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League of Legends Build Guide Author DocApoc

Nocturne Use A Splash Attack!

DocApoc Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Nocturne is the latest champion who once again brings the 6300 IP cost. While a strong jungler, and competent assassin. This build focuses around laning. Keep in mind however, that he IS still a strong jungler and that he can easily and quickly dispatch anything in the jungle after a certain point. This translates directly to GET INSIDE THE JUNGLE! As was explained in the champion spotlight, making yourself available for ganks is huge with this particular champ. Finding a good balance between laning, jungling, and ganking is what makes for a powerful champ.

As this is my second build (my first not receiving much attention) I will once again state that this is merely how I play Nocturne. It is in no way an incredibly serious theory-craft and more over this build isn't for every match. Always pay attention to how the enemy team is building and attempt to counter it, using a Randuin's against a full AP team isn't the most efficient item.


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Essentially the runes are fairly self explanatory. What we're looking at is slight survivability mixed with attack speed and armor pen. I'm not going to go too in depth on the runes because I don't believe it calls for it. The armor is for dealing with times in the jungle while making for a sturdier Nocturne, and the attack speed is for synergizing with his passive ability. The fast and more often Nocturne attacks the more often you'll receive your AoE passive.

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This build focuses primarily around Tiamat, in what I have displayed I go with a double Tiamat. Keep in mind that there is nothing about Tiamat that is unique so that means that every time you stack the item you aren't losing out on anything. More over it splashes and combined with your already splashing passive it's the first item that makes Nocturne feel as though he's not merely ticking away at an enemies health bar. I found that prior to this build killing healing-type players was nearly impossible as he has a wonderful chase mechanic but without the proper burst he's just tapping away. While using this build I was capable of winning MULTIPLE 2v1 scenarios. (2v1 scenarios are not recommended but are plausible)

The other major item in this build is Nocturne's Trinity Force. Picking up Sheenfirst makes for a mini-tri-force so that around 6 your ult will still hit like a truck. Trinity Force is almost entirely for his ultimate. However the mana is a huge factor, picking up blue buff is very helpful with mana, but having the regen from the tiamats and slightly larger pool from sheen/tri-force makes for a mana efficient Nocturne. Tri-Force makes it so that when the lights go dim and Paranoia sets in there's a guaranteed death. Yi's will quiver every time you set off paranoia if you have a tri-force equipped. Keep in mind that tri-force also comes with a slow...enjoy!

Randuin's Omenis the sort of item I just can't get enough of on melee characters. It seems to make them so instantly beefy. With Health, Armor, Health regen and a use on ability that slows all surrounding units, what's not to love. This is the sort of item that makes his chase even more OP and his escape even easier.

Lastly, I show a Bloodthirster, this is of course to gain that extra damage as well as some lifesteal. With all the splash attacking, passive-lifesteaeling, and attack speed you have by this point it's practically unfair. Anytime spent in the jungle can be guaranteed to restore you to full health while quickly dispatching the mobs.

I want to be perfectly clear when I say that this is not a cookie cutter build that will always work. You dont need Randuin's against a full AP team, You dont need merc treads if there are no threats from stuns and slows. Play against the other team, don't just use this or any other build as if it's the end-all build. Nothing works every single time, you have to be willing to flow with the match in order for anything to be viable. Remember that there are items that cant be dodged (see Jax) there are items that do a percentage of the enemies health (see chogath) just be willing to make changes to this and all builds and you'll find you're better off.
Alternate items are:
Youumuu's Ghostblade
The Black Cleaver
The Infinity Edge
Banshee's Veil in place of the Randuin's for AP survivability
And if you want an earlier lifesteal with some assist from sight wards a Wriggle's Lantern can be bought, and potentially sold for a Bloodthirster down the line, if so inclined.

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Skill Sequence

Though I'm still slightly on the ropes about his skill sequence I definitely like the route I take. The reason I have issue with build order is solely because of the passive on his Shroud of Darkness. The passive is such a wonderful attack speed boost that I'm very tempted to alternate it with his Unspeakable Horror. However, as of now I feel that all you need is 1 point in it to block abilities and get 20% attack speed.

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Nocturne requires some grace, he feels very much like a spam-and-slam champ with how well his skills work together. However, to really get him going the way you want you have to have good map awareness and quick response time. He is not a hardy character, and he's a melee chaser. That means if you want to crush somebody, and they want to go toe to toe with you, you better know what you're doing. Block obvious abilities with Shroud of Darkness and stun(fear) them with unspeakable horror. Duskbringer's cooldown is very short so an enemy should almost always have a trail on them. As I've already stated getting blue buff is great for Nocturne, he's an amazing jungler, and an even better farmer, using his passive and Tiamat's splash attacks make for quick and easy cleanups!

One more thing. Nocturne's ultimate has a HUGE range, yet it's NOT the entire map. Misusing his ult and not dashing to a target will leave you with a long cooldown to deal with. If you know you have a safe travel path (ex. returning from base) merely view your target and watch them, place your cursor over your ult (this will display the range-circle) when your circle overlaps your target, pop your ult, hit R a second time and nom nom nom that squishy S.O.B.

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I hope you guys enjoy my second build, I'm more than willing to make changes where I feel they benefit the build and take all CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I will update this often if I find people are benefiting from it, and that I continue to play and enjoy this champion.

Special thanks to Duckaddict for pointing out the importance of Tiamat on this character. Considering this is a quasi-remake of a DotA character a similar build works wonderfully.

Also, Thanks to Nikkidoll for the wonderful name for this build.

Lastly, thanks to Abaddon for the Tri-Force idea, it truly makes his ult feel like it's hitting for something that matters.

Oh....and Nocturne USE A HYPERBEAM!... what the f**k do you mean you dont know hyper beam?... oh well just use splash attack.