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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vherid

Nocturne - You better CC me. (Laning Guide)

Vherid Last updated on March 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Alright. Allow me to throw another build into the mix of numerous builds for this new champion. When Noc first came out, I was all over him, he looked sick, and obviously there was no guides. So I tried a lot of different ideas for builds, and so far this is the one I have been the most content with. This build works as long as you can play Noc well, and your team doesn't have the IQ equivalent of a box of rocks.

He is squishy as all ****. People are going to piss themselves when you ult, and people are going to focus the **** out of you once they see the amount of damage you start dumping on them. This is why you need to play the assassin, as an actual assassin, and be very smart over who you are going after, and where the rest of their team is.

This is the first guide I have ever written for league of legends. I will definitely update it as the nerfs and buffs come out, and as I experiment with more items and abilities, runes, masteries and so on.
I'll also make this look more pretty soon.

LAST UPDATE: 3-23-11

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These seem pretty obvious enough to me. ArP is pretty much standard on a champion like this, Cooldown reduction is helpful on this guy, as some of his abilities do have decent enough cool downs in the beginning. Some mana regen is helpful as well because he can chew through his mana pretty quickly, but you should be rinsing and repeating with this character. By that I mean you should go gank the hell out of someone until you run out of mana or they are all dead, recall, buy stuff, repeat. The dodge helps too, because again, he's very very squishy. But he's supposed to be like that.

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This is a pretty regular mastery build as well, I give him the magic pen one because of his fear, the extra damage from that is really going to help, because you are going to need to blow people up really fast before their team decides they've had enough of you real quick. Again the extra CD helps, and the extra mana regen helps. You're going to probably kill people with buffs too, so it's good to have those last a little longer.

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Alright, I see a lot of pretty similar builds, but none of them are the same as mine yet. I'm not going to say mine is the best, but I am going to tell you that I can rip squishies apart in 2-4 hits. Tanks don't have a lot of fun either, and I know the madreds would really help with that, I need to test out a madreds instead of a second bloodthirster to see if it makes a bigger difference, because the 2nd BT to me doesn't seem to help that much more at this point of the game. By the time you get the last BT everyone else is going to be pretty decked out in gear as well unless you are completely steamrolling their team. The lifesteal really helps though, and keeps you alive as long as you are hitting something. I've dropped a champion right in front of their nexus with both nexus turrets up and got away just because of the life I was getting back from each hit. This build will enable this guy to pretty much crit all the time, and you should be doing 800-1000 damage per hit. Your attack speed is nuts too, so you can imagine it really cuts through people who don't have a lot of resistance.

This build maximizes the assassin trait, in team fights you jump in and rain on their carry's parade, or make their support's day a cloudy one, and you get the hell out of there unless your team is doing really good. If that's the case, finish everything off. You are pretty much the one who is going to ensure no one gets away. Solo there's not a lot of people who can stand up to you.

Your attack speed, movement speed, crit chance, crit damage, and default damage is going to ensure that happens.

One thing I am going to say about this build. A thornmail on a high end tank, is going to ruin you like being stuck in a 3'x3' space filled with anthrax. If this happens you really need to get some armor instead of the last bloodthirster. The madreds will help with this again, but you might need something even more sturdy. If anyone on their team is tanking too hard you probably want to get a madreds at the end instead of the second bloodthirster as well, but this is common sense.


Buy all 3 elixirs and have them going all the time if you max the build basically.

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Skill Sequence

Starting out with the 20 percent boost to attack speed right at the beginning is really helpful. You throw in that vampiric scepter you started with, and your life stealing passive, you are not even going to need a potion at any point. Harassment against you is pretty much useless, they are going to need to completely liquidate you to get rid of you in the beginning. Now once you start getting your Q going, don't harass with it until it's at level 2-3. On the first level it really doesn't do enough damage for the mana it costs to be a worthy harass. I mean if your teammate is going to jump on them and you know the guy is ****ed, then by all means put that on him, but don't use it just to harass until it is level 2-3. The rest of it is pretty self explanatory. Q being maxed first gives you a pretty good ranged harass, and it hits everything it touches with a pretty decent range. The speed the path gives you and applies to champions is really helpful, they are going to be ghosting and flashing and throwing out all sorts of cargo to get away from you, which is good, because you're wasting up their spells a good amount of the time, if anyone else jumps on them they're pretty screwed. The fear is the next best thing because that thing alone is really going to close the case on whether someone is getting away or not. Both of these moves also are really good for getting away from people. The shield is pretty neglectable until the end, and always get the ultimate when you can.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost on top of your other movement speed advancements is almost going to turn you into kassadin. People are not getting away from you really easily. If another carry on their team got fed by someone else on your team, and have a decent chance of cutting you down, or some tank is going to ruin your day, exhaust is going to pave the way, to victory.

These are what I use, and what I find the most helpful for Noc so far, Ignite could be very helpful instead of exhaust, with the amount of focus that is going to shift to you, I know quite a few people who got away with half a tick of hp, that ignite would have ended.

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Team Work

This will be implemented soon, but I've already explained parts of this in sections above.

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This guy is amazing at farming. His Q, his passive, his soon to be attack speed and damage, if you can't farm with this champion you I don't know what to say to you.

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I was about 20-4 before that horrendous lag we had the other day and I started dying a lot more because the champions would freeze up and just stand there and die. 26-10 is still pretty decent I guess though, but I'm showing you here that it definitely works. I'll provide more soon. If you go nuts with this build too leave me a comment and I'll put it here.