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Tryndamere Build Guide by Raxacolyte

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raxacolyte

Noob Build

Raxacolyte Last updated on March 31, 2012
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This tryn build is very similar to Master Yi AD builds. However with this build on a tryn, its almost unfair the unlimited kills/assists you can gain. Not to mention you'll become the most powerful carry in the game (mid/late). This build is literally unstoppable. Try it for yourself one match. I guarentee you, it'll blow your mind. Any further questions please check back periodically with this guide or leave a comment below and i'll check back and post a reply. Thank you.


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Item Order

The Item order is easy and simple to follow. Buy the items in the exact order labled above. Reason for purchasing the Doran Blade right off the bat is because about 75% of the time I get first blood kills with the quick attack speed and the extra AD right off the bat with exhaust is a for sure deal. So make sure to purchase those items in the exact order.

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Obviously this guide will look very similar to Master Yi builds. Reason being? With this build end game the tryn is completely unstoppable and can carry any team to victory with backdoor push as well as assassain style pwnage. Try this guide out, either you're gonna like it or you're not. But my record in the last 20 matches using this build is 17 out of 20

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Best Partners

Your Best Partners for Laning
With my experience in laning with partners, I would rank the following as best combos. So if you happen to be playing with any of these champions..I would highley suggest going with them.


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Pros / Cons

This Tryn gets really scary very quick. With the fast attack speed, lifesteal, and Attack damage. He can go toe to toe with pretty much anyone and even if he is gonna struggle, he still has the speed and ult to escape. You should rarely die in this build and farm up tons of gold and kills/assist. With this build you'll notice many First bloods that you'll acquire.
Overall, if this build reaches full gear. Its literally unstoppable.

There really isn't any con to this build. If anything it should get nerfed.

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High attack speed with armor pen helps for very early on ganks. With the Doran blade mixed with a bit of exhaust, you'll get many early on ganks. High attack speed is crucial for this build for the retained health from lifesteal and quick damage out put with lower AD. Its kind of hard to run away from a quick tryn who has exhaust and a slow.

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Taking top or bottom lane you always enter into your first grass set and sit right at the edge meeting the second grass set (never further). Also, make sure your partner does not enter into the second grass set exposing himself; always let the opposing champions engage you in yours. Once they do open up with damage, soon as they try to run exhaust if they try and flash i should already be to late. Because you're partners listed above should be using another ability to either throw them back, or high output damage as yourself. Either way, tryn is nasty for first blood ganks.