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Olaf Build Guide by uggghhh....haters...

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League of Legends Build Guide Author uggghhh....haters...

not losing top lane...............

uggghhh....haters... Last updated on October 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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keep your distance if your against ranged characters but be aggressive with undertow, because people panic when they see you running at them then quickly land reckless strike to deal tons of damage then run to the nearest brush so you don't take any counter harassment dealt to you. With that you should be able to dominate top lane.

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Counter Ganking

Best way to insure your win in top lane is to not be reckless with extending to far in lane. As Olaf its easy to run away from Ganks, but it would be safer to just manage your lane and have map awareness just to be safe. Olaf is one of the hardest people to gank, because of his ulti use that to your advantage when it comes to running away from ganks. one major fact about olaf is his true damage against tanks when your top lanning against other opponents, so when for example your lanning against someone and he only has three-bars of hp and the jungler is coming to gank you, with that you can easily get 2 kills if you have at least 60% of your hp. you can wait till your opponent is going to bait you and then quickly reckless strike him and if you have ignite it would only take one auto-attack for the kill. You can also be able to kill the jungler but that just depends on what you think, its different each situation. but that's just 1 of cases that hardly happens, but there's other ways as Olaf to do things like that.

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This is my first guide, hope you like it. The mine focus for this build is for you to be able to deal massive damage over time. its mostly designed for you to be able to solo other champs in lane and being able to become a focus on opposing team because of damage late game.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: The mine point or objective of this guide is too help you early and mid game. it also helps you solo champs that deal damage over time(mostly champs like jax, xin zhoa, wukong,etc). Personally i feel this build has helped me a lot when it came to bursting down fast and becoming a huge problem for the opposing team. Also with this build it helps you take down ADC fast even though they are fed. when in team fight your mine objective with this build is taking down ADC with you even if you focused. With your ultimate you should be able to burst their Adc down fast. Sometimes you maybe able to get ACE if you work with your team correctly.

Cons: This build doesnt have that much survival when it comes down to being the tank in the team or the fact that hes a bit squishy compared to real tanks( Alistar, galio, moakia,etc). One major issue with his build is that you can easily be bursted down by other champs. So try to watch your HP when engaging in battle. Another major issue is that my build focuses more on the tanky damager dealer, so you'll just be as easy to kill as jax or pantheon. so really try watch your hp while soloing a lane or in late game helps a lot.

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Unique Skills

Olaf is one of the most annoying est champs ever when soloing. when you start out in game your best weapon is reckless strike and that's for all champs, the true damage is really over-powered and would most likely ensure your victory in 1v1 battle early game(1-5). As your second skill undertow way more overpowered then nid spear throws. Landing every undertow at the right moment while watching creeps HP well grant you tons of gold and a lot of harassment. Always use undertow when your certain it well hit. The last and one more the things that makes Olaf extreamlly dangerous is his vicious strikes that is the skill that makes Olaf completely own champs like jax, xin zhoa, malph,etc.