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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anthil

Nocturne - The creeper under your bed

Anthil Last updated on March 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So you wanna play Nocturne? Well I have a couple quick questions for ya. Do you enjoy dealing massive amounts of damage AoE, and singularly? Do you enjoy having CC and great chasing mechanics? Do you like to go into the jungle at lvl 5 even if you didn't build anything at all for jungling? Then perhaps you might like this little creeper. It may take a little while to get used to the gameplay and to know when to use your ulti, how far of a range your ulti is, when your fear will fall off, where to aim your Q, and when to pop your shield. But that all comes with time. This champion can rape face if you do it properly though.

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Amazing ganker!
Can jungle early game without jungle gear
Great chaser
Great AoE and single target damage
Spell Shield!
Extremely mobile
Ulti is just one of the best things to make the enemy team act like chickens with their heads cut off =]

Squish Squish
If you do get CC'd your pretty much dead since your main survival is your life steal
Prone to being picked first to die
Long ulti cool down if you don't get blue buff (you should!)

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I prefer dodge seals, but I could see attack speed being a viable option. I just always think to myself, WHAT IF THERES A TRYND OH EM GEE! And going with masteries it helps since when you chase and you have that 8.75% dodge and ashe tried to slow you with a frozen arrow you dodged and now your even faster with your trail behind her so its easy to get her :D.

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Or alternatively

The 1st mastery is for 3v3 or when you feel like just going and ganking and having fun. The 2nd is for when you think your going to jungle and that helps a ton. So you if you feel like you are going to jungle at level 5+ then #2 is amazing.

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All of these items are every good for Nocturne but they matter for the game they have. The main pieces I would suggest getting would be

These are your core 5 pieces that Nocturne cannot live without. With these 5, you can lane for eternity, and scare easy 1v1 against most any champion.

These two are your choices. If there isn't a lot of CC go for berserker but if there is go for merc. Self explanatory.

You should be rushingASAP. That will give you a HUGE ad advantage early on. Starting with amakes harassing a spam-able thing. with 14 mp5 on a 60 mana spell with a 10 second cool down early on, you get to harass to your hearts content making your enemies cringe at the darkness. You should head back at ~1000g and pick up.

Do not be too aggressive. But DO spam your harass. Only go for a kill if it is easy and you know you can do it. This period is the phase where you are building up your huge damage. Farmi minions until you get at least 1115g and pick up. This is where the fun begins. From now on you can jungle whatever you feel like, though I suggest going for kills at this time. If you are level 6 have ulti this will be very fun for you =D. Go for an over extending squishy, or even a tanky guy and they will fall to the might of you. You basically rape face at this point and cannot be stopped! After this point You should generally go forand then, according to wether or not you need better chasing, or if they are tanky or squishy finish for Phantom or BT. Depends on the circumstance. after that point, it really just matters on the game. You may not even have to buy Black Clever yet and may want a Banshees for karthus' ulti, or a frozen mallet for survivability and slows without red buff because they have a ww who dominated both side's red. It all depends.

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Summoner Spells

I just personally cannot live withoutIt is the hands down best spell ever useful but with your ulti, you can pretty much do whatever flash does by itself. Ulting half way accross the map to some random enemy farming to avoid a gank, to chase, it all works. So this really isn't as good in my opinion.
is my personal preference and I think it is hands down better than ignite for this guy. Because often times you use your ulti to kill people 1v1. And it's slow is great, and reduced dmg of the person who you 1v1 helps a bunch. Ignite is "ok" but I just generally like exhaust better. But as I said, its personal preference, do what you do best and if you like ignite and do amazing with it then thats great, but I just prefer exhaust.
Also I find this not as good as anything above. Your W if used properly prevents most all CC from getting to you if used properly so you really shouldn't need it.

All the rest of the summoner spells are laughable so I will not mention them.

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To start off, you actually aren't a horrid mid or soloer. Not the best by far, but for a melee, one of the best melee to mid. But this build relies on being able to go recall and hop in the jungle, so if you are being pushed back you are pretty screwed so I would suggest laning with a partner.

Skill sequence should be Q>E>Q and spam whatever is off cool down and try to save your w for any incoming CC. It is pretty self explanatory.

Start off with your 2 health pots and your meki pendant so you harass like mad. If your opponents are bad, they will let you smash their faces and mabye get FB if they push you after large harassing. But be sure to try to avoid hitting minions with it unless you plan on pushing. 90 damage to one target isn't worth it if you're going to be sitting waiting for then to finish off their minions and sitting at tower while ww comes to gank you at 4 or you get denied of exp. But use your judgement. Once you get 605 you may go back if you have no more pots and low hp, but I suggest waiting until 955 so you can also get level 1 boots and tear of the goddess but 990 is the best so you can get a pot on your way. Once back you are still spamming harassment. Going for kills only if you KNOW its ok to do it. If you are pushing back or just want to help with exp, you alternative is to go jungle. At this point you can take on red buff and blue buff. With tear of the goddess you can spam all of your spells, and it gelps to build mana so spam your q+e whenever off cool down. Once you get your manamune and are level 6, go for a kill on a squishy or normal health champ. Tanks are annoying and sometimes wont let you kill them but if you think you can kill a tank go for it. After this point keep on jungling or laning and killing. Ganking is your advantage from here on out. You can kill things easily and are very mobile. Build up money for your next level boots and then keep killing and farming. After this point do anything. Your the king of the world! Just build yourself properly, don't be stupid, and you can rape anything!

[Will continue to work on as time goes on. This is just the beginning]