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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hue

Nocturne - True jungle champ!

Hue Last updated on March 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys! =) this is just a little something i use for jungeling with nocturne and i find it rather good :)

This is a nice and very fast way to get to lvl 6 and also your team mates will get lvl advantage on 3 people instead of 1.

This build is very focused on dps and you will end up with a total dmg of 450+ per hit.

I would apritiate it if you would rate and comment this build so i can see if people like it :D

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As it says in the item sequence i take a elexir of fofrtude and 6 health pots.
This is very effective and makes your first jungeling route a very easy one :)

I start off at the blue buff and ofcourse useing my elexir at the start and a health pot as soon as i engage. there will ofcourse always be discusions about starting with schroud of darkness or duskbringer as first ability. I prefer duskbringer for the extra dmg but scrhoud is also very good and helps your passive proc.

From there on you can actualy just rush throug jungle. the fastest way is Blue buff -> Wolfs -> Wraiths -> Red buff -> Golems. After this you can either go in the other teams jungle or try to gank and then wait for wolfs and wraiths to respawn. after that you schould be lvl 5 or 6 and ready to go for the rest of the game.

Thats just how i do this and from this point you can run around ganking, laneing or keep jungeling some more :D you will with som basic skills at ganking quick get a good advatage in kills. And for gods sake dont jungle all the way trhough the game.

A little note is that Nocturne is not very mana sufficient and will easy go out of mana. you want to kill blue buff as soon as it respawns or take other teams and if you can always have the blue buff on you. :D otherwise you will find yourself with no mana and might cost you the kill you could have gotten.

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I have my masteries set 21/0/9 it is a very basic physical dmg mastry setup. Although i have taken improved smite and improved dmg to minions. Then i have 9 points set in Utility. I set this in health and mana regen, improved ghost and i ofcourse take awereness for more exp in jungle and longer duration on monster buffs.

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For runes i use flat atack speed marks, seals and glyphs and use health quintesses.

This work very well with his passive and the health is just to get you safely and with pleanty of health to go gank someone in a lane after the first route in jungle.

There are ofcourse other runes that also will work very well such as armor pene etc. But i suggest these for your jungeling :)

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Skill choices

As for skulls you have
Duskbringer: this is your main offensive ability and it will do moderate physical dmg and help you chase down enemies.

Schroud of darkness: This ability is basicly like banshes veil and will block an offensive spell. Allthough you have to activate it yourself and if you use it to succesfully block an enemy spell you will gain bonus attackspeed. Also this ability gives you passively more attack speeed and the extra attack speed might just save your *** in the jungle because of Nocturnes passive.

Unspeakable horror: This ability does a small amount of dmg and if your target still is within range it will become feared. You will only need this ability for it's fear. The dmg on this ability is too low and is powered by ability power rather that attack damage.

useualy i take the sequence discribed above but it varries from game to game after my needs. Normaly you want to max your Duskbringer because of the dmg and when duskbringer isnt available to upgrade you want to take Schroud of darkness. ofcouse you will take ulti as soon as possible and you schould only upgrade Unspeakable horror once and only do that because of the fear effect.

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as for items i prefer the above selected. As i exsplained in the jungle section i use the elexir and health pots. some will of course think this is a waste of money because cloth amor and health pots also will work, but much less efficient than this. It might waste a little money but you will get far ahead in lvl totaly worth the price.

After the first route in the jungle you can afford madreds razor and can continue jungeling much faster.

Second item is Berserker's greaves which will provide you with both move and attack speed.

After this is i start building phantom dancer starting with Zeal and finishing phantom dancer shortly after.

You depending on the oposeing team want to get Madreds bloodrazor done quick for both attack speed and the passive.

Bloodthirster is a very good item for Nocturne cause he can farm minions very quick and will get the stacks fast. It is very good dmg and when fully stacked gives +100 dmg and 25% lifesteal. You will be harrder to kill with this item because you attack very fast and hit hard so your lifesteal will be very equal to many champions dmg 1v1.

The black cleaver will give you both attack speed and dmg. these things combined with it's passive will make it a priceless item for Nocturne.

For the last item i have many difrent choises regarding the other team.

If you feel you need more dmg Infinity edge is a great item for you and with the crit you get from it and Phantom dancer the 250% crit dmg is a very nice touch.

If you feel like you are too easy to kill but still want more dmg frozen mallet is very good. with the slowing effect combined with your fear and duskbringer will guarantee kills. This item also gives both health and dmg so it is very ideal.

Another option is banshee's veil. This item is very helpfull if the oposeing team have a mage carry. Personaly i dont feel this banshee's veil is needet because Nocturne have his Schroud of darkness ability.

Sword of occult is also a good choice if you are feeling lucky. If you succesfully stack it this will ofcourse be a succes. Allthough if you buy this item i will suggest that you buy it rather erly so you will benefit from it in the mid/early game.

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Summoner Spells

I use smite for the jungeling part ofcourse to makes it all alot smoother :D

As for secondary summoner spell you have many good choices.

Ghost: Ghost will help you in both chaseing and escapeing and is my favorite choice of summoner spell. It is also very usefull for getting into range for your ulti if you are a bit far away from a teamfight or perhabs an easy kill if someone is going solo.

Exhaust: Exhaust is also very usefull for Nocturne because it will help you get a kill if your target is in short range and this will also often save your *** in a teamfight by exhausting their carry or main damage dealer.

Clairvoyance: This is good for you in many ways. Can be used in the start of the game to spy on river so you can make sure not to be ganked. Also if oposeing team have a jungler you can take a shot at where he is and go gank him while he is jungeling. Also if someone is escapeing and your ulti is ready you can set it where he is and kill him with ulti cause of the long range.

Heal: Heal is also good if you are a rookie in the jungle. it might save you in sticky situations and also a very usefull spell in teamfights.