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Nocturne Build Guide by hateme8

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hateme8

Nocturne - The shady smoke dude (jungle) *even for newbies*

hateme8 Last updated on September 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey what's up guys, this is hateme8, and we are going to talk about Nocturne today. First of all, im going to warn you, that this is my jungling build, it fits to my style, I just want to show you my way of playing Nocturne, because i find this the most effective way.

He is an incredible fun champion, with (in my opinion) the best ganking capability after lvl 6 (almost completely unpredictable, even after hes ult's range nerf), and quite good skills pre 6.

I'm going talk about the most important things, but want to do this an understandable way for newbies too, so don't count on hellish calculations about 0.1% armors and stuff, it's not going to be that kind of guide ^_^

So anyway, here we go!

*(EDIT: Brutalizer and Wriggles Lantern can be changed for situational items in late game like Last Whisper, Infinite Edge or more defensive items like Guardian Angel or Sunfire Cape )

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Pros / Cons

Ok let's talk about why should you choose Nocturne for jungling? First and most important, he's the embodied nightmare, a mindless slayer machine. Isn't it cool?

On the other hand:

-unpredictable ganks after lvl6 and dangerous ganks pre 6.
-you can deal a TONS OF DAMAGE without the expensive trinity force item.
-if you combine your ult your W and your E right, you can get the enemy carry out really fast from game.
-in teamfights you get a great sustain with this build + your passive
-extremely fast jungling

-need skills to get your ultimate's timing and your positioning right
-and you almost always get focused after using it
-although you can clear the jungle fast, but therefore Noc is mana hungry in early and mid game

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Summoner Spells

Now that we saw the pros/cons about this shady guy, let's talk about the summoner spells.

Flash: this one is a great choice, you need an escaping mechanism, although you get movement speed from your Q, but flashing through walls is priceless.
Smite: alright, here's the deal: you can do the jungle without smite. BUT smite is the essence of mid+late game for a jungler to securing the dragon, and Baron. I recommend this highly, and if you are the jungler, for this spell, I dont think you want an alternative, just think about a Lee Sin flying to your Baron....

Ghost: this can be an alternative of Flash, and may be usefull sometimes via the unit passing, but you get movement speed bonus for chasing from your Q, and I want to repeat myself: for Noc, flashing through walls is priceless.

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Skill Sequence

Ok let's move on to our skills.

Umbra blades, your passive. This one is your passive, it gives you a nice sustain in jungling. On your every attack, it's cooldown is reduced, so with your W's passive, it's the essence of your jungle sustain.

Duskbringer, your Q. I level up this one first, because you get a TONS OF DMG from it on lvl 5 + your brutalizer, it scales quite good from AD (0,75%) and the most important, it makes your ganks killer with the movement speed bonus.

Shroud of Darkness, your W. This is a kinda funny one: first of all, you get a passive attack speed bonus, that highly helps your jungle sustain (lowering the passives's cd), on the second hand, on activating, you get a shield, wich makes you immune for an ability what was cast on you. Imagine, when you are ganking bot lane, and a support Taric is trying to stun you. U only need a good timing, and his carry is going to be sliced into pieces in no time. No need more words ^_^

Unspeakable horror, your E. Ok, it's range is quite short, and it's dmg is forgettable, BUT after your ult or your Q, it's almost every time a guaranteed kill, enjoy your enemy running in fear, while u are cutting them into pieces (except if the enemy has flash, then he/she can get out of it's range :S). In end and mid game, when you have your Frozen Mallet, you can keep in range almost every time, until your enemy get feared.

Paranoia, your R. AWWWWW YEAH, this skill is useful in so many ways: first of all at lvl 3 it has 350 base dmg, + 1,2% AD ratio. I know i promised that i wont make calculations, but now i have to; at max lvl: 350+(303x1.2) =713dmg instant to the focused AD/AP carry, and you just arrived to the teamfight, when the enemy used a lots of their high dmg spells. So you can use this to eleminate carrys. What else? You can cover the map with Darknesssssss for 4 seconds, so you or your teammates can flee when something went wrong. It's range got nerfed, but still quite big, and with positioning, the range nerf makes no sense for an experienced Noc player.

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Creeping / Jungling

Ok, now this is my jungling route:

I always start with blue, because with it I can spam my Q. I know that the META says that lvl 2 gank is the best option, but i prefer ganking on lvl 3, when i have my fear, and the red buff too, it's almost everytime a guaranteed kill (first blood often). Look for opportunities to gank, when the enemy is pushed the lane. After lvl 6, you can gank if the enemy isn't pushing, but wait until your teammates harassed them about half their hp.

Some words about counter jungling: wards, wards and wards. It becomes easier with the lantern, but before you get it, dont spare the money, a stolen blue can cripple the enemys jungler. You will need to counter jungle, because usually your AP will need blue buff too, for his/her best performance.

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Team Work

Alright, the most important part of the mid/endgame, teamfights.

Nocturne can shine in the mid/endgame if u got some kills before, but you can destroy your teams advantage, if you can't use your skills properly. Trust me, it's an experience (long ago, turret diving with glass cannon build and sh*t... :D).

Fist of all, you need to understand: you are an anti-carry, and in this role, Noc is one of the best. In endgame, your ult gets the half of the enemy carrys HP, and with this build, you will tanky enough, to finish the rest.

Another important thing to learn: altough you are tanky, IT'S NOT YOUR ROLE TO INITIATE. Just settle in a close bush, or behind a wall, wait for your teammates to start the fight and let the enemy carry appear. And now is your job started. Use your ultimate, and immediately after you arrived cast your shield and your fear. Try to hit them with your Q, if it worked, and your team is doing its job, the carry is going to be dead in no time. Then you can start focusing other enemys, one by one, leaving the tanky ones for last.

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So this was my jungle Noc guide, hope you learnt something, or just had fun reading it.

Noc is a great choice for an intermediate player in jungling, but need some experiences to land hes ganks properly. Fun and strong, I recommend him.

Feel free to rate and comment, I'm curious about your opinion.

Gl&Hf, and dont forget: "Weather forecast for tonight: dark, with a chance of pain!"