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League of Legends Build Guide Author petejohn

NOM NOM Pantheon

petejohn Last updated on April 4, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Pantheon is one of the two new heroes released in the last patch. He's classified as a melee DPS, and while this is accurate, he's not in the same league as champs such as Master Yi or Jax (at least, not yet). However, this doesn't mean that he can't hold his own. Pantheon is well equipped to win almost any 1v1 fight, and he has the means to turn the tide of a team fight. Just keep in mind that he's not well suited to becoming the sole carry, and you'll be jumping poor saps for easy kills in no time.

My Favorite Spells
Exhaust is a great choice for Pantheon, mostly for the slow. I always take it along. I also like Flashas it will help you when using Pantheons very difficult ulti.

Ignite - I went through a test stage with Pantheon and Ignite. It works alright, if you are having trouble in the early game getting kills. But i am not a huge fan of it.

You want 21-0-9 with Pantheon. This is almost non-negotiable. He's a very offensive character, and benefits greatly from offensive masteries. Some of the points can be spent according to preference(especially the utilities), but for the most part this is what you will want.


Aegis Protection
Pantheon's passive is ridiculously useful. It will save your *** more times than you'd think, give you offensive options, and it recharges very quickly. My favorite use for it is tower diving- the passive will block one tower shot, and thanks to its short recharge and your W skill, longer dives become a possibility. Generally you won't take too long though.

With this, it can truly make you a mean player in the mid, because you block shots so often, you are incredibly hard for almost any char to harass.

Q-Spear Shot
I like this in the early game a whole lot, but it becomes less and less useful as the game goes on. when you are laning in the early game, a few spear throws will set up those real squishy champs for a kill. even when used on a tank it will make them think twice about getting too close.

If you can harass them enough, it can set up my favorite way to kill a champ early game...

It takes a little time to get good at it, but once you got it, oh hot damn: Harass with Q alot, keeping them low, most champs will stay in but keeping their distance, this makes me very happy. Flash at them if needed exhaust them, use W, E, Q Bam dead, it takes about 1.5 seconds.

W-Aegis of Zeonia
This is the skill that will help you get kills, becasue Panths AOE is a cone, you need the stun to stop them briefly to get it off. Also, it is a good interrupt for those pesky champs like fiddles and nunu, if you can catch them charging :)

E-Heartseeker Strike
The passive 100% crit chance on enemies with 15% or lower HP that this skill gives is useful for enemy champions. DO NOT EVER USE THIS TO FARM. people may think its a good ability to just suck up gold, but unless you are attempting to push a tower or save you own, the cooldown is just too long to waste.

Just to put how much this can hurt into perspective, at level 5 this move does 30% of your attack power 5 times, and 60% instead of 30% if it's hitting a champion. This means you can do 300% of the damage you'd normally do in a heartbeat!

Keep in mind though- this skill is not very good until around mid game, it's fairly expensive, and even at level 5 its cooldown is LONG. You're almost never going to get more than one Heartseeker off in a fight, so make sure it hits by stunning with your W first.

R-Grand Skyfall
Here's what makes Pantheon such an odd melee DPS. Anyone with half a brain is going to get as far from the center of your landing zone as possible. So this is when you make use of Flash and Exhaust. You're rarely going to do the full damage to anyone. However, that 33% near the edge, is still a mean 333 damage, at max. If you are paying attention, you can actually flash in the direction of the runners and get them with more of your damage. the circle doesnt move but the damage does. Combined with Exhaust, you can actually hit people for nearly all 1000 damage.

Now, not many people agree with this, however, i have recently used my ult as a quick escape! if you are in a hairy situation, say 3v1 and you are still at half health, you can ult, and jump way away from the battle. However, you need to be somewhat intelligent when you attempt this, DO NOT do it when there is a champ with a stun, because you will die as they will interrupt you.

Alot of times, this is really good for a quick gank on someone trying to backdoor one of your towers. But there are alot of really good ways to use this. DO NOT INITIATE, you will die, because you are so squishy. What you can do however, is allow the enemy to push to tower, and jump behind them while your allies are charging... i dont consider this initiating, because you are hitting them while they are running :)

Overall, this is by far the hardest skill shot in the game, you can argue if you want and say it sucks, but i get ALOT of kills with it, just gotta anticipate ;P

Pantheon is easy to buy for because he needs weapon power more than anything else. I like to start out with Boots of Speed and 3 manna pots for early survivability.

by going well i mean you are being fed, or just have crazy lane control.

If that is the case, start with the B.F sword for sure, then vampiric scepter. which leaves you needing only 900 gold to get Blood Thurster.
After your Blood Thruster, go ahead and grab Beserker Grieves to boost that attack speed. Grab a second B.F Sword. Start building into Last Whisper, and keep your attack speed growing more and more. With the combo of AS and LifeSteal, it makes you pretty hard to kill 1v1 or ever 1v2 if you use the abilities correctly. If by some strange means, the game has gone on still, go ahead and grab a black cleaver. In all reality i rarely see games last this long, But, if they do, Pick up what ever you want, I like either Frozen Mallet, or Warmongers Armor. If they havnt already, they will most likely be saying OMGWTF!?!? once you WEQ them to death, so chance are they will start to focus you a little more, if this is the case pick up that warmongers armor, to give you more HP, and if they havnt decided you are a threat yet, grab the Frozen Mallet, to help you run them down and finish them off.

If you are hiving trouble
As in, alright this game isnt bad, but its not good.

I will go ahead and grab a brutlizer first to help me hit a little harder in the early game. After that I Grab my upped boots (berserker grieves) and start building into the Blood Thurster, if you can afford it grab the BF sword first, but if not, dont be afraid to pick up the Vampiric scepter, it will help you stay alive. After you have the Blood Thurster, Grab a second B.F Sword. From there, start building into the Frozen Mallet. If the game is still going, Build that B.F. sword into a Black Cleaver. And lets say that you start to turn the game around and your team is doing real well, go ahead and sell your Brutlizer in favor of a Last Whisper :)

Assuming you have my above listed build, little can stand against you for more than a few seconds. Towers, inhibitors, and even nexuses may as well be made of wet paper. Your stunned victims will be torn apart by your E, and if they limp away, gored by your Q. You may be squishy as hell, and very vulnerable to stuns and blinds, but this is why you work with your team.

I know i copied another guide into here and changed it a litte, but most of what he wrote was solid, imo, just changed it up a wee bit :P
Special thanks to Doctor I did take a majority of his basic notes!