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League of Legends Build Guide Author noob0nator

Noob's guide to do and not do do list

noob0nator Last updated on October 19, 2015
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My to do list table of contents

This will be a table of contents as i will build on this general guide
1.Checking myself

2.Wreck Myself

3.Before Queuing

4.Champion Select/Drafting

5.Laning and early game

6.Late/mid game

7.The Art of Tanking

8.The Art of Marksman-ing/Mage-ing

9.The Art of Support

10.The Art of The Assassin

11.The Art of Jungling


13.Handling your tilt

Guide Top

Checking myself

-Checking the mini-map for missing players instead of always relying on mia calls
-Call mias
-Practice new champs/builds in practice till I am confident in using it instead of trying it out in normal/ranked and possibly ruining other's games
-Do I remember who has which summoner spells?
-Do I look at other player's mana bars?
-Do I watch carefully for buffs and debuffs on everybody?
(Shen's ult, Zil's ult, Tryndamere w)
-Do I type into chat when I should be paying attention to the game?
-Do I use all the active abilities on my items?
-Do I use hotkeys to play the game more efficiently?
-Do I give constructive feedback?

Guide Top

Wreck Myself

-Attempting to kill someone without thinking of the consequences of it
(Can he kill me instead?) (Are his allies close by to provide back-up) (Can I kill him and get away with it?)
-Attempting uneven team fights
(Is one or more of my team mates jungling while the enemy team is ALL gathered up?)
-Insulting a fellow team mate
(Is it really their fault?) (Is keeping quiet better than starting a flame war?) (Is talking in a polite way and giving helpful
reminders to them a better alternative?)
-ALWAYS assuming that a certain build is the best and if someone else builds much differently, it automactically = noob
(Have you ever used that build yourself before and noticed it yourself that it really isnt viable?)
-Do I give negative feedback or that it might seem negative

Guide Top

Before Queuing

-Do I really have enough time for 1 complete game? Even a long one?
-Have I read the latest patchnotes?
-Should I finish my sandwich/ ice cream bar/phone conversation first or play with one hand?
-Am I too sick, sleep deprived, drunk, or aroused to sit down and play this game to the best of my ability?
-Am I experience net issues?
-Am I on Tilt?(covered in the dealing with tilt section)

Guide Top

Champion Select/Drafting

-Does my team have at least one teleport, one exhaust, and maybe one ignite?
-Am I about to accidentally enter the game with Annie using my "AD" runepage?
-Have I played with or against any of my opponents before? Can I capitalize on being somewhat familiar with their playstyle?
-Is Armor or Magic Resistance a better buy against the enemy?
-What role does my team need? Do we do enough of both physical and magical damage? Are there too many squishies? Would our team lane better if I picked a tanky jungler with cc rather then a carry jungler?
-Is there anything suspicious about the enemy's summoner spells?
(3 Teleports)
-If your brain is telling you to dodge – DODGE immediately
-Are there specific ways for me to counter the enemy? (Banshee vs Blitz, qss vs zed)
-Is there a champ your not used to seeing? do you know what his potential is?

Guide Top

Laning and early game

-Have I found out where the enemy jungler is starting?
-Am I sure I can draw first blood without facing consequences?
-Am I sure that I am last-hitting enough/properly to farm?
-Am I helping my team-mates properly?
-Am I sure no one is hiding in the side bushes to attempt to murder me and can succeed?
-Do I need to use the bush?
-Does the enemy know I am in the bush?
-Am I harassing properly?
-Can I really flush the dude in the bush out without dying by using my face to check it?
-Can I attempt a 2v1 without dying while my laning buddy is away ganking/shopping/healing?
-Am I being too aggressive/defensive/passive?
-Is there anyone missing that can gank me while I attempt to push the turret?
-Am I turret hugging when I am at a disadvantage?
-Are there any wards or does anyone have an oracle when I am Twitch/Shaco/Eve?
-Should I help the lanes that are losing by ganking?
-Can I win the gank without casualities?
-Can my lane mate handle the lane by themselves if I leave for a bit?
-Are too many minions building up?
(Minions can help turn the tide in a fight at lower levels)
-Can I push a turret without harm if im too far away to help a lane getting targeted?
-Can I turret dive a turret hugger and get away with it?
-When the enemy does JUST enough damage to kill me, do I facepalm because there is a health pot in my inventory?
-Is there a chance for me to find and kill the enemy jungler?
-As Shen, Ashe, Soraka, and TF, do I scan all three lanes constantly after I have my ult?

