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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tryndamere ninja

Nocturne The Eternal Nightmare

Tryndamere ninja Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my 3rd guide and I bought Nocturne almost right away. I have managed to make him do 1000 dmg criticals using this guide. This guide will give nocturne high attack speed, movement speed, and dmg.

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As soon as they see you adding on attack speed/dmg they're probably gonna buy armor which is why i need armor penetration hence the youmoou's and the desolation marks. Furor are to make your crits do massive dmg. Magic resist because early game, if there is a mage, they will be nuking u with spells that will probably kill you.

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I think he is a physical, up-close, 1v1 2-3h/k.o so he needs a lot of physical attack masteries. Utility is debatable the only thing i am certain on is the physical attack masteries so feel free to change the utility.

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Start with a Zeal because it'll make you have movement speed, critical strike and attack speed which is good. Then get berserker's which will make you go faster with more attack speed. Upgrade the Zeal to a phantom dancer. then onto youmoous' because of AD, cooldown reduction, critical chance, and attack speed. Good item. Also, you can get Warmog's Armor earlier to increase survivability but that will not give you that many more kills. But by then I would buy an Infinity Edge to increase AD, crit chance, and Crit damage. Onto Bloodthirster for last but definitely not least. This Will give you massive AD and Lifesteal so that means you restore 250 health almost every hit!!!!!!!!! Insanely epic.

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Skill Sequence

Q at the beginning is good because no matter what lvl u are, at the beginning everyone in ur lane is going to try and gank a bush. This will give u increased AD and it is great because u can just run right through other people to get to someone u are trying to assassinate. For example, let's say ur in twisted treeline and its a 3v3 in the bush at the beginning, (in bot lane) and its like 2 tanks and a teemo. You would want to run through the tanks and kill teemo first. This often lets you get first kill. Your team will be fighting the tanks or the tanks will be running. You will be behind them which will give you more time to hit them. I've ended up getting double kills like that at lvl 1 and on a rare occasion, I got a triple kill but i ended up getting killed by a turret. That tactic will really work. Just add on Q as much as you can so that you can assassinate people easily. W adds on attack speed and it'll block spells if timed right. E is great for ganks because if you use it on them they will get feared if u stay in range so your team will get more hits on them. Ulti is great for just hitting the opponent hard and for 2v1.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells r your choice but I like ghost and Exhaust because exhaust at the beginning will not let them get away. Ghost makes it easier to assassinate people when running on your Q. Also for getting away when you get ganked because Nocturne is ganked often. Exhaust is also great for when you're fighting someone who has high strength because it lowers AD and even spells.

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All in all Nocturne is an assassin to be smart with. He will be ganked often so you have to be very smart. He will often carry the team. Now when you use your Q in a fight after you have all your items, you should be getting over 1000 dmg criticals and 80% critical chance. Please vote, and comment your opinion on what should be improved, im completely open to suggestions. Thank you for reading!