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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dellinquents

Non-jungle udyr -what what?-

Dellinquents Last updated on February 14, 2011
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well i was playing as udyr and i didnt want to jungle... sooooo i started to mess around with item builds for non jungle...
hope u like it :) i did in like 30 mins xD

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i start off with the shoes for speed and atk speed. good early game farming capabilities. then i go ahead to maldred... some people say why so soon? well maldred has a good effect and at this time the enemy shuld have a decent tank. with this u can domminate combined with ur atk speed. next i get frozen mallet. this is for those who see u and run. u can chase with bear and ghost combined then stun and hit. they will be slowed and u can kill. after i get black cleavers. when atking turets, ur tiger will have a very fast atk speed but low dmg, so 2 black cleavers will give u fast atk and dmg. combinedd with ur health from frozen mallet u can almost solo turrets without minions. last item u can choose what u think will fit. if their all strong and ur too weak on hp then gat warmogs. or if they are weak and you just are tired of going to base after each fight for hp, get starks for life steal. also helps team because stark gives lifesteal to all team members nearby.

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Adding skills

well when i add skills i dont have a direct build.. it depends on everyone play style. if your an early game go for the kill then start by adding 1 bear then 2 tiger and then go bak and forth between those 2 until their maxed. then add 3 to turtle then max pheonix. if your an early game minion farmer, then add 1 to each skill so u have bear to stun and run.. and pheonix to mob and then turtle so u dont have to go to base for health or mp.

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Runes i got the armor pen so it does more damage... and i got atk dmg so u can solo turrets faster

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Skill sequence

well there is no particular skill sequence... but when ur fighting another champ start with bear to chase then stun, then go tiger and spam atk.. with maldred and at least 2.0 atk speed it shouldnt take long. they also are slowed thanks to frozen mallet :)
for farming use pheonix untill u barely have enough for turtle.. then use turtle to restock on mp and hp

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Summoner Spells

i choose to get exhaust for those who have a good atk on me and those runners b4 u get mallet.
i also like ghost because ghost with bear u can run REALLY fast. good for chasing and for running.
now some people say they need clarity for early game for mp... thats an optional choice but late game it will become useless. if you dont like ghost get flash for a quick escape or ignite for that final 50 hp.

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Team Work

well u shuld always communicate with ur team. if middle is having trouble then go into a bush
and tell the mid laner to lure out.
rush in and stun then gank.
if your team mate is running, ping and tell them to go there. then pop out stun and run away if u cant take with bear.

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Ranked game

well, unfortunatly im only lvl 27... im yet to get to rank games but i will be updating this when i see something new..

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Well, this is for those who dont like jungling. just start of slow, dont go in for kill unless ur 100% sure u can kill. feed off minions and after u get maldred then go crazy. make sure not to jump in a group of enemy champs because ive dun this WAY too many times thinking i can take xD
hope u like this and helps u in LoL :D