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League of Legends Build Guide Author Necropolis

Nocturne's City of the Dead

Necropolis Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is Nocturne, he's OP as hell. Here's how I use him and 90% of the time I can carry to victory, unless epic baddies are on my team or its 3v5 which is hell and only had one victory in that situation and it was hell.

Welcome to The City of The Dead
Population: All of Nocturnes Victims.

This build is focused on AD/AS and life steal while being a hardcore ganker and ganking into team fights and being all around crazy killer of the night.

Fill up your city with the souls of the damned to ever face Nocturne!

One more thing: This build requires a smart player.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing mid
Amazing farmer
Insanely fast tower killer
Tons of damage
Over powered early ganker (Level 6)
Super fast creep killer, buff taker AND! on many occasions, barons kill stealer.
Fast attack speed for passive healing you in a ton of minyums!
Amazing aggressive play

Squishy early game
If ganged up on, you WILL die unless you some how out juke them and gank like a mad man.
If you dont play smart and adapt to the character you mid against, you will die
If not aggressive enough you will be pushed back.

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Greater Mark of Desolation: Armour penitration.. Need to get massive damage output early game and helps massive end game, specially against tanky teams, and squishies never hurt. Also helps deal a ton of damage when midding against squishies like LeBlanc, Lux, Karthus and so on.
Greater Seal of Alacrity: Nocturnes passive does AoE heal/damage for himself so we want to hit as hard and as fast as possible
Greater glyph of Alacrity: Again, Nocturnes passive does AoE heal/damage for himself so we want to hit as hard and as fast as possible
Greater Quintessence of Desolation, same reason as the marks.

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This is simple enough, You're AD/DPS and you want to rip their face off and add their damned soul to your city of the dead.

This will let you level faster, kill faster and be a nightmare to the other team. ALSO you are able to backdoor extremely fast with this setup, pure damage to heal, makes me want to cook some bacon.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost: Incase you go for a gank and you got baited, you can combine with flash and GTFO or if you used your ult and want to catch am opponent running away, or one that a teammate failed to kill and you pick it up. Remember if they call Kill Steal, tell them they cant kill fast enough.

Flash: To escape, or suprise, its your choice how you use this. It's simple get in or get out. no real long explination for this.. Flash in speed out.. kinda deal.

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Depending who you face, what the team is like, you will grab different items. Your job as Nocturne is to deny the enemy everything while giving yourself and your team everything.

Off the bat you grab Dorians Blade, why? Awesome stats to start.
Dont leave the lane until level 6, you shouldnt be lower then 3/4ths HP by then you should have enough for your Berseker boots and Brutalizer.

just keep building up and building up, a must for this champ is Infinitie Edge and Phantom Dancer. Attack speed is a must for his passive while able to dish out a large amount of damage to the other team.

VS Tanky teams: drop the second dorians blade and start building Madreds then directly hit Last Whisper. then build situation stuff according to what the enemy team is.

VS Heavy AP teams: If need be grab a Banshee's Veil for a second shield with your W skill or grab a Force of Nature for movement speed, HP regen and Magic resist and pretty much nurfing them.

VS Heavy AD teams: Thronmail should be a must in there as your life steal shenaynay will massively help while they kill themselves and you rip their face off with your over sized blades.

Backdooring/Ganking: The heavier the damage power, the faster you can take turrets down. (Dont forget, Nocturne is a crazy fast back dooring meanie!)

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Creeping / Jungling

Nocturne is a strong jungler yes, I however feel is a better mid than anything else. I hate laning with people who use noct, he steals the minions from others who ALSO need gold and since he is an amazing farmer, mid is perfect. High damage crazy Q skill, no problem. Nocturne can hit the jungle the second mid tower is gone... recalling is up to you, prefribly I hit the wolves/phantoms before I head back. If agressive, after destroying the enemy tower, hit their Phantoms, then go back to your side and pick up wolves and phantoms.

If you can get buffs (Shouldnt be a problem at level 6/7/8) Watch heavily for ganks and save your ult, be support for whatever lane is being pushed the hardest. watch from a bush, make sure youre in ranged and MAKE SURE TO PING BEFORE YOU ATTACK! Its very important to work as a team.

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Team Work

You are NOT an initiation champion! leave that to the tanks.

If you have no choice but to be the initiation champion.. do so in a sneaky ninja like manner, Ult in Flash/ghost out, they should chase you and if your team is smart, lead them into an ambush.

Team work is a BIG thing with Nocturne, after all he is an assassin. He will ALWAYS be a little late for a team fight so that he can pick off kills and help bring the rest down. For those that claim Kill Steal, tell them to back down and read your overall in the champs overview after the game.

I found that noct works well in a team of 3 with Janna, Amumu and Nocturne (Janna and Amumu being AP so they will mostly stack MR leaving you to nearly max damage)

Nocturne is also an insane bacldoor, if minions are creepin up to an enemy tower and your only farming, rush your ghosty *** over there and take it. Watch out for ganks though.

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The city is full. Zombies rising on Earth

Nocturne is a back dooring, enemy slicing, soul damning, force not to mess with that can mid and destroy all you hold close.

You must be smart, you must be fast and you must KILL! this build is mostly for people who dont buckle under pressure and keep their wits about whats happening around them. Massive map awareness is needed and you must pay close attention to team fights, towers and ganks! at ALL times.

Since I am a music person and I pretty much have X amount of bands I listent to when playing, I will also post 3-4 music videos to play to if you wish to give it a shot. Most of my music consists of Metal and Symphony. If you don't like it then suck it up princess and get in the mosh pit before nocturne damns you to his city.

ANYWHO! Here are 3 bands I listen to while rocking some Nocturne.

Dying Fetus - Your trechery will die with you
Septicflesh - The Vampire of Nazareth
Debauchery - Back in Blood (This also suits Vlad)
I hope you enjoy this build. HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!