Guide Top

Late/mid game

-Who is the carry of the team?
-Can we directly challenge the opposing team and win?
-Do we need to set-up a trap and lure?(PICK)
-Am I jungling excessively when I am needed in team fights?
-Is there any possiblity the opposing team will try to backdoor?
-Am I doing my role properly in team fight?
(Tanks: Be the initiator, prevent opposing team from killing the carry, die for team mates if needed)
(Carries: Targeting the right person, using all skills properly, staying out of harms way [only for ranged carries])
(Support: Heal, CC, Peel Engage support things)
-Am I stunning/silencing/blinding/snaring/slowing the right person?
-Am I pushing their tower instead of jungling/shopping after I aced/killed off most of the opposing team?
-Do I deserve my kills?
(Were they ks's or did I feed a bit but covered it up later on with team kills?)
-Do we need to back off and when?
-Are there wards at Baron Nashor/Dragon/Buff Areas?
-Do I check tab for revival times of enemies while we push?
-Am I giving unreasonable commands/advice to my team?
(Think of potential ways it may backfire or risks)
-Do we need to leave someone to defend the base?
-Are my items tailor-made for the enemy team or do I buy the same items every game?
-Does my team have priorities on who to focus in team battles?
-Is there a chance for me to find and kill the enemy jungler?
-Is someone on my team saving a CC Assassins or high damage targets trying to cleanup?
-As Shen, Ashe, Soraka, and TF, do I scan all three lanes constantly after I have my ult?
-Are there specific ways for me to counter the enemy?
(Banshee vs Blitz, Qss vs zed)
-Are we spaced far apart enough so as to not get nuked by aoe comps
-Does my team have priorities on who to focus in team battles?

Guide Top

The Art of Marksman-ing/Mag-ing

One of the easiest roles to start and a harder one to master in terms of mechanics your job is to lane with the support and farm up while trading with the opposing enemy bot lane.

As An ap mage your job is to cs while trading with the enemy following hitting 6 actively looking to effect the side lanes if the lane is won.

-Am I targeting the right person?
-Am I far away from harm/backing off if needed?
-Am I building against XXX correctly?
-Am I behind my tanks?
-Am I using my spells properly/most efficiently?
-Do I know my maximum range?
-Do I have 2 escapes planned out
-Do I know my choke points?
-Am i kiting?

Guide Top

The Art of Tanking

As a Tank either in the jungle or top lane your job is to be as disruptive as possible to high damage targets or peel other disruptive targets off your high damage carries and be the frontline. If possible you should be able to gauge when your overextended in fights and are unable to stop people from walking on by you and just straight up killing your squishy compatriots.

-Am I initiating for my team?
-Am I preventing the other team from killing off our main DPS/Caster?
-Am I leading the team around to potential successful ganks/death traps?
-Am I building the right items to tank for my team?
-Am I soaking CC?
-Am I avoiding poke damage?
-Am I Built to handle their damage threats?

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The Art of Support

As a support there is several kinds of play styles and this is arguably the hardest role to learn and master. As you have to manage taking incoming damage, healing the group or adc, item actives, engaging and disengaging, warding, killing enemy wards, peeling, ganking, and counter ganking, poking and more.

-Am I using my spells properly/most efficiently?
-Am I warding the right places to counter ganks?
-Am I keeping track of timers for jungle?
-Am I protecting and/or assisting my ad carry early game so they can farm better?
-Have I been paying attention to the other support's ward placement and telling our jungler?
-Am I noting enemy summoner spells ?
-Am I zone controlling? and if so will I get engaged on?

Guide Top

The Art of the Assassin

Typically your job is to 100-0 someone then escape wait for cooldowns then rotate back into the fight. Assassins have great mobility and are great at cleaning up !

-Do you know your maximum potential damage?
-Do you know where your "in"(flank) is?
-Do you know where your "out"(escape) is?
-Can you hit high priority targets?
-Has the peel been used? Is someone split?
-Can you split push and 1v1 everyone effectlvely?
-Do you have a red trinket?
-Are you focusing tanks with armor without armor penetration?

Guide Top

The art of Jungling

Your job is early to mid game vision control along with the support, following this coordinating with other lanes to either invade the enemy jungler or ganking the respective 3 lanes as well as defending from being invaded yourself!

-Am I warding the enemy jungle or even my own jungle to keep tabs on where the enemy jungler may be?
-As a tank jungler can I counter gank the enemy jungler at one of the lanes?
-As an early ganker can I gank a lane early and snowball it?
-As a farm jungler do I have enough wards to avoid the enemy counter jungling me?
-Is my team responding to counter jungling?
-Can i counter jungle him on the opposite side of the map safely instead of contesting?
-Is there a ward on dragon?
-Is there a ward on baron?
-Have I been able to clear enough of the enemy wards to force them to facecheck and get picked?

Guide Top


-As Shen, Ashe, Soraka, and TF, do I scan all three lanes constantly after I have my ult?
-As the top laner am I maximizing my tp ganks?
-As mid laner with tp am i maximizing it's use?
-As Nocturne am I cancer?

Guide Top

Handling Your tilt

-Don't immediately queue for the next game
-Drink or eat something light
-Do another warmup game preferably with friends
-self review and return to a state of readiness
-Talk to someone
-Don't flame other people
-Mute people flaming you
-Play another game for a day or two to get refreshed when you come back to league

Guide Top

Soon to be organized

Ill be adding to every section as I coach other players, key things to note auto attack move click is a great mechanic to learn for every position not just adc

edit 1.1 added jungle and assassin
edit 1.2 fixed some spelling and grammar issues


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