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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bloodhound

Nocturne (The 3 hitter)

Bloodhound Last updated on April 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Now I am making this guide for my friend but anyone can use it but please dont vote down because of lack of information.

Now this nocturne guide focuses on killing the enemy in about 3 seconds of attacking them and hopefully rtestoring your health to about full every time yu attack some minions.

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I chose the marks for massive armour penetration because tanks will not be as much as a problem anymore.
I chose the seals because if you have enough dodge then you can dodge that last hit when getting away.
I chose the glyphs because you need the mana late game and if you can get the golem buff then you should have no problems with mana and will never have to leave the battle as you can mega leach life of minions.

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Now the masteries is pbvious you need crit strike as a first so late game you can get crits more often that very late game can do over 1200 damage!. Ive also got attack speed as you will need some late game for the massive crits. I got the magic penertration because you need it for unspeakable horror to do magor damage as well as fearing them. I have of course got the upgrades for the summoner spells as well as all the damage masteries in there. Now for utility you need the extra xp as always but i find perservence which gives you more health and mana regen doesnt make a big difference to nocturne so 10% less time dead is what i get. Then of course i just get the 15% longer monster buffs mainly meant for the golem.

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Now this is what i mainly go for in items but you have to adapt each game I recomend if you are up against someone who has mega armour e.g. rammus get last whisper for more armour penertration. Now your probs thinking why has he got frozen mallet, well thats because there is ussually a person e.g. teemo who can escape well if you want you can exchange this for another bloodthirster, black cleaver, madreds bloodrazor and i know everyone hates it but you can get a tiamat for team battles which I know your gunna go aww it sucks no one likes it but in a team fight i so lol at them when iget a crit dealing 1200 damage and the people around that person get a whopping 600 damage aswell which usually makes them retereat and you can track them down and absolutly thrash them.
IMPORTENT:Never get Brutaliser (IT sucks for nocturne and is a pointless item for him so focus the big items and get the damage on!)
Now if you are strugling to get the infinitys edge and bloodthister up early then one item I highly reccomend is executioner's calling which give the crits of infinitys edge and the life steal from the bloodthister as well as its active which is very useful.

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Skill Sequence

Now of course i have chosen the skills in this order because:
You need duskbringer early on to harvest minion wave but never level it up or focus it early or you will waste too much mana.
You need shroud of darkeness just once near start for bonus attack speed as well as the all importent miss a whole spell!
Now i focus unspeakable horror at start because people dont realise that and quick 400+ dmaage is coming then a fear and already they are being destroyed by your crits and mega damage.
And of course get paranoia as every ulti as you can fly across the map and damage enemys like hell.
Now here is the skill sequence end game use: Paranoia first then unspeakable horror while activating shroud of darkness followed up with duskbringer for extra dmage and tracking and keep pumping unspeakable horror on them as they run,

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Summoner Spells

Now you need exaust for get aways but also for when you just cant get them you have to exaust them and its all over for them.
Now ignite has helped me too many time using it quickly damaging them then they run off with ignite on them and they die and i go LOL!

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Now this is just a basic guide for my friend pls dont vote down i also dont want you to vote up because its for my friend not you but i am just opening it to the public to help you.