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League of Legends Build Guide Author MeteorRain

Nocturne The Shadow

MeteorRain Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, this is my first guide that I've posted. This Build Is based on DPS Nocturne. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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the runes I would suggest using is Armor Pen Marks, MP Regen/5 +lv seals, atk spd Glyphs, and Armor Pen Quint. Your allowed to choose whatever runes you want, But i find that when I play, this combination does the best for me. Other Runes I would say that would work are Atk spd Marks, Armor Seals/HP seals, Armor Pen Glyphs(I wouldn't normally suggest this) and Atk spd Quint.

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For Masteries I do a standard 21/0/9 mainly to get havoc and decent EXP increase from minions.

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For Items, I would suggest getting Doran's Blade(can be replaced with doran's shield), Long sword, Boots of speed, Brutillizer, (get Sword of the Occult if your doing well early game), Your secondary level boots, which i usually go with Berserker's, but when i find a CC heavy team i get merc treads, DPS team, ninja tabi, or games against a whole lot of people who can escape, boots of swidtness, Then I would get Wriggle's lantern cause being able to farm Is pretty good and with Nocturne's passive it makes madreds much better, Then I would get Youmuu's Ghostblade because It is SO useful with almost any DPS character giving so many benefits, Then afterwards I would go around the place with Items

Frozen Mallet-Increases HP, atk dmg and slows the target. What's not to love? Although this item is very expensive and takes awhile to get even though it doesnt give that great stats

Banshee's veil- This Item is really great on anybody, but I would have to say no because Nocturne's W key does Banshee's veil's effect with an added bonus. It would in most cases interfere with your W key working but Sometimes you can get this if You can't pull out The W key at the right times, Or if they have A whole lot of casters on their team and you can't take a few shots.

Force of Nature-Gives good HP regen and good Magic Resist + movement speed, But It isn't as effective as other Items if Teams are getting into teamfights, you can't use HP regen, movement speed wont save you that often, but the Magic resist is good

Guardian's Angel- Can't go wrong with this in survivability

Hexdrinker-It is fairly reliable and a cheap item to get, it also gives a nifty shield and gives atk dmg and Magic resist.

leviathan-You can replace with Sword of Occult if you are sure you can get kills but are worried about getting destroyed late game.

QuickSilver Sash-Gives off a cleanse, but usually you would be blocking with your W, but I can see QuickSilver be very useful if the other team is saving their CC's for you(and they should)

Randuin's Omen- HP, Armor, Slow.

Thornmail-Thormail is a "break glass in case of emergency" kind of item when the other team has a lot of Physical characters. But when I see 4 Melee Champs (or 3 in 3v3) I would be one of the first items I get after Youmuu


(I would suggest getting 1 more attack speed Item and 2 Atk damage Items if going full Attack Power
BloodThirster-My No.1 Damaging Item. It potentially gives 100 Attack Dmg and gives off life steal, it does wonders even in teamfights

Black Cleaver-Pierces armor +more atk spd. Really good for tanky teams

Last Whisper-Pierces when you see cho, shen,you know, major tanks.

Sword of the Divine-Use when against pesky Jax's and yell "SCREW YOU AND YOUR DODGE!!"

Infinity edge-It has good potential, but Most of My build isnt based on crits and cant do as much damage as Bloodthirster.

Madred's BloodRazor-This Item is ALWAYS an option for Physical DPS characters. doing your dmg, + 8% of an enemy's health every second really does stuff.

NOTE: I would usually not get any items like phantom dancer, force of nature because of their speed buff. Nocturne doesnt need additional speed. his Q can easily replace any phantom dancer, his ult can let him chase if he's really beating you in a drag race (like Yi), and your W can easily stop solo Chasers.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells I would Recommend:
Exhaust-stops enemy's from doing damage and slows. nuff said

Ghost-If I do need a speed boost, I get ghost instead of getting phantom because their is only around 1 person on the other team who might be able to run faster than you and if your other moves are on cooldown.

Ignite-Damage over time is useful in any situation

Flash- same as ghost, but can also catch other people who flash away

Smite-Quite a few Nocturnes can jungle, but i wouldnt recommend with my build (ie you can do if another person helps you fight the enemy's)

Summoner Spells I Can see being used but not often:
Heal- Not all that useful in most situations especially when you get a lifesteal

Teleport-when your in the laning phase, can be used in most cases

Cleanse-If your having bad luck with CC teams

Spells i Would slap you for using:
Fortify-let tank use

Clairvoyance-well... YOU CAN use but in a few circumstances like trying to get your ult to hit a fast opponent, but is not NEARLY as useful as other spells. Plus, you got wards for showing you the map.

Revive-just... No.

Rally-Nobody ever uses this, it doesnt do anything all that effective either.

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This is my first Guide So I hope you guys and please rate and comment.