / Cons

The pros and cons of being an eternal nightmare..

-Your a bamf
-You are an assassin and one of the best gankers ever.
-Your skills increase your stats
-You literally terrify your enemies or cause them to freak out when you use paranoia.
-Noc is a very rare champ to come by, so not many people know how he works.
-Because of the previous fact, not many people know who's attacking from the bush.
-A pro to this build is the fact that since your only buying three pots, means youll be the first person in the bush start-game.
-You can solo the dragon after zekes herald (or blood thirster for non-nocturne veterans)

-Your normally always squishy till level 18
-Your only one of the best at level 18
-The build takes a while if you aren't proficient in the art of killing, or kill stealing.
-Your team mates may think your a kill stealing noob.
-You may get frustrated if you lose track or forget what your doing.
-Your useless against more than two enemies.
-You cannot solo a lane until level 18
-You may die a lot in the beginning due to your lack of bootz
-Teemo is your worst freaking nightmare.

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That concludes that. For anymore details or strategies feel free to message me or drop me an email at

If the build does not work for you, than mail me and I'll try to find a build for your play style. I'm a helper not a "well then you suck get out my face dumb nub" kinda guy. Remember this one thing though: In the beginning, if your partner is following you, then take the lead in the bush/tall grass and dusk bringer anyone that comes into range. If you feel like you took a while to get to the bushes then duskbringer first to get them to back off or to use that second of increased movement speed to get away.


Last minute tip: Paranoia's range is the max when its maxed. Therefore abuse it. Don't be afraid to unlock your camera just to get a good last minute kill before they escape and heal. Especially if their fed. Do NOT be afraid to KS a fed enemy, especially if you know how fed they are and if you know what their capable of. Even if your teem mate seems to be winning, ult in and help em out.

Chrono is out. Peace!