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Nocturne Build Guide by Ficiani

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ficiani

Nocturne - Tear them apart

Ficiani Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello and welcome to my guide. I made an account here just to show you guys my Nocturne build and how well it works. This is my first guide, I've been playing Nocturne with this build since the beginning and I can tell you 1 thing - it works AWESOME.

Since this is my first guide, I have no clue on how to link items in this chat box, so the guide might not be an eye candy, but it's sure going to teach all of you who want to play Nocturne. So, let's start.

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Pros / Cons

- Dealing tons of damage
- Has a shield that can block any spell
- Kills squishy champions in literally 3 seconds.
- His abilities can be used in a offensive and defensive way.
- Useful even if silenced.
- Great farmer
- Great ganker
- Great jungler
- Great chaser

- Usually focused in teamfights, but not always.
- Squishy at mid game
- If you use a lot of spells in early game, you gonna have mana issues.

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Greater Mark of Desolation (x9) - Armor Penetration
Greater Seal of Alacrity (x9) - Attack Speded
Greater Glyph of Alacrity (x9) - Attack Speed
Greater Quintessence of Desolation (x3) - Armor Penetration

Before you start asking why do I use secondary runes, let me tell you - with these runes, you are going to tear apart enemies at first blood due to high armor penetration and attack speed advantage at the beginning, + the attack damage and lifesteal from your Doran's Blade. You may use Exhaust for first blood too, 90% guaranteed kill.

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Not much to talk about here, max out the Offensive masteries as shown (obviousely because Nocturne is melee dps). I use 5 mastery points in Defense (giving me magic resistance + armor which is kind of important for first blood).
And 2 points in Utility giving me a bit of Mana/Health regeneration.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - self explanatory. Can help you avoid ganks.
Exhaust - If someone is trying to run away from you or your teammates, use it!

Ghost - Great for chasing, or running away from enemies.
Smite - If you jungle with Nocturne. This guide is not jungling guide, but there are jungling guides out there on this website.

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Skill Sequence

Your Duskbringer should be your first spell. Level up the Shroud of Darkness at level 2, and Unspeakable Horror at level 3. You will have a shield that can protect you from ANYTHING, fear and the Duskbringer at only level 3. After this it's pretty much your choise, I tend to max out Duskbringer first, then Unspeakable Horror. Just remember this - DO NOT LEVEL THE SHROUD OF DARKNESS more then once at level 2. Leave this for late game because it almost makes no difference.

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Items + Gameplay

Early game:
Start with the Doran's blade. Give's you a bit of survivability, Attack damage and +3% Lifesteal. Head over to your lane and focus on harrasing the squishy champion at your lane. Don't use the Duskbringer a lot or you're going to have manna issues. Wait for the right moment, cooperate with your laning partner, use your Unspeakable Horror, use Exhaust if needed, and BAM.
Once you get 920 gold, head back to base to buy your Berserkear Greaves. If you can, stay in the lane to get 450 more gold before you leave, so you can buy the boots and Vampiric Scepter at the same time. This will be awesome if you manage to do it.

Mid game:
Once you get enough gold head back to base again and buy the Wrigle's Lantern. Why this item? It only costs ~1000g, and it gives you lifesteal, armor, attack damage, and another important thing - free ward for the rest of the game. And I think that you know why wards are a must-have, right?
If you manage to get more gold, why not to buy 2 Daggers while heading back to base for the Wrigle's Lantern? It will help with it's attack speed, plus you're going to get your Phantom Dancer faster.
Once you get enough gold, go back and buy your Phantom Dancer. I think it's a must for Nocturne, since it gives you Attack Speed, Movement Speed (for chasing) and Critical Strike (that's what you gonna focus on at late game, with Infinity Edge).

Late game:
At late game, you should be getting your Bloodthirster. Go back to base and buy the Vampiric Scepter, if you have gold for B.F. Sword, awesome. Buy them both.
Once you get your Bloodthirster, you will have something like 34% lifesteal and 1.6/1.7 attack speed. Remember to stack your Bloodthirster, but also be aware that bonuses are lost upon death.
Right after your Bloodthirster it's time for your Infinity Edge. You're be completely owning them once you buy this item. Gives you everything you need - Attack Damage + Crit.
By now the game should be at it's finish, in case the games is one of those long games, you should sell your Doran's Blade and think of what item you should replace it with.
I recommend buying either Frozen Mallet or Last Whisperer, depends on the team. If the team are tanky dps champions, get Last Whisperer, if you need more suvivability get the Frozen Mallet.

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Very helpful tips

- Cooperate with your team about ganks, teamfights, wards.
- Duskbringer can be used as a great chasing/escaping mechanic - You are moving faster and have increased attack damage and attack speed while you are onto the Duskbringer. Also, the enemies that you've hit with Duskbringer, leave a trail behind them for 5 seconds, so if someone is running away in the jungle, you can follow them.
- Unspeakable Horror - use this spell to fear the damage dealer in a teamfight. Or use it when trying to get a kill in your lane. It can be used even as an escape mechanic. While someone is chasing you and he is in the Unspeakable Horror range, just put the fear on him and continue running away. After few seconds he will get feared, and you are going to escape.
- Shroud of Darkness - this is your life saver. Use this spell to counter EVERYTHING. Few examples of what you can counter - Karthus' Ultimate, Nidalee's Spear, Annie's/Taric's/Sion's stuns, Brand Ultimate, Blitzcrank's pull, Ashe's ulti and many many other ways.
- Use the ward from the Wrigle's Lantern all the time to avoid ganks or see if they are doing dragon or Baron.
- Use you ultimate do finish off low-hp enemies. For maximum effectivness, make sure you use Duskbringer and Unspeakable Horror right before you hit the target with Paranoia.
- During teamfights, focus squishy champions who can deal damage such as - Veigar, Ashe, Twitch, Kassadin, Brand, etc.

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That would be all of my first guide, please leave feedback and any comments are appreciated. I'll update this buide with your suggestions.