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Nocturne Build Guide by kd17

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kd17

nocturne yea you aren't getting out alive

kd17 Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello all and Welcome to my guide on the Champion Nocturne. Having bought him on release he is still one of the most fun champions to play with his distinctively unique ultimate, his forever insane damage and not to mention he just looks god like.

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Pros / Cons

heavy damage output early and late game
can farm minions easy
can chase excellently
his ult is litterly a cross map ks if you want it to be

squishy for parts of the game
you are highly vunlerbile to cc even with shroud of darkness because you need to know which ability to block
imo not the best full game jungler

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the runes i use arei take greater marks of desolation beacuse the late game armor pen helps a lot with about 50 or soi take seals of vitality because the health per lvl helps for late game squishynesswell honestly when i put three in it made a huge difference when i put nine in it was a slauter i keep armor penn in marks because its whats needed most
quintesences i take 3 different all together i take armor for the one v one fights i take the cd because for my play style i need it for all my champs i take the att speed to compliment on shroud of darkness.

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i hit the "stander* 21/9/0 masteries i take the masterie point for exaust and 3 points in sorcery because the cd cause it is needed
i take the defense masteries because you would be way too squishy without them

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dorans item: i start with the dorans blade instead of the shield because the extra damage will empower your passive for for about the 3-5 extra damage from it and is just good for complementing all other abilities.
boots: i take beserkers because if you are just laning the att speed helps alot and with swiftness and mobility you wont be hitting as hard and as fast to recharge your passive.
brutilizer: i take this for what this item is... brutal especially with the armor penn and the extra cd doesn't hurt.
executioners calling: now heres were people rage at me this item is great for noct with its life steal early game its passive dmg and its extra crit i would swich this out late game for a blood thirster as a final item because early game exe calling will heal you for about 100 with your passive and its cheap.
black cleaver: this is just overkill but for 1v1 and soloing barron this will end it fast about 5-6 hits on meduim champions with some health.
infinity edge: this is a MUST FOR NOCT this damage will destroy any and all that enter for a 1v1 1v2 1v3 and ive done a 1v4 with just these and walked out with a delayed pentakill.
now its time for upgrading well first i loose the dorans for a madreds blood razor becuase you will fin shen ,jax, and morde will be your bane of existence at times jax is a rival cause of his annoying stun morde shield will piss you off and shen keeps running so this helps end the fight a lot faster.
for major upgrades i add the Youmuu's Ghostblade press 3 oh hey im raping your tower your nexus you yea thats about all i have to say
then finaly this will be a hit on movement but its worth it trade beserks for your rand new phantom dancer this will bring your crit to about 70 and yea gg

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Skill Sequence

for skills i go
i take e the last because it is not really needed except for helping get kills its dmg is lessthen none

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Summoner Spells

for summoner spells i use exhaust and clairvoyance
with exhaust and its relative mastery it will help murder your foe's and also save your *** at times
now for more controversy i take clairvoyance because this has happened with me someone has low hp you r at dragon running down pop ult ... they hide in a bush waste of an ult you shoot self in head with this the scenario is u raping them in that bush like a silver back guerrilla

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for those who do not know here is his story and his awsome quote:
Before Nocturne, people believed that dreams were figments of their imagination, meaningless images that flashed through the mind when one slept. This belief was put to the test when a rash of sleep-related incidents started afflicting summoners of the League. Some would wake up screaming, terrified and beyond consolation. Some could not fall asleep, slowly going mad as the nights ticked by. Some simply never woke up. Physicians were baffled until a Field Architect happened to pass out next to a nexus on Twisted Treeline. Witnesses said he cried out once and then stopped breathing. Immediately after, magical energy arced out from the nexus, and Nocturne appeared.

Nocturne did not take his introduction to this world kindly. He slaughtered everything he could find before summoners were able to magically confine him. After a period of intense study, League experts divined that Nocturne hunted summoners in their sleep, attacking them in a place where their magic was useless. This seemed to be his only purpose. The families of the victims demanded justice, but League officials were concerned that death might only return Nocturne to the place from which he came. They bound him to a nexus fragment, trapping him in the physical world. As punishment for his crimes, they allowed summoners to call upon Nocturne in the League matches, bending his will to the summoners he hates and creating his own personal nightmare. League scholars don't know whether he truly came from the plane of dreams, or whether there are any more like him. Some theorize that the summoning act affected summoners' subconscious minds, luring Nocturne to them in their sleep. Perhaps the most disturbing theory is that Nocturne is a person's nightmare come to life. If this is true, they wonder, who is the dreamer?

''The darkness is closing's pitch black now...but I can still see him...''
- Kelvin Ma, patient #4236