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Vladimir Build Guide by Kadiv

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kadiv

Not Tank-n-Spank, Just Spank (updated)

Kadiv Last updated on July 13, 2011
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UPDATE: OK so i looked back on this build and saw it was kind of lacking so i changed a few things up. The mastery tree is no longer 9/21/0 but now 10/0/20. I didnt go into the Summoner spell CD Reduction because the 10 AP you get from ignite being on CD is nice early game. The item build is different too. I've only had a couple games where i was able to get the second Warmog's and it was kind of useless. Pretty much everything past getting your first Warmog's is different.

NOTE: For those of you that slipped past this, the stacking of Warmog's Armor is not Unique. it angers me that it doesn't show your health with the stacks on since minion kills count for it as well.

Anyway, generally i take the mid with this build, and spam transfusion on the other hero when he is in range. If he is dumb and doesn't play defensively and you can easily take him down using your ultimate, then do it. If not then wait till rank 5 of transfusion and try it then (or just have somebody gank for you). I have not tried this in Ranked matches so i don't know if this strategy would be as effective, but it is an aggressive build.

This is also an expensive build. I'm sure most people know this but you don't HAVE to buy the whole item if you cant. If you arent doing too well with kills, hold off on getting Soulstealer until after getting your Deathcap. It will give you a lot more AP for getting kills after getting your Soulstealer.

Anything else that i think of i will edit into this.

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Item Purchases

Now with this updated build, i still have you get a Regrowth Pendant and a health potion to start off with. The health potion is really there to ensure you dont die if the other person(s) in your lane are good harassers on Vlad.

After getting the Pendant, you should get your boots. You can go with either Sorcerer's Boots or Ionian Boots of Lucidity. The Sorcerer's Boots gives you the 20 Spell pen, which is nice, and the Ionian Boots give you more cooldown reduction, which would come close to capping it if it doesnt with your runes and Spirit Visage later on.

I usually return often to regain lost health when i have enough money for another item in the recipe for Warmog's Armor. I try to wait for 1110 to get the Giant's Belt, but if i cant i go with the Ruby Crystal. I do the same for most of my items early game, and generally dont go back mid-late game unless i have a lot of money i need to spend or i need to regen my health at the fountain. Or if you are getting fed early on you can get a Mejai's Soulstealer to bump your AP up.

After Warmog's Armor i have you get Spirit Visage as your second big item (more or less) because its cheap, has some decent magic resist, reduces your Cooldowns by 10%, and it increases the healing done to you which will work wonders with your Transfusion. The fact that this is only costs 1550 blows my mind, but im not going to complain.

Next after Spirit Visage i have you get a Void Staff. This gives a little bit of AP for the cost, but gives you 40% magic pen, which is awesome for pretty much all of your spells, especially if the other team has a lot of magic resist.

After Rylai's, is Rabadon's Deathcap. This is expensive but worth it. It gives 155 AP and an extra 55% AP based on your total.

Your last item is up to you. You can get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter or a defensive item. The choice is yours. Most of the time i dont have time to get fully built anyway because this build is so expensive, however if you get fed you may be able to pull it off